Kyocera is ready to take MWC 2015 by storm with solar-powered prototype phone

No stranger to nichey gear, meant to survive wars, not look pretty, and all sorts of rugged experiments, Kyocera is ready to take things to the next level, by exploring the market for gadgets drawing their juice from alternative energy sources. Namely, the tireless sun.

Samsung acquires LoopPay

Using a LoopPay fob digital wallet to pay in stores, taxis, and restaurants, has replaced my wallet, better than ApplePay, but it’s about to change as Samsung has acquired LoopPay as a fully owned subsidiary. The technology doesn’t require bank or store participation as it uses Magnetic Secure Transmission that can be read by POS (point of sale) as if a credit or debit card has been swiped.

Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype stars in extensive photo shoot

Perhaps jealous of all the attention HTC’s been getting this past week in the wake of some very thorough One M9 visual leaks, Samsung may have let the cat out of the bag once and for all. Granted, the Galaxy S6 was never the world’s best kept secret, but aside from a few schematics and parts of the alleged metal skeleton, we were yet to see the “next big thing” in the flesh.

AT&T brings its second-gen Moto X up to date with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

Although Motorola was recently forced to justify its Android 5.0 upgrading lethargy for the original 2013 Moto X, we’re still waiting for a solid explanation as to the Lollipop delays on the advanced 2014 variant. And no, the “contemporary” Snapdragon 801 processor can’t be at fault here.

Use LoopPay and truly leave your wallet at home

LoopPay delivers on what ApplePay, Google Wallet and CurrentC can only dream about: it allows you to leave your wallet at home. LoopPay’s bluetooth devices use MGT—Magnetic Secure Transmission— instead of the NFC (near field communication) technology in Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua pretty much confirmed en route to MWC

Between Sony’s money problems, leading to rampant rumors the Xperia smartphone division is up for sale, and the Z4’s near-guaranteed “delay”, we were pretty certain at one point the Japanese would skip this year’s Mobile World Congress altogether.

Acer teases a smartwatch and new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2015

The Mobile World Congress 2015 is just around the corner, and key smartphone manufacturers are gearing up to announce their flagship devices in Barcelona. People may be waiting to see the devices from key players such as Samsung and HTC, but they are not the only ones, there are other smaller companies as well who will also announce their devices next week.

‘New’ Moto E is officially official with 4G LTE, larger screen, $150 unlocked price

In case you suspected Best Buy’s premature second-gen Moto E reveal was a hoax, the makers of the OG ultra-low-cost device just went ahead and confirmed the sequel. Which is more a rehash than a full-on upgrade.

HTC exec suggests there’s more to the March 1 event than the leaked One M9

HTC is in a head-scratching pickle after the most recent developments on the One M9 speculation front, with virtually nothing the least bit surprising left to show off come March 1. We’ve seen M8’s sequel in the flesh… multiple times, including in credible promotional videos, we know exactly what to expect in both hardware and software, so HTC might as well cancel the pre-MWC Barcelona introduction.

Samsung reportedly facing production issues with the Galaxy S6 Edge display

According to a new report from Arstechnica, Samsung is having yield issues with the curved version of the upcoming flagship device as carriers are having a difficult time getting their hands on enough stock of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The report also mentions the Galaxy S6 Edge will be curved.

Five unreleased Microsoft Lumias show up online, MWC intros possible

We’ve known for a while now Microsoft was eyeing a low-key presence at next week’s Mobile World Congress. With no flagship Lumia device, no Windows 10-powered hardware, but a number of low to mid-end WP 8.1-running gadgets.

LG opens UK pre-orders for G Flex 2, global spread expected in weeks

Previously available for sale only in South Korea, and up for pre-orders stateside on Sprint, the curvalicious LG G Flex 2 has just debuted on British shores, with more markets following in a matter of weeks.