Samsung Galaxy W 7-inch ‘phone’ reaches China as Galaxy TabQ

The “bigger is better” mobile trend has got a little out of hand lately, with lines between smartphones and tablets practically nonexistent, as gargantuan devices like Samsung’s Korean-exclusive Galaxy W are advertised as phones.

LG G3 drops to $100 on-contract at Best Buy, $0 down with free $100 gift card

The world’s first Quad HD display-toting smartphone to come from a mobile industry brand name, LG’s G3, has barely been up for grabs stateside a couple of weeks. Yet Best Buy already offers it at half the list price with two-year contracts, or bundled with a nice complimentary $100 gift card when purchased on Sprint Easy Pay, Verizon Edge or AT&T Next.

Acer Liquid Jade Plus handheld, Liquid Leap wearable launching in August

Perhaps sensing they missed their window to make a splash with the technically modest, modestly priced Liquid Jade phablet following multiple delays, Acer decided to give the 5 incher a nice little specs upgrade.

First Android One phone to launch in October

Spice, an India-based phone maker, says that its inaugural Android One smartphone will launch in India this October. The low-cost smartphone will be available for around $100 when it launches, and other Android One devices are expected to come in at similar price points since the operating system is geared towards shoppers in emerging markets.

Windows Phone 8.1 makes its way to AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 1520

Right on schedule and just as promised, AT&T has begun spreading the Windows Phone 8.1 love. To our knowledge, Ma Bell is the first major carrier stateside to give a software revamp to Windows Phone 8-based devices.

Nokia Lumia 530 to join T-Mobile line-up ‘later this year’

Seeing how crazy affordable the Lumia 530 is supposed to be, and how it doesn’t really upgrade that many of its predecessor’s humble specifications, some reckoned the fresh budget title contender might remain exclusive to Asian and European territories.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha photos crop up, partial aluminum build ‘confirmed’

It’s no big secret anymore that Samsung has been toying with the notion to branch out from exclusively using plastic at the construction of its smartphones for months, maybe years. But according to a newly surfaced visual report, the OEM’s first stab at a “metallic” device might not be as mind-blowingly spectacular as previously rumored.

Verizon picks up HTC One mini 2, renames it HTC One Remix

The first, and possibly only, US wireless service provider to carry HTC’s mid-sized, mid-range One mini 2 is Verizon, but, as expected, Big Red is going at great lengths to avoid using the “mini” moniker. Instead, their compact take on the all-aluminum One M8 will be titled One Remix and go up for grabs tomorrow, July 24.

Leaked: Disappointing Sony Xperia Z3 specs and features

Leaker extraordinaire @evleaks has cultivated quite the bogeyman reputation of late in regards to mobile device manufacturers desperately trying to keep a lid on inside information relating to unannounced gear.


Rumor: Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy Alpha/Galaxy F destined for limited release

For as long as we can remember, speculation in regards to Samsung preparing a shift away from plastic and towards metal-constructed high-end smartphones has constantly emerged from various sources, only to be suppressed sooner or later by, well, reality.

Nokia unveils ultra-affordable Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1

It’s sad that perhaps Nokia’s most highly anticipated release of 2014 targets the low-end branch of the smartphone market, but even with Microsoft completely behind the erstwhile mobile giant, the Lumia makers can’t abandon the entry-level boat for bolder high-end goals.

Stop the madness: Motorola unveils digital tattoos

Are we that lazy? It seems smartphone-owners would rather not take the five seconds it requires to enter a PIN to unlock their phones. So, Motorola’s solution? Temporary tattoos! And they’re not even cute; they look like ringworm mixed with a cigarette burn. It’s like the ultimate mood-killer, but it’s totally worth it if you can unlock your phone in one second, right? WRONG! Admittedly, I was all on board with the fingerprint sensors from companies such as Apple and Samsung, but I was fine with the technology ending there.