Review: Canon Maxify MB5320 AIO small office printer


Like a true Dudley Dursley, I have two bedrooms. Yeah, I’m that princess. But like a true corporate lunatic, I recently converted my second bedroom into a cute little home office for those days when I’m “sick” and can’t make it into the office. The newest fixture in my new space, a Canon Maxify MB5320, is an

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Design to Innovation launches Zcan, a wireless mouse that also scans

Killing two birds with one stone, but in a much more humane way.

How about a wireless mouse that also is a wireless scanner? An intriguing idea, and one now seeking crowdfunding.

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3D printing is amazeballs: 3D-printed babies, enabling the disabled, dental work and more


Here’s what’s hot in the world of 3D printing today.

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3D printing is amazeballs: Hershey kisses, Photoshop, Russian supermarkets, major UK investment, safety first, kid stuff

WhiteClouds 3D Printing, Hands-On From CES 2014

3D Printing Is Amazeballs: Arms for a Child, Building Houses in a Day, ChefJet, Duping Fossils

CES 2014: 3DS System Hires as Chief Creative Director

Cornell Researchers 3D-printed a Working Loudspeaker

3DS Systems Acquires Solid Ink Product Design Arm of Xerox

3D Printing Is Amazeballs: Livers, Chocolate and Jello Shots

3D Printing and Spare Parts: Circle of Life

Lost Your Keys? KeyMe Will 3D-Print Replacements

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