BlackBerry, Boeing working on spy phone

BlackBerry is officially in the middle of working on a more secure and private smartphone with Boeing. Since 2012, reports have claimed BlackBerry was working on the elusive BlackBerry Black, a spy-like extra secure phone.

‘Mid-range’ Microsoft Lumia 1330 expected to sport 14 MP PureView camera

Rumors have been back and forth about the possibility of Microsoft taking the wraps off a flagship Windows Phone soon, but regardless of Lumia 1030’s status, a bunch of low-enders and mid-rangers should see daylight in the first part of 2015.

Sony builds up CES 2015 appearance with surreal teaser video

The point of teaser videos posted by tech companies in anticipation of events like CES or MWC is typically to build hype around what’s to come without actually revealing what’s to come. Ergo, we’ve grown used to the vagueness and mystery, but Sony is pushing ambiguity to new heights.

A new star is born: The voice-controlled ZTE Star 2 with KitKat

Voice assistance and touchless control of various smartphone features and functions aren’t exactly groundbreaking or futuristic things anymore, but there’s clearly a lot of room for improvement in the field.

Sony Xperia E4 pictured alongside Z1 Compact, 5 MP camera confirmed

While capable of keeping a surprisingly tight lid on information spills regarding its next-gen high-enders, Sony has apparently lost track of an early Xperia E4 prototype, which ended up in the hands of Polish tech bloggers.


Micromax’s Yureka could be the geekiest phone yet, with 64-bit CPU and Cyanogen OS

If there’s one thing bound to work up hardcore Android fans even more than stock-running Nexus devices, that’s without a doubt CyanogenMod. The mother of all custom Android-based ROMs has steadily grown in popularity in certain circles since its 2011 inception, leading the open source platform’s creators to try a push towards the mainstream.

Amazon stays committed to flopping Fire Phone with hefty software update

Amazon has stated time and time again the first-gen Fire Phone won’t be the last of its kind, regardless of catastrophic sales results that can’t be rectified. But we figured they’d at least abandon the unwanted, gimmicky 3D handheld, cutting their losses with huge discounts and otherwise not investing any more time and money into the thing.

7-inch smartphones are apparently a thing, BLU Studio 7.0 confirms

It used to be that everything Samsung touched in the Android landscape turned to gold, but after seeing Galaxy S5’s lackluster sales numbers, we’re not so convinced anymore. Up-and-coming US-based gadget manufacturer BLU Products still thinks that’s the case, so without giving it much thought, they’ve aped Galaxy Tab Q’s publicity pitch for the Studio 7.0.

Already? Android 5.1 (still Lollipop) rumored for February 2015 launch

The newest iteration of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, is widely regarded as the sleekest, smoothest take on the Google-conceived mobile OS, and the jump from 4.4 KitKat the biggest transformation in the platform’s history.

Sony reiterates ‘beginning of 2015′ as Lollipop ETA for ‘core Xperia Z3 and Z2 series’

Sony hasn’t been quite as vocal in regards to its Android 5.0 upgrading plans as, say, HTC these past few months, but in keeping with tradition, the Japanese company has hinted at equal treatment given to newer and slightly older devices.

Beastly Meizu MX4 Pro phone up for grabs now with global shipping

One of the biggest Android device manufacturer risers out of China, Meizu, recently brought to light the MX4, which sadly fell short of expectations with a somewhat steep price tag. The same could be said about the MX4 Pro, available via OppoMart starting at $549, but this baby packs an incredible punch and may well be worth all the moolah.

Deal alert: $350+ Motorola purchases net you $50 savings, $500+ shaves $100 off

Motorola gear may just be the ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas, with phenomenal high-end phones like the Nexus 6 and Droid Turbo catering to power users, and Moto G and E models aimed at the budget-aware masses.