Samsung launches Milk music streaming service

I guess music streaming services are the new hot thing because Samsung just joined the ranks of Spotify, Pandora, Apple and Beats with their new music streaming service, Milk. Milk Music is available now in the Google Play store and like Spotify and Pandora, it is free to download. AND it doesn’t have ads! Thank goodness!

Beats Music launches today; Should Spotify be worried?

2014 is pretty much set to be the year of the streaming wars. Spotify recently stepped up its game with unlimited, free music streaming (with ads). And just this week, they said they would tailor your music to your heartbeat! Say what?! So should they be worried about the new kid on the block? Enter Beats Music. The iOS app is already available in the Apple store, and supposedly it will be available on Google Play today as well. Beats Music is a paid subscription streaming service, but perhaps it’s so good that it’s worth it.


Microsoft Might Buy Winamp and Shoutcast

As you already know, AOL announced that it would be shutting down Winamp, a media playing software for Windows and Android devices. And yes, I totally loved it back in the day…where else could you find such awesome skins?! According to Techcrunch, AOL is in talks with Microsoft to sell Winamp along with Shoutcast which were both a part of Nullsoft. So yes, spoiler alert, AOL has also planned the closure of Shoutcast.

Spotify to Bring Free Mobile Radio Outside U.S. in April

Spotify, one of the top free web-based music streaming services has plans on bringing their service outside of the U.S. in April, Bloomberg reports. The Swedish company will offer free ad-supported internet radio to all mobile carrier markets, with users not having to pay a $5 to $10 subscription fee to use the service. A more »

Sonos S3 details revealed by temporary Amazon product listing

The Sonos S3/Play:3 is a wireless speaker system in which you can stream music from a hard drive/music library, online Internet radio stations, and can be controlled by an Android or iOS device. Additionally, the Sonos S3 boasts 3 digital amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid range drivers and 1 bass radiator, all in a small more »

Archos takes on Chumby with shiny 35 Home Connect

The battle for smart alarm clocks is on with Archos new entry, the Android-based 35 Home Connect. Like Chumby, the internet connected companion device, the Archos offering is WiFi connected so radio streaming, alarms and apps bring a new level of functionality to these bedside gadgets. The Archos 35 Home Connect has an internal battery, more »

Pandora finds funny bone – adds comedy

If you love Pandora for streaming music, there’s a new reason to love the service: comedy. The content provider is adding comedy from over 700 comics to its offering. Pandora says over 10,000 clips will be available starting today. Pandora is one of the darlings of the tech world. You can find Pandora on TVs, more »

Sirius/XM finally releases BlackBerry app

Finally SiriusXM! 8 months after the release of the iPhone/iPod Touch app, you finally release the BlackBerry version. Thank you! As a BlackBerry owner and longtime XM subscriber I’m thrilled. The app gives BlackBerry users access to 120 channels of music (most of it commercial free!) news, talk and sports. Some will be disappointed that more »


Apple gearing up to smother Pandora?

Is Apple getting into the streaming music game? According to rumors regarding next week’s Apple event, yes. According to the rumors, Apple has spoken to the top four music labels about music streaming as a way to add value to the sales iTunes currently garners. The rumors play off Apple’s purchase of Lala, a streaming more »

Pandora to spur “Connected Cars”? Awesome!

Internet streaming service Pandora appears to be looking at partnering up with auto makers in an attempt to gain marketshare. Pandora believes many users work around their car stereo systems to stream the services music. An offering from auto makers would reduce clutter and hassles for many users, according to Pandora’s remarks at the SF more »

HD HiFI music server blows away CDs, like Blu-ray for music

Today, Olive introduces some high-end audio gear that is said to have 250 times the resolution of a CD. The Olive 4HD Music Server not only holds up to 20,000 songs at HD quality, but will record at 24 bit. The unit is backed up by a host of accessible options that allow you to more »


Need a HD radio? Get one for free if you buy a BMW.

HD radio, the standard that is slightly more exciting than shoelace technology, is coming to more BMWs standard. The 2009 6 and 7 Series already had HD Radio. Now the Z4 Roadster, the 1, and 3 Series will get HD Radio standard. BMW joins Ford in pushing HD Radio. Don’t know anything about HD Radio? more »