Snapchat may be worth $10 billion

Snapchat’s move to rebuff a $3 billion acquisition by Facebook may have seemed a complete folly up until recently, but Snapchat could have made the right decision. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, the messaging application may now have a value of $10 billion, as it continues rounds of talks with several investors – Alibaba among them – about additional funding for the burgeoning company.

HTC will host August 19 event in NYC

HTC revealed on Wednesday that it will be hosting an event in New York this August 19. A company representative declined to disclose further details about what would be unveiled at the gathering, but a suggestion was made that it could have something to do with the eagerly awaited Nexus 8 tablet.

Sprint quarterly report shows massive profit

US mobile carrier Sprint has revealed in its first fiscal quarter of 2014 earnings report that it has accrued a net income of $23 million – their largest figure in seven years. It has also announced the near completion of its 3G network, and the expansion of its LTE coverage to cover an estimated 254 million people.

Facebook ending Gifts, boosts focus on e-commerce

Facebook will be shutting down its Gifts service so that it can concentrate on helping businesses sell their own products instead. Facebook Gifts will be coming to an end on August 12, which means users will no longer be able to purchase gift cards, chocolates, or teddy bears for their friends. This is no great more »

Amazon talks about goal of lowering e-book prices

The Amazon Books Team has provided specific details about e-commerce giant Amazon’s objectives regarding e-book pricing.

Flipkart raises $5 billion in investment funds

Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart, has just announced that it has raised $1 billion in investment funds. This investment is a boon to the company as it aims to augment its operations and compete against industry heavyweights like Amazon and eBay.

Possible Chinese antitrust investigation targets Microsoft

Sudden visits to Microsoft Corp’s Chinese offices by Chinese government officials herald the preliminary stages of a possible antitrust investigation of the U.S. company by China.

BlackBerry CEO ponders brand’s potential to become iconic again

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, pondered whether the brand could ever reach the heights that it once enjoyed.

Soon to launch: Amazon mobile credit card reader

Various reports have been circulating that suggest e-commerce giant, Amazon, is launching its very own mobile credit card reader – putting them in direct competition with similar services such as PayPal Here and Square.

Politicians are unhappy with Microsoft’s layoffs

Microsoft announced late last week that it would be laying off 18,000 people, many of whom were brought to the company with its acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business. The layoffs have been received negatively by many people, and even some prominent politicians have begun criticizing Microsoft for its decision.

Dell uses Coinbase to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now accepted by Dell for all of its products, including Alienware laptops and desktop computers. Dell is just the latest company to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, and other companies like Overstock have been accepting it for months. By using Coinbase as a payment processor for the digital currency, Dell never has to deal with converting the coins to more usable US dollars, since Coinbase takes care of that.

Microsoft set to lay off 18,000 employees in the next year

Microsoft completed its $7.2 billion acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services Division, taking in almost 25,000 employees across the globe. As with every other merger, there’s a high chance of layoffs since the companies don’t want redundant positions. There have been rumors circulating all over the internet that Microsoft may axe over 10,000 employees in the coming week. Well, it turns out its way more than that. Recently, Satya Nadella sent out an email to the employees, notifying there will be over 18,000 job cuts in the next year.