SXSW 2015 – Day 3 (Sunday) recap

Man, what a day. Thankfully it hadn’t been quite as busy or intense as my previous two, especially since I started the morning off an hour later than I wanted to. I woke up still feeling leftover coffee jitters from a cup I had yesterday afternoon. None needed this morning.

SXSW 2015 – Day 1 (Friday) recap

Man, the past couple of days have been a rush. Just a little over a week ago, I had a hint of a possibility of being able to attend SXSW 2015. Next thing I know, it’s Thursday morning and I’m at the airport, on my way to Austin, Texas. If it weren’t for Capital One more »


CES 2009 Press Conference: Sony live blog

Like always Sony has made us trek all the way over to the convention center for their press conference. We are expecting the regular announcements LCD TVs, new OLED displays, cameras, new computers include the teased P series, new Blu-ray players and more. The one catch will be that Howard Stronger, Sony CEO, will be more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: Panasonic live blog

Time for one of the largest press conferences of the day…Panasonic. These tend to be the largest and most dry press event of press day. Hopefully they can spice things up a bit with the 3D HDTV introduction. Besides that you can expect the regular announcements around Blu-ray players, cameras, camcorders, a GPS here and more »


CES 2009 Press Conference: Samsung live blog

How Samsung can fit all of their announcements into a 45 minutes press conference is amazing. If this is like previous years Samsung will be announcing new products across all categories: HDTVs, phones, cameras, camcorders, monitors, printers, portable audio, and maybe even some portable devices/netbooks to replace the Q1 line (maybe the rumored NC20). We more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: Cisco live blog

Just like the Netgear product announcements earlier this morning, we expect Cisco to focus on their Linksys range of networking devices for the home in today’s press conference. Expect to see faster routers added to their N range, home security (think wireless cameras), wireless USB, wireless storage, streaming audio systems and more. Sorry but the more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: SHARP live blog

Welcome to the SHARP press conference at CES. We’ll be live blogging this event as everyone is interested to see what plans SHARP has for 2009. It will be interesting to see what direction SHARP will take with their Aquos LCD tvs. In prior year the company has first gone large (108″ to be exact) more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: Audiovox live blog

Next up is the Audiovox 209 CES press conference. This is always the hardest spot – right before lunch – let’s hope they keep us entertained. We know they just announced a Digital Message Center, a rather cool kitchen white board sort of device for managing your family. Let’s see what else they have in more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: Toshiba live blog

The Gadgetell team brings you live coverage today of the Toshiba CES press conference. Over the years Toshiba has continued to infiltrate the consumer electronics market moving beyond computer and into home video (remember the whole HD-DVD debacle). It was just under a year ago that they lost on HD-DVD, let’s see what they have more »


CES 2009 Press Conference: Casio live blog

Last year the wireless in the press conference sucked, but we’re hoping for better results this time around. Expect to see a slew of new cameras, both compact and dSLRs, as well as a new range of super-super slim projectors. Once we get going you can refresh the live blog via Ctrl+R or hitting F5. more »


CES 2009 Press Conference: Netgear live blog

We are about to enter the hall where NETGEAR will be giving its CES 2008 Press Conference. We’re thinking that they will do some Powerline networking, N+ routers, NAS storage, and more. We wish they offered up some free WiFi across Vegas but that is unlikely. Hit CTRL+R or F5 key to refresh as we more »

CES 2009 Press Conference: Monster live blog

Next up is the Monster Cable press conference. If we you are lucky, we will get some ridiculously overpriced A/V cables to offer up to you in a future swag giveaway. Stay tuned to this page and refresh it via Ctrl+R or hitting F5. For more CES press coverage head over here or check out more »