Some Comcast customers are getting Skype on Xfinity this week

Comcast is introducing Skype on Xfinity to a handful of cities this week. Skype on Xfinity will allow Comcast customers to conduct Skype video calls from their television to any other Skype-enabled device without interrupting what’s happening on the big screen. They’ll also be able to instant message Skype friends using a special Comcast remote more »

Dropcam HD now shipping for $149

For those of you who are looking for a nice wi-fi video monitoring camera, you might want to take a look at the Dropcam HD which just became available for sale. Said camera will cost you $149 and for that price, you’ll have an easy to set and camera which is viewable from your phone more »

Logitech Alert app for iPad announced

Logitech has just announced that its Logitech Alert app for iPad is now available for download from the App Store. This app is among the family of mobile apps that Logitech is developing for the iPad. Logitech Alert app for iPad allows you to easily access your Logitech Alert digital video security system from anywhere more »

FaceVsion reveals a HD webcam for Skype, the TouchCam N1

FaceVsion recently revealed a HD webcam for Skype, called the TouchCam N1. It comes in two flavors, one with dual unidirectional mics, and another without mics. The webcam features a H.264 video compression chip that assists in streaming 720p HD video. Streaming HD videos across the net requires you to have at least an 800 more »

Still time to enter to win the Vue personal video network ($299 value)

There is still time for you to win a Vue personal video network from Avaak and The Vue is an easy to use webcam system. Attach the base station to your router and then attach the tiny wireless cameras wherever you would like. Keep an eye on your place via a web interface. You more »


Hands on the Vue personal video network and a sneak peek at the Avaak Vue iPhone app

Avaak just recently released its Vue personal video network and you’ll soon have the chance to win one from Avaak and Gadgetell (check back on Monday for more details). If you haven’t heard of the Vue, it’s an easy to set up webcam system. Attach a base station to your router and then place the more »


World’s first Superspeed HD video camera: USB 3.0 is blazing fast

At Intel’s Developer Forum, companies Point Grey and Fresco Logic are showing off the world’s first USB 3.0 streaming HD video camera. The unit streams 1920 x 1080 video at 60 frames per second and streams uncompressed from the Point Grey camera to the Fresco Logic controller. Clearly, USB 3.0 is fast. “We are very more »


720p HD webcams from Microsoft and Hercules coming in September

While full 1080p HD is still coming, a crop of 720p HD webcams will be here before you know it. Microsoft and Hercules (the company, not the demigod) will be releasing 720p cameras for your computer in September, 2009. Microsoft’s LifeCam Cinema is a barrel shaped clip-on webcam that will bring 720p video in widescreen more »


Get ready for full HD in your webcam thanks to OmniVision

1080p HD (also known as “full HD”) has been a standard for camcorders for some time. Recently, 1080p has found its way into pocket camcorders. Now webcams are about to enter the world of full HD. OmniVision has introduced a new CMOS image sensor which offers 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. The more »

Get to know the web interface for Vue personal video network,

Get to know the web interface for Vue personal video network,

Recently, we brought to your attention the Vue personal video network. The device allows you to set up video cameras that connect to the internet easily. Gadgetell had a chance to take a more in-depth look at Vue’s web interface with Dan Gilbert, Vice President of Marketing for Avaak.


Easy to use wireless Internet cameras? That’s what Vue claims

Have an area around the house you want to keep an eye on? Maybe you want to watch a kid’s room, your garage with your prized car, or just your front door. There are a number of webcam solutions that will let you monitor things, but there’s usually a cumbersome set up process involved. Avaak more »

OmniVision builds a better webcam

OmniVision's new low-light camera for notebooks

If you’ve ever talked to anyone on a regular notebook webcam, you know that the picture rarely looks as good as it does in demos. When it comes to any camera, lighting is always very important.

OmniVision introduced the OV7740 today, January, 13. This is an imaging solution that claims to have the “industry’s best low-light sensitivity.” If it works, people will have video chats that will be easier to see with regular light.