Sony offers Xperia Z3 owners three (six?) awesome free movies for Black Friday

Black Friday deals come in many shapes and sizes, but usually they involve discounts or special gadget bundles. Sony seems to swim against the current this year, letting Xperia Z3 users enjoy a few riveting movies for free.

Google Nexus 6 goes on sale at T-Mobile, get it while you can

Time to rejoice, all ye Android purists and phablet aficionados, as T-Mobile has finally set up a new Nexus 6 purchase opportunity. The Uncarrier was supposed to pick up the Motorola-made 6 incher last week, but they delayed the rollout to get more stock.

Lumia activations reach 50 million landmark, according to Microsoft

While we’ve recently tackled all sorts of Windows Phone stats, looking at 8.1’s adoption rate and the ecosystem’s most popular devices, no one dared to speculate on the total number of in-use WP handhelds.

Sony to ship 21MP smartphone image sensor in 2015

Japanese technology company Sony has revealed it will begin shipping a new 21-megapixel smartphone image sensor next year. The company is already behind some of the best mobile image sensors, and the upgraded 21MP sensor will only add to Sony’s good reputation in the market. Sony’s Exmor RS IMX230 sensor has a higher megapixel count and faster auto-focus, according to a statement from Sony.

Everybody gets a free tablet from T-Mobile this holiday season

Wait for Black Friday to get in on the best gadget deals of the year? That’s so 2013. This year, the holiday shopping season starts early at a wide range of retailers and mobile carriers. Including T-Mobile.

Nexus 6 pre-orders net you free Moto 360 watches, only on Vodafone UK

British Android purists have had it pretty much as hard as Americans in their hunt for the newest, largest, beefiest Nexus smartphone. Perhaps harder, given most third-party carriers and retailers taking N6 pre-orders around those parts can’t promise they’ll ship them before December.

Less confusion, bigger profits? Samsung bets on quality, not quantity for 2015

It’s no secret Samsung’s mobile device portfolio has been a little all over the place lately, with hectic naming and brand dilution reaching unimaginable heights in 2014. It’s impossible to count each and every Sammy-made smartphone released in the past 12 months and preserve one’s mental health.

Rumor: Huawei has a flagship smartphone with 4 GB RAM coming in 2015

As Quad HD displays are slowly becoming the norm for high-end Android handhelds, and 64-bit processors should be widely adopted once Android 5.0 spreads out, you’re probably wondering what the next step might be in the numbers race.

Android 5.0 update for Nexus 4 ‘locked and loaded’, likely rolling out soon

It’s been a problematic past couple of weeks for Google’s powers that be, which weren’t able to handle Nexus 6’s release very well, or dispatch Android 5.0 for older Nexus devices as quickly as we had expected.

HTC Google Play Edition phones could score Android 5.0 as early as next week

HTC has never been viewed as a software support champion, regularly lagging behind Samsung and even LG in rolling out Android updates. Even worse, they’ve snubbed solid, popular devices like the One X and One X+ for KitKat bumps altogether.

BlackBerry Classic pre-orders begin at Rogers

Canadian wireless carrier Rogers has begun accepting pre-orders for the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone. The Classic became available through pre-order just recently in the United States and the United Kingdom, and now orders are expanding further. BlackBerry intends to make the Classic available sometime in the middle of December, but just like with pre-orders, a Canadian launch could be slightly further away.

Nexus 6 priced at $300 with Sprint contracts, available now (but not for long)

The Nexus 6 availability fiasco is escalating, with both Google and Motorola unable to put the mammoth phone back up for grabs. Meanwhile, at T-Mobile, the N6 is listed as “coming soon”, and AT&T accepts pre-orders, pledging to ship the stunning 5.9-inch handheld “by November 18”.