Nexus 6 priced at $300 with Sprint contracts, available now (but not for long)

The Nexus 6 availability fiasco is escalating, with both Google and Motorola unable to put the mammoth phone back up for grabs. Meanwhile, at T-Mobile, the N6 is listed as “coming soon”, and AT&T accepts pre-orders, pledging to ship the stunning 5.9-inch handheld “by November 18”.

Cricket unveils full slate of holiday promos, including free Desire 510, $25 Moto G

You didn’t really think Cricket Wireless had love only for its Windows Phone-loving customers, did you? That’s not the case in the slightest, as AT&T’s prepaid subsidiary just kicked off a bundle of holiday deals, including both WP devices and several Android soldiers.


It’s not over yet: KitKat update for Huawei Ascend Mate 2 in ‘evaluation’

The fat lady is still warming up her voice, and Huawei is giving signals it may cave under public pressure and roll out KitKat for its Ascend Mate 2 after all. The public backlash against the Chinese mobile device maker following their decision to halt software support at Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was so vicious the OEM just posted a retraction on their blog.

BlackBerry Classic priced at $449, up for pre-orders now

They say sometimes you have to go back to actually move forward, a scenario BlackBerry perfectly demonstrates by returning to its “classic” roots. The latest BB 10 OS-running handheld from the struggling Canadian company is anything but a looker, by today’s standards.

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 635 for free on Cricket Wireless, Lumia 530 at $30

Black Friday deals will be underway early over at Cricket Wireless, one of AT&T’s US prepaid subsidiaries. And they’ll last until after New Year’s, if we are to trust Windows Central. And generally, the publication has spot-on sources.

AmpliTube and iRig finally available for Android, musicians

Apple devices have long been a favorite for musicians looking to enhance, mix, or record music from instruments. The hardware and software technology has always been top-notch, delivering quality results in real-time. Attempting to do the same with an Android device has been little better than playing with a toy. That is, up until now with the latest from IK Multimedia.

Feeling blue? The ‘blue steel’ LG G3 from Best Buy should cheer you up

Best Buy’s tendency of coloring all smartphones blue has taken a turn for the better with the introduction of the “blue steel” LG G3. Already a looker, the 5.5-inch Android somehow seems like it was built for the azure hue.

Samsung Gear VR ‘Innovator Edition’ slated for ‘early December’ US launch

Samsung exhibited a lot of pluck when going on record to announce the futuristic Galaxy Note Edge smartphone and even more experimental Gear VR… thing would be available for sale stateside by the year’s end.

Nexus 6 priced at $250 with AT&T pacts, pre-orders start November 12

There used to be a time when we’d wonder how can Google find sufficient funds to keep the Nexus project afloat, with profit margins so obviously low. We’re well past that now, we’re afraid, as the Nexus product roster has stopped being about affordability with the introductions of the latest 6-inch smartphone and 9-inch tablet.

Clipless magnetic smartphone mount now available for purchase

Although activity bands have their own popularity, many people still use smartphones to track daily runs or steps. If corded earbuds are also involved, it’s far more convenient to have the mobile device attached to you instead of stuffed in a pocket. Most of these solutions, in the form of a belt holster or arm band, pale in comparison to the universal compatibility and magnetic power of Clipless.


LTE-capable LG Optimus F60 goes on sale for $99 via MetroPCS

LG warned us they had something special in store for budget LTE Android aficionados last month, but we never suspected the F60 would be twice as cheap as Motorola’s Moto G 4G.

Nexus 6 for T-Mobile pushed back a week

The Nexus 6 smartphone from Google is now launching on T-Mobile later than originally anticipated, and even buying the phone from its source will remain difficult for the foreseeable future. On Tuesday, T-Mobile stated that it would be pushing back the launch of the phone to next week, but it had planned to make the phone available on November 12. Reports claim that insufficient inventory was the reason for T-Mobile’s delay, as the carrier did not want to immediately run out of units to sell.