TechnologyTell Review: SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

SanDisk is a leader when it comes to flash storage, although they’re still a bit new in the app-creation game. While attending CES 2014, I had the chance to speak one-on-one with SanDisk about the current and upcoming products. If you ever wondered, SanDisk is one of those companies that actively listens to user feedback and executes in a timely fashion.

Mini Jerrycan? Oh that’s just my 2TB LaCie Fuel hard drive

Although storage wars are heating up between Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and such, that hasn’t been stopping consumers from looking into private, more personal ways to harbor data. Whether it’s for security or for more immediate access, external storage devices are growing in popularity. Why worry about what server in whichever state your sensitive information may be located, when you can keep everything at home in something that fits in a pocket?

Improve your private cloud with Transporter’s new features

With all the stories of security breaches and hacked data popping up in the news, one might be concerned about the safety of their personal information on the web. Rightly so, since recovering from such incursions can be an absolute nightmare for normal people with jobs and families.

Get mobile storage with the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

When it concerns mobile devices, space tends to come at a premium. With so many great and useful apps available, the gradual decline of free space is inevitable. It doesn’t leave much left over for photos, music, or video. And with the recent murmurings of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to release with only half of its internal storage actually free for user content, storage space is even more important.

SanDisk announces dual USB drive for mobile devices and PC

Although smartphones and tablets are quite versatile for everyday lives, there isn’t really an effective way to move large amounts of data on and off those mobile devices. Sure, there’s cloud storage, but moving GBs of files to your cloud and then downloading it takes a bit of time. Direct wireless connections don’t help much with PCs, and USB cables are so passe.

Transcend 64GB JetFlash USB Review: Small Drive, Big Capacity

These days, you can pop onto Amazon and get a 1 Terabyte external hard drive for under $100. And thanks to the advent of the USB Flash drive (or Thumb drive, or Stick, or one of its many other names), you can not only take home 1GB of content in your pocket.

Game of Thrones USB Flash Drives Available Soon

By now, you and everyone you know should have at least heard of Game of Thrones. The books have been out for years, but recently experienced a surge of attention ever since HBO started the series a few years ago. The creators of South Park featured a 3-part story arc with Game of Thrones as a central theme, in the most recent season.


GadgeTell Review: RAVPower Wireless Media Streaming FileHub

I’m a minimalist by heart, so small, powerful, or multi-function devices tend to grab my attention to at least take a peek. With the growing number of mobile devices and accessories, you’d guess right that I’m almost always checking something out. External storage and external battery packs are quite popular, for good reason. Mobile lifestyles more »

D-Link Is Providing Users With Free, Private Cloud Storage

D-Link, a global leader in connectivity for home and business, has just provided free, no-fee cloud storage to thousands of D-Link 11AC Wireless Router owners. The mydlink SharePort app lets users plug any USB storage device into the router’s USB port for instant and personal cloud space. The free mydlink SharePort app is compatible with iOS more »

Leef Expands High-Speed Flash Drive Line with Supra and Ice

USB flash drives have come a long way. When they first hit the scene, it seemed as though only tech savvy types were carrying them; graphic designers, software developers and such. They unknowingly would replace the blank CD as we knew it and eventually would become the standard for portable data. Now, flash drives or more »


Western Digital My Cloud Provides Personal Secure Storage

Western Digital has introduced its new personal cloud storage geared toward all the consumers using online cloud services. The My Cloud family of personal cloud solutions lets people store and access all their digital content from computers and mobile devices, anywhere. Though convenient and robust, online cloud storage such as Box or Dropbox (to name more »

Seagate Now Offers Protection Coverage for Storage Data

Despite the popularity of cloud storage and computing, there have been lingering concerns about privacy and security. We won’t even bring up the far-reaching NSA. It’s those very concerns that have helped grow and expand the personal data storage market. We’ve seen more releases of network attached storage (NAS) devices and portable hard drives over more »