AT&T and T-Mobile users, your LG G2 Lollipops are ready for primetime

Look, the only reason Verizon preceded its rival carriers in dispatching Lollipop goodies for the oldie-but-goldie LG G2 was that they were trying to compensate for G3’s delay. Still, a timely update is a timely update, and AT&T and T-Mobile don’t like to keep their customers waiting.

Samsung doesn’t give up on Tizen, reportedly preps duo of Z1 sequels

DOA? Vaporware? Just plain old doomed off the bat? It certainly looked like the Tizen project would go the way of the dodo before it could even get a fair chance to take off, but thanks to satisfactory sales numbers posted by Samsung’s Z1 in India and Bangladesh, the fledgling mobile OS should live to fight another day.

HTC One E8, Desire Eye and Butterfly S start receiving Lollipop in Asia

Given how early HTC promised One M7 and M8’s Android 5.0 bumps would be completed, it’s a bitter disappointment to see no other Taiwan-produced phone on Lollipop yet. After all, Google made the 64-bit-capable source code available for device manufacturer customization way back in November 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime checks in at Cricket, costs $180 contract-free

While Samsung’s high-end Android dominance doesn’t look like it will be challenged anytime soon, its once firm grasp over the low-cost décor has precipitously wobbled of late. Even worse, Samsung doesn’t have the tools to get back in the fight and keep Motorola or Huawei at arm’s length, fumbling and bumbling with subpar, overpriced entry-level gear.

Enough is enough: Verizon’s LG G3 scores OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop

At long last, the circle is complete. America’s most popular wireless service provider took an inexplicably long time to roll out Lollipop treats for one of the best 2014 flagships.

Samsung wants to redefine mid-range standards with all-metal Galaxy A8

If you thought the Galaxy A7 was a remarkable non-flagship Android device, what with its 5.5-inch FHD screen, octa-core 64-bit chip, 2 GB RAM and premium construction, wait until you hear about Samsung’s A-series expansion plans.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge sales higher than expected (report)

The number of sales of both handsets are even higher than what Samsung expected.

Rumor: Verizon inexplicably ponders Nokia Lumia 735 May launch

Nokia’s Lumia swan song sure lived a short, tumultuous life. Unveiled back in September 2014, the mid-range Lumia 735 took a little over three months to vanish from Microsoft’s US online store. Meanwhile, a number of false starts seemed to condemn it to Verizon oblivion before it could even roll out on America’s largest network.

Pre-orders for Alcatel’s ‘reversible’ Idol 3 will begin April 21 at $250

Walking the fine line between true innovation and gimmick, the first upside-down-operable Android smartphone is just about ready for primetime. Introduced back at the Mobile World Congress in early March, the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 will go out in two separate configurations, but we’re really only interested in the higher-end 5.5-inch SKU.

Sprint ships OTA Lollipop treats to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note Edge

And just like that, the Now Network concluded its Android 5.0 trifecta for Samsung Galaxy Note phablets.

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales reported as double S5’s numbers, at least on T-Mo

Save for speculative forecasts and projections, it’s obviously way too early to talk precise purchase figures when it comes to the just-launched Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC One M9. But that won’t stop the two manufacturers, alongside carrier and retail partners, from doing everything they can to hype up their remarkable “customer response” and uber-encouraging popularity.

Software update greatly improves HTC One M9 cam skills, but is it too late?

You know you botched a product launch when system instability and shoddy camera performance compels you to issue not one, but two OTA software updates before the gadget can even hit physical store shelves.