Big, slim and cheap: Blu Win HD with Windows Phone 8.1 costs $179

Little known Florida-based mobile phone manufacturer Blu Products knocked it out of the park in a first at-bat in the Windows Phone décor, recently launching a little guy that makes even Nokia Lumia 500-series handhelds feel overpriced.

Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note 4 commercial is fasciNote-ing (pun intended)

For a while there, it felt like a sociopath with a deep hatred for everything Apple took control of Samsung and dictated there would only be commercials and publicity stunts focused on the archrival. And JK Shin strikes us as anything but a sociopath.

Windows Phone 8.1 threatens 8.0′s supremacy in latest platform distribution chart

There’s no telling how long it’s going to take Google to force KitKat upon enough Android devices for it to overpower Jelly Bean, the current heavyweight champion of the mobile world. Or, in fact, if KK’s time will ever come, given a new Android port, codenamed L, is right around the corner.

More details about the alleged Motorola Nexus 6 leaks; 5.9-inch display, a bigger battery and more

With most manufacturers done with their device announcements, the rumor mill has its eyes set on the upcoming Nexus device, codenamed Shamu, which will be apparently manufactured by Motorola. We’ve seen several leaks related to the device, including leaked images, as well as the rumored specifications. Recently, the folks at Android Police managed to get more information about the alleged device, some of it was already known.

Samsung Galaxy A3 struts its (metallic) stuff ahead of formal intro

Samsung’s half-metal/half-plastic A-Series product lineup stopped being a secret a long time ago, but although intel on the upcoming Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 has been gradually dripping for weeks, the leakage simply cannot be contained.

Motorola Droid Turbo makes benchmarking stop with S805 inside

You know how the looming Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 is tipped to pretty much look like an overblown 2014 Moto X with (far) superior technical specifications? As it turns out, the next member of the stock Android-running device family may also take after another Moto, the Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE discreetly breaks cover with AMOLED 4.3-inch screen

With little to no fanfare, Samsung just took the wraps off its umpteenth entry-level Android smartphone, dubbed Galaxy Ace Style LTE. The 4.3 incher carries the convoluted SM-G357FZ model number and is not to be mistaken for the Ace 4, Ace 4 LTE or Ace Style. All of which have seen daylight earlier in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 costs $350 with contracts at Sprint, $300 on Amazon

And so the circle is complete. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-order circle, that is, with a shipping start still a little ways down the road.

Metallic Samsung Galaxy A7 expected to sport 720p 5.5-inch display

It’s no longer a big secret Samsung’s reluctance towards using metal for Android smartphones, mid-rangers included, is a thing of the past. And since prudence has never been the OEM’s forte, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise the plunge into aluminum waters will be a sudden and abrupt one.

Selfies for everybody: Nokia Lumia 735 most certainly headed to Sprint

It’s no secret Nokia’s been struggling with sales for years, particularly in developed markets like the United States. And while Nokia’s executive team is primarily to blame for the OEM’s deepening financial pickle, which ultimately prompted a Microsoft buyout, US carriers played their own key part in the free fall of a giant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 casing issues reported in Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 went on sale in South Korea in September 26th ahead of its announced launch date. Previously, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4 will launch in several countries across the globe in October, but the company decided to launch it a little earlier in its home market after the iPhone 6 scored record-breaking sales.

Low on power? Galaxy devices share as battery packs

Despite our best intentions, sometimes our gadgets run out of power at the worst times. Maybe it’s a Bluetooth earpiece for GPS directions, or it could be a portable keyboard to type on while you’re enjoying coffee at a local joint. Even though external battery packs are everywhere, especially in very portable sizes, we don’t always remember/want to bring one.