Sharp Aquos Crystal will also reach US

Sharp, in partnership with Softbank, is coming out with a new phone that will appeal to pretty much anyone who hates bezels. The Aquos Crystal is an Android smartphone that clearly takes some of its design elements from Sharp’s slim televisions. The phone has practically no top or bottom bezels which means that its looks are superior to other phones. Unfortunately, those looks do come with some trade-offs, since the Aquos Crystal has less impressive specs than most flagship Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 benchmark ‘confirms’ key specs: QHD screen, 16 MP cam

As if it wasn’t clear as day already Samsung will be putting everything but the kitchen sink inside the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 to make it the ultimate Android powerhouse, the past few days have brought confirmation of the phablet’s bleeding edge features via two sources.

Fingerprint scanner-toting Huawei Mate 7, Ascend G7 likely coming to IFA

Huawei doesn’t do mystery very well, as it seems, with cryptic IFA press invitations followed by less-than-subtle teaser images of, yes, the Ascend Mate 7. Or Mate 7, as Huawei could pull an LG and ditch the Optimus-like Ascend prefix for its spearheads, preserving it just for low-enders and mid-rangers.

Rumor: iPhone 6 model to feature “weak” spec

There’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and how it’s going to compete against other devices from competitors. This latest leak, if it holds true, will leave many hopeful users a little crestfallen. The iPhone 6 may only feature 1GB of RAM, where so many of the latest smartphones have been packing 2GB or 3GB.

HTC One M8 for Windows shows off Duo Camera-toting rear ahead of unveil

As the very rumored name suggests, HTC’s “One M8 for Windows” will essentially be a carbon copy of the Android-running One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1 loaded on the software side of things. At least that’s what we presumed ever since the first “W8” whispers were heard.

Sony quietly starts Android 4.4 KitKat update for Xperia M2

It’s not like Sony to be all shy and quiet about its relentless fight against software outdatedness, but for some reason, Xperia M2’s KitKat rollout has got off to a particularly silent start. We’re guessing this mid-end fellow may find it a little trickier to shed the Jelly Bean skin, so although Sony did announce it was next in line after the E1, it didn’t come forward with an official message yet to point out Android 4.4 is live.

Acer launches Liquid smartphones in Mexico

Five of Acer’s Liquid smartphones are now available in Mexico, and soon, the company will be launching the Leap smartband in the same market. The Z3, Z5, S1, Z4, and E3 Android smartphones are all available, though Acer has not yet announced what the phones will cost.


TechnologyTell Review: Incipio offGRID Battery, Ghost 110

External battery packs. Ubiquitous, right? Right. Mobile demands outstrip what devices can provide, and external batteries free us from the tether of a wall socket. The demand is still high among consumers, so manufacturer’s are continually pushing the boundaries of what they can make out of an external battery pack. Incipio is one company that likes to try and get firsties on cutting edge stuff.


AT&T’s Windows Phone 8.1 update tour de force reaches Nokia Lumia 1020

Windows Phone fragmentation? What Windows Phone fragmentation? The mobile operating system’s newest flavor, 8.1, is merely a month old, and four, count’em, four devices have already received their very early updates stateside.


Boost Mobile’s LG Realm is the latest Moto G ‘killer’ wannabe

Forget iPhone and iPad killers, the latest mobile trend is for Android device manufacturers that aren’t Motorola to release uber-affordable, low to mid-end phones aimed squarely at Motorola’s Moto G budget champion.

Fresh benchmark sets Moto X+1 specs in stone: S801, Full HD 5.2-inch screen

For a yet to be announced smartphone, Motorola’s Moto X+1 sure flexed its muscles a lot in early benchmarks, first emerging in a test speed way back in April. Or did it? Well, we’re beginning to think the XT912A is actually the model number of Droid Ultra’s rumored sequel, as an XT1097 has just cropped up on GFX Bench, looking slightly different from the 912.

Asus confirms pre-IFA September 3 event, sets out ‘in search of incredible’ again

Say what you will about Asus, but the Taiwan-based PC, tablet and smartphone producer has never been a big fan of prudence. Its entire device roster, from PadFones to Fonepads to Transformer Pads and Zenfones, has risks written all over it, and even in terms of release timelines, Asus has rarely applied caution.