TechnologyTell Review: Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speaker

The market for Bluetooth speakers is pretty packed, so it can clever engineering, marketing, or both to stand out and attract attention. While speakers still come in a variety of shapes and sizes, “rectangular” or “cylindrical” still appear to dominate. Yawn. Boring.

TechnologyTell Review: iLuv SyrenPro Speaker

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, it’s not an easy thing to stand apart from the rest. As you should know by now, they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes by all sorts of different manufacturers. But while I was roaming around at CES 2014 earlier this year, one in particular caught my eye at the iLuv booth.

TechnologyTell Review: Soundmatters foxL Dash 7 speaker

There’s been growing attention and focus toward audio products that deliver better and truer sound quality. Neil Young’s Pono player breached 6 million dollars in crowdfunding, all for the purpose of high fidelity music. Many new headphones and speakers focus on the listening experience with the intent to make the music sound as best it can.

TechnologyTell Review: Ibattz Mojo I9300 Powerbank

Many more products coming out are now incorporating a battery feature. Some new speakers can now charge gadgets, and some external battery packs have other features too. It seems like companies are mixing and matching to see what works and is popular.

Gadgetell Review: Snow Lizard SLXTREME

After living with an iPhone 4 for almost a full two years after it turned obsolete, I finally bid farewell to Anders, who has been shipped to the mysterious place that trade-in Apple products go to die and be [hopefully] recycled. Now I’m an iPhone 5S girl, and that iPhone 5S is Miss Piggy, named more »

TechnologyTell Review: Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Speaker

You were teased with the idea of it, then managed to catch glimpses of it from CES 2014 coverage. And not too long ago, the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell speaker hit Kickstarter and surpassed the funding goal with the help of 1789 backers. I dig what Outdoor Tech dishes, so they sent me a pre-production unit to test out.

TechnologyTell Review: FAVI Boomerang Wireless Speaker

Today’s portable, wireless speakers are so many, yet retain similar shapes. More or less. So when one strays from the pack, it’s hard not to notice. Take the FAVI Boomerang, for instance. A boomerang speaker? Crazy! Crazy? Like a fox, maybe.

TechnologyTell Review: STM Drifter backpack

With all the tech and gear owned, one needs a proper bag or backpack to carry it all. While there are many options to choose from out there, only a few might appeal to each individual. I happen to be rather picky when it comes to my choice of bags, backpacks, and accessories. Earlier this year at CES 2014, I stopped by the STM booth and managed the time to check out one of their latest products. I can tell you right now that the Drifter backpack is beyond excellent.

TechnologyTell Review: Naztech Koncert Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are no longer just speakers. At least if they want to capture consumer consideration. These days, a compact speaker needs to offer a little something more, befitting of our mobile lifestyles. One latest feature, that appears to be gaining in popularity, is the ability to charge other gadgets.

TechnologyTell Review: Libratone Live Wireless Speaker

One great aspect about attending CES for a week is that you get to hear a lot of audio products in action. The only real problem is that you don’t really get to listen to them, since there is so much noise and bustle all around. When I met with the team at the Libratone booth, I wanted more and louder, but without all the surrounding noise. So like any awesome company, they let me borrow one.

TechnologyTell Review: Limefuel L60X Battery and Wall Charger

When it comes to going out for a day and bringing my work with me, I prefer to travel light. A recently acquired canvas pack is perfect for my necessary gadgets and every day carry (EDC) items. As such, smart choices for weight and functionality is what keeps my bag from becoming overstuffed. How else am I supposed to bar hop like a creative, social butterfly?

TechnologyTell Review: iHome ultra slim battery case for iPhone 5

Our addiction to mobile devices had helped to promote the surge of external battery packs and additional means for charging on the go. Nothing is worse than a dead smartphone when you need it most. One of the many popular ways to keep a smartphone going is through a battery case.