Microsoft Surface under pressure during NFL AFC Championship Sunday

In case anyone didn’t notice, or hear the announcers on Sunday (January 24th), the Patriots lost all connectivity with their Microsoft Surface tablets on the sidelines at one point.  The Microsoft reps stated that it was a connection issue and not the tablets themselves, but no one on the Broncos sidelines seemed to have any more »


R.I.P. iPhoto: First look and tips for Yosemite’s Photos app

For all those who love the Photos apps on iPad and iPhone, it will come as good news that the same format has arrived on the Photos app on Macs with Yosemite. The 10.10.3 update includes the Photos app that completely replaces iPhoto and changes everything about how we manage photos on a Mac. Here more »

Amazon ‘Unlocked’ is Prime for Android apps

Amazon has announced Unlocked, a new service for Android apps that is similar to Amazon Prime with some of its offerings. Unlocked will let people download paid apps and in-app purchases for free. As great as that may be for users, the apps and other content downloaded for free can also be taken away if a user gets rid of their Unlocked subscription.

Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app

We’ve all been there: you’re hanging out with your friends in the kitchen, listening to Spotify on a bluetooth speaker, and suddenly a lyric dispute comes up. Quickly, your best friend becomes your mortal enemy as you rewind and play through the troublesome lyric in the chosen song over and over again. Maybe it’s just my group of friends, but we still remember the battle over Nicki Minaj’s “Starships.”

Skype real time translator begins rolling out

The new real time translation feature in Skype is beginning to roll out in a preview program. Those who are a part of the preview program will be able to use Skype Translator beginning today in English and Spanish. With the feature, users speaking to each other in different languages won’t have to worry about not understanding each other. Translated audio appears as text or sound for receiving users.

Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone creates ‘Super’ app

Another application has been launched by Biz Stone, one of the main co-founders originally involved in Twitter. Stone’s latest app, Super, lets people talk with others who are nearby and it includes meme-like features. Super includes pictures with all of the statements made by users, and each post must start with things like “The Best”, “I Wish”, or “My Favorite”.

Amazon Kindle update includes family book sharing

A new Kindle update has been announced by Amazon that includes a family book sharing feature called Family Library. The feature will let people access the books in another user’s Amazon account, and therefore, let people share books. Amazon says the feature is restricted to family members like children, partners, and spouses, though it is not clear how that will be enforced.

Antix app can automatically edit GoPro videos

A new app called Antix has launched, and it lets people easily edit their GoPro videos. When someone is using an action camera like the GoPro, hours of raw footage is normally captured, but few people are great at editing that sort of footage. Antix automatically determines what to take out of the raw footage and what to toss out.

Google Chrome extension improves bookmarks

A new Chrome extension has been launched by Google, and the extension is meant to improve the bookmark system included with the browser. The Google Bookmark Manager gets rid of lists in favor of more graphics, since each bookmark pulls picture data from websites. When installing and switching to the extension, bookmarks that are pre-existing can update to include graphics.

Motorola remains dedicated to “pure Android”

Google has officially passed Motorola to Lenovo in a nearly $3 billion acquisition deal. While Motorola was under the control of Google, the company’s phones received faster upgrades and were outfitted with “pure” iterations of Android. Even with the acquisition, those things will not change, according to Motorola Mobility president Rick Osterloh.

Android L includes default encryption

Google has revealed some of the new security features in Android L in a blog post. The company says Android L is the first version of the mobile operating system that turns on encryption by default, and it has many other security features that can be utilized if necessary. Google says these new features will roll out with Android L to devices within the coming weeks, at least for some smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Find My Device has a security flaw

A security flaw has been discovered in Find My Device from Samsung, a feature that helps people locate their smartphone or tablet. Security researcher Mohamed Baset has demonstrated the potential for people to use Find My Device to actually take over a Samsung device.