No Samsung Galaxy Note Edge successor for you this year, rumor has it

Many thought Samsung pushed quirky, experimental smartphone designs a tad too far last fall, when the gimmicky, overpriced Galaxy Note Edge debuted. But since then, the futuristic side-screen concept evolved quite a bit and hit a bigger stage with the S6 Edge.

Samsung offers nationwide $100 rebates on 64 GB Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Unusually sympathetic to complaints from buyers of their newest flagship devices, the heavyweight mobile champions of the world are eager to lend a hand to US-residing digital hoarders. If you find the base 32 GB internal storage space of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge inadequate for your needs, but can’t squeeze the pricier more »


T-Mobile revives free memory upgrade deal for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Unlike the G4, whose appeal LG almost desperately tried to increase via numerous promotions off the bat, the other Android top dog around didn’t need many deal sweeteners to take off. Granted, T-Mobile threw in free Netflix for a limited time, then the chance for 32 GB Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge buyers to go more »

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales forecast for 2015 dips to 45 million units

There’s a reason why Samsung isn’t as open about Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s shipment figures during their first couple of months on store shelves as the S5 and S4, and it may have nothing to do with last year’s flagship trajectory. Unlike the GS5, which started out great at the worldwide box-office, but fell more »


Octa-core BLU Life 8 XL smartphone goes on (pre-) sale at $79 ($50 off list)

Little known (for the time being) Miami-based device manufacturer BLU Products is really cranking up the aggressive price policies that have helped it gain some prominence of late. The LTE-capable Life One, for instance, was in such outstanding demand at $99, it’s now [easyazon-link asin=”B00YR23W1G” locale=”us”]listed as unavailable on Amazon[/easyazon-link]. Remember, even when (if?) it more »

Lenovo Vibe Shot unofficially goes on sale stateside starting at $378

Well, isn’t this a nice surprise. For shutterbugs not afraid of experimenting, at least. Remember the smartphone/digital camera hybrid that Lenovo unveiled back in early March to show Samsung these half-breeds don’t have to send beastly Frankensteinian vibes? Although the Vibe Shot was never confirmed for a wide-scale US launch, resourceful importers got their hands more »

OnePlus 2 will ‘lead the way’ in power connectivity with USB Type C

You have to hand it to Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus, they’re not afraid of the occasional gamble. Check that, the constant gamble. Literally everything about the neophyte company’s first affordable flagship was a (non-controllable) risk, from the unorthodox marketing to the controversial invite-only sales system to the forked Android software and, last but not least, razor-thin profit margins.

Deal alert: GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy Alpha for $230 on eBay

You may not remember this, but the super-slim Galaxy Alpha started the whole metal-framed trend for mid and high-end Samsung smartphones back in August 2014. The 4.7 incher debuted months ahead of affordable Galaxy A and E family members, let alone the glass-clad GS6, and it even saw daylight on the eve of Note 4’s introduction.


Cricket turns up the heat with deals on Moto E LTE, Nokia Lumia 635 and more

Sunny, worry-free days, morning strolls on the beach and refreshing Pina Coladas aren’t the only things you should be looking forward to this summer. Through July 9, Cricket Wireless hooks you up with ridiculously cheap, sizzling hot gadgets, including a trio of totally gratis smartphones.

HTC One M9+ reportedly headed for EU in Q3, followed by mysterious ‘Aero’

Unofficially available stateside via third-party Amazon sellers/import specialists, HTC’s presumed Asian-exclusive One M9+ flagship will apparently spread its wings before long.

Motorola greenlights Android 5.1 deployment for US Moto X first-gen at last

Technically, Android 5.1 Lollipop is about eradicating bugs and lightly improving device system stability after shaky 5.0 updates. But not if it follows directly in the footsteps of 4.4 KitKat. The two-step bump radically alters the look of the original Moto X’s user interface, adding a bunch of new features and functions in the mix besides minor stability enhancements.

Nokia seeks ‘suitable partners’ for 2016 smartphone design comeback

Know that Nokia N1 Android-powered iPad mini lookalike Foxconn sells in China at a palatable $249 before importers can enforce their outlandish premium policies and charge $400+ stateside?