HTC One M9 drops by Geekbench, delivers mediocre speed results

Whether Samsung picks Exynos over Snapdragon for the Galaxy S6 of its own accord, or is forced by certain circumstances to do so, it’s starting to look like things will work out just fine for the defending mobile heavyweight champ.

Deal alert: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 at $430 from Target via eBay

January is the new December, it seems, for factory unlocked Android gear, as by far the most lucrative smartphone deals are offered despite the holidays being long gone. Of course, these promos have a lot to do with the imminence of flagship upgrades in Samsung, HTC and LG’s camps.

Vodafone hints at Samsung Galaxy S Edge moniker for curved S6 variant

Now that the “standard” Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to hold no more secrets, it’s time we put the spotlight decidedly on its rumored dual-edged variation also en route to Barcelona in early March. This may come as a surprise, but the cutting-edge (gimmicky?) handheld is likely to go official at MWC as the Galaxy S Edge.

Who needs Snapdragon 810 when the Exynos 7420 chip performs like this?

Despite Samsung’s reticence to adopt in-house Exynos processors for high-end smartphones on a global scale, these have long been hailed as more than decent Qualcomm Snapdragon alternatives. And willy-nilly, the Korean company may need to rely entirely on Exynos inside the Galaxy S6, at least for the early stages of the “next big thing’s” availability.

OnePlus One sequel pushed back to Q3, numeric branding predicted

What comes after One? Two or 2? Apparently, the latter, as far as OnePlus is concerned, with the Chinese mobile startup reportedly intent to move a few things around for its second-generation flagship.

Rumor: Huawei Mate 7 Compact, not Mate 8 headed for MWC debut

Even though LG and Sony are tipped to keep their future high-end Android cards close to the chest until at least May, the Mobile World Congress in early March should still host a number of exciting product announcements.

Samsung reportedly sold over 50,000 Tizen-based Samsung Z1 in India since Launch

It’s been a little while since Samsung unveiled its first Tizen-based Samsung Z1 in India. The smartphone caters to the entry-level market, and comes with a very affordable price tag.

Don’t hold your breath for a Sony Xperia Z4 MWC bow, rumor has it

5.2-inch IPS LCD Triluminos screen with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution, water and dust-proof body, octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, pre-installed Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4 GB RAM, 20.7 MP rear camera, 5 MP front snapper, 32 GB internal storage and up, and microSD support.

Deal alert: Brand new factory unlocked LG G2 for $210 on eBay

LG’s magnanimity already seemed to reach a staggering peak yesterday, when the unlocked G3 went down to $350 via Fry’s Electronics, but thanks to a top-rated eBay seller, that deal now looks like a lemon.

Motorola says ‘Hello China’ again with Moto G, X and X Pro regional launches

Trying to cash in on Motorola’s Western history and reputation seemed like a no-brainer call for post-fusion “Lenovorola”, but not many expected the former brand to be used as leverage by Lenovo to strengthen its position in its domestic smartphone market.

LG ‘introduces’ Lollipop for US G3, the ball is in the carriers’ court now

American carriers are notoriously lethargic with software updates for even the greatest Android gadgets, but sometimes, device manufacturers don’t back them up very fast either. In LG G3’s case however, if Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile take more than a month or so starting today to roll Lollipop out, users will put the blame entirely on them.

For limited time only, Motorola offers two free shells with Moto E purchase

This is by no means the greatest sample of Motorola’s generosity, but for a handheld manufacturer that already sells its gear at the slimmest of profit margins, it’s pretty much the best they can do. A discount of 30 bucks on an uber-affordable $120 smartphone, that is.