CES 2015 Wrap-Up: Trends and expectations (part 2)

Without a doubt, this is going to be a year of the drones. CES 2015 had an area dedicated to drones, and the enthusiasm was neither lacking nor diluted.

Beam Smart Presence Systems let you be there when you’re not

The CES booth of Suitable Technologies was spacious. And it had to be, because there were a bunch of people walking around who weren’t there. Well, the essential parts of them were there, even if their physical bodies weren’t. What the hell am I talking about? The Beam Smart Presence System.

MIT’s robotic cheetah project sprints forward, will blow your mind

Researchers at MIT are trying to simulate the cheetah’s performance by developing a robotic cheetah. And it seems to be coming along nicely. Check it out!

SoftBank robot to reach US in less than a year

The humanoid robot from SoftBank will be reaching the United States within the coming year. The robot, which is named Pepper, will be available in US stores by the summer of 2015. SoftBank says Pepper can be used in households as a companion robot, but it is currently targeting Pepper at businesses as well. At this point, SoftBank says it has already received a few hundred inquires from companies interested in using Pepper.

Aloft Hotels’ Botlr, a robotic butler, will serve guests in exchange for tweets

Imagine the weird sights this robot will not be able to unsee as he serves people in what is often their most depraved habitat, the hotel room. Poor little guy.

Hotel begins using robotic butlers for room service

The Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California is surrounded by high-tech companies and members of the tech industry, and now the hotel is bringing in robots to takeover some of the jobs previously assigned to human beings. As we have been seeing in many industries, robots are simply more efficient and generally better than humans at certain tasks, and the same goes for butlers.

AI may be more dangerous than nukes, says Elon Musk

Nuclear weapons are without a doubt dangerous, and if just a few were used, large portions of the world would essentially be destroyed. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says artificial intelligence (AI) may be even more dangerous, and advanced robots could pose more problems than nukes.

‘On 2 Bean Bags’ reviews the MiP balancing robot

The ‘On 2 Bean Bags’ girls love souvenirs, and that’s exactly what we got with MiP. The adorable balancing robot was exhibiting at the WowWee booth at CE Week, and we couldn’t help but take him home. Check out all the fun we had with our new robot friend!

Japan’s Prime Minister wants robotic competition in the 2020 Olympics

Japan’s love affair with robots has produced some truly wonderful technological surprises, from Kirobo the robot astronaut to electronic, news-reading automatons. And In 2020, the country wants to bring its love of robots to the Olympics – by having robot athletes compete against each other.

Robot “baseball fans” coming to a ballpark near you?

What if you didn’t want to spend the time and money on attending a game in person, but still wanted your voice heard at the ballpark? One Korean baseball team, mired in its own cycle of losing and empty seating, has an innovative answer: seat-filling robot fans — referred to as “fanbots” — that represent real fans in the stadium.

Jibo wants to be your family’s robot

Having a home robot that does things for you while acting human is awesome, and it may finally be a possibility with Jibo. An Indiegogo project has launched for Jibo, and the project has already pulled in all of the funding necessary to turn Jibo into an actual product.

RoboCup will help your World Cup withdrawal

Unfortunately for spectators, the World Cup will come to an end this Saturday. And if you’re like me, you’ve gotten used to having entertaining soccer games to watch all week and you’re not ready to part with the excitement quite yet. Luckily, the RoboCup tournament is taking place in Brazil a week after the World Cup. So, you can gradually withdraw from your soccer addiction by watching robots engage in a kicking machine competition. What could be better than that?