Rumor: iPhone 6 model to feature “weak” spec

There’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and how it’s going to compete against other devices from competitors. This latest leak, if it holds true, will leave many hopeful users a little crestfallen. The iPhone 6 may only feature 1GB of RAM, where so many of the latest smartphones have been packing 2GB or 3GB.

Get ready for Windows 9 and possible public previews

Not too long ago, it seems, consumers were in an uproar over the new release of Windows 8 and all the fancy changes that came with. Remember all the sand in everyone’s undies? Well, here we are today with Windows 9 right around the corner.

6,000 job cuts hitting Cisco due to slow sales

Cisco is letting go of 6,000 employees due to poor performance in some emerging markets. Cisco CEO John Chambers explained the company’s current financial situation and the layoffs during a call with analysts on Wednesday. Chambers says that the difficult decision to get rid of thousands of employees had to be made in order for Cisco to stay above water given its poor sales record.


Google, HP reportedly partnering for Google Now for Business

Google and Apple are both making pushes for the enterprise market through partnerships with other tech companies, and Google’s latest partnership may be with HP. The Information says that Google and HP are working on a version of Google Now for the enterprise market that will be called Google Now for Business. Rather than looking through personal data to update users, Google Now for Business would look through corporate data to provide important company information.


Comcast leaves another customer on hold for hours

If Comcast weren’t in a position where it is the default internet and cable provider for many customers it would seem like the company is trying to ruin itself. Customer service departments at companies like Comcast are notoriously bad, but Comcast has been taking things to a new level recently. Once again, a customer attempted to cancel his service and was subsequently transferred to the “retention department” where he remained for three hours.

Barnes and Noble added to Google Shopping Express partners

Google Shopping Express has added its 19th partner: Barnes & Noble. The bookstore’s partnership with Google provides both companies a greater ability to compete against Amazon.

UK aims to become center of world for virtual currency

UK Chancellor George Osborne announced during a recent event in London that he would like to see the country become the go-to market for any and all finance-related startups.

Amazon same-day service expands to new U.S. markets

Two-day shipping is more than enough for many customers, and since Prime members get it for free, that speed is even more attractive. However, same-day shipping is what Amazon would like to offer to everyone as soon as it possibly can. Same-day shipping has begun rolling out in some markets around the United States, and today has seen another expansion of the service.

Chinese vendors’ sales improving, smartphone market grows

In this year’s second quarter, the worldwide market for smartphones grew 23.1% year over year, resulting in a record 295.3 million shipments in a single quarter. This market grew by 2.6% from the first quarter. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the market will continue to rise swiftly in the second half of 2014 to surpass 300 million units.

Google’s barge plans come to a close

After selling an unfinished barge located in Portland, Maine, it appears Google will be leaving its barge ambitions behind.

Sony profit increases, smartphone sales still low

Sony reported a net profit of $261 million for the first quarter of 2014 – welcome news for a company that experienced such heavy losses in 2013 that it had to resort to selling off its assets. The quarter’s operating profit of 69.8 billion yen ($680 million) was almost double what the hardware giant attained during the same period in 2013.

Amazon offering $1 credit with slower shipping

E-commerce giant Amazon is offering its Prime members an incentive to wait a little longer for their deliveries. If you choose to forego the free two-day shipping for a delivery of items that will take between five and seven days, Amazon will give you a $1 Amazon Instant Video Credit.