Review: Canon Maxify MB5320 AIO small office printer

Like a true Dudley Dursley, I have two bedrooms. Yeah, I’m that princess. But like a true corporate lunatic, I recently converted my second bedroom into a cute little home office for those days when I’m “sick” and can’t make it into the office. The newest fixture in my new space, a Canon Maxify MB5320, is an more »

Design to Innovation launches Zcan, a wireless mouse that also scans

How about a wireless mouse that also is a wireless scanner? An intriguing idea, and one now seeking crowdfunding.

3D printing is amazeballs: 3D-printed babies, enabling the disabled, dental work and more

Here’s what’s hot in the world of 3D printing today.

3D printing is amazeballs: Hershey kisses, Photoshop, Russian supermarkets, major UK investment, safety first, kid stuff

What’s up today in the world of 3D printing? We’re glad you asked.

WhiteClouds 3D Printing, Hands-On From CES 2014

Although 3D printing has been out for quite some time, it has only recently started to become more affordable and accessible to the common consumer. We saw some great projects launch and succeed in 2013, so 2014 might be where 3D printing hits a new stride.

3D Printing Is Amazeballs: Arms for a Child, Building Houses in a Day, ChefJet, Duping Fossils

What’s up today in the world of 3D printing? We’re glad you asked.

CES 2014: 3DS System Hires as Chief Creative Director

3D Printing is set to be bigger this 2014 and looks like 3DS Systems wants to stay on top of the game. For one, it has recently acquired a Xerox unit. And just before this busy week ends, we learned that the company appointed Black Eyed Pea’s to be Creative Director. I’m not convinced that musicians or celebrities becoming “employees” of a brand will do any good. But then again, there is still hope for 3DS Systems. This marketing effort could bring 3D printing to the next level with the help of

Cornell Researchers 3D-printed a Working Loudspeaker

We just learned 3D Systems acquired the Solid Ink Product Design group of Xerox and is expected to advance 3D printing technology this year. If you’re still not convinced that the technology has a bright future, maybe this 3D-printed speaker by Cornell will.

3DS Systems Acquires Solid Ink Product Design Arm of Xerox

The new technology of 3D printing became popular last year but I have a feeling it will even be bigger this 2014. 3D printing has seen improvements the past months alone that we said a 3D printer is amazeballs. It could do so many things such as KeyMe replacements, print from a Dual-Head 3D printer, scan objects, copy an SLR camera, and doodle in 3D like the 3Doodler among others.

3D Printing Is Amazeballs: Livers, Chocolate and Jello Shots

Here’s our inaugural edition of 3D Printing Is Amazeballs, which will run down the day’s insane developments in 3D printing.

3D Printing and Spare Parts: Circle of Life

Two interesting stories crossed the wire recently which show 3D printing using spare parts and creating spare parts.

Lost Your Keys? KeyMe Will 3D-Print Replacements

Now here’s another cool 3D printing application. New York startup KeyMe, in partnership with 3D printing marketplace/community Shapeways, has launched a 3D key printing service.