Amazon intends to hire 80,000 holiday temp workers

Amazon will bring in more temporary employees for this holiday season, the company has announced. Last year, Amazon hired 70,000 seasonal workers to deal with the increase in demand, and this year it plans to hire 80,000. The extra employees hired by Amazon will work at the online retailer’s American fulfillment locations, of which there are now 50.

Microsoft accidentally takes down Windows video bloggers

Microsoft was left red-faced this week after its DCMA sweep of YouTube knocked several well-respected Windows bloggers down. The bloggers, including such well-known names as Bruce Naylor and Chris Pirillo were left shaken and angry by the take downs. Pirillo took to Twitter to air his frustration, creating the hashtag #MicroStopped to reach out to other Windows bloggers who may have been affected.

Verizon updates Edge with new upgrade restrictions

Verizon has updated its Edge program, and it’s definitely not better. Edge offers a way for customers to pay off their phone over a period of time while also having the ability to upgrade early. With the update, Edge now has payments spread out over 24 months instead of 20, and customers must get through 75 percent of a device’s purchase price before upgrading.

Marriott Fined $600,000 for Hotspot Jamming

Marriott has agreed to pay a $600,000 fine after an FCC investigation found one of their hotels willfully blocked guests from using their mobile hotspots to connect to the internet while charging them upwards of $250 and more to use the hotel’s services. Authorities were tipped off by a guest staying at the company’s Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

Alpine Electronics launches its first-ever consumer headphone

When you hear the name ‘Alpine’, you likely think of car audio equipment. Alpine Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of performance electronics and mobile vehicle entertainment for decades. We’re talking about everything from speakers, amplifiers, navigation systems, subwoofers, and receivers.

Google may be pouring money into Magic Leap

Magic Leap is the latest competitor to Oculus in the virtual reality market. The company will compete against Oculus directly, and since Oculus is owned by Facebook, there are a few tech companies that could benefit from backing Magic Leap. One of those companies is Google, and a report has come out claiming the search giant will invest millions in Magic Leap to fuel the company.

Google Express drops free plan during expansion

Google has announced a further expansion of Shopping Express, its same-day item delivery service that began in 2013. After launching in San Francisco and expanding to New York and Los Angeles, Express has reached Chicago, Boston, and Washington DC. Along with the expansion to new cities, Express has lost its free delivery option.

Europe gets first wearable-only incubator

Europe is receiving its first startup incubator dedicated solely to wearable technology. The incubator comes from Wearable World, a company that is known for its San Francisco-based activites. Wearable World claims there are no other wearable-only incubators in Europe, so it will be kicking off that industry.

New Android ads released ahead of Nexus launch

New ads for Android have been released by Google just ahead of its rumored Nexus 6 and Android L launch. The three ads feature animated characters, and at the end of each ad is the slogan “Be Together. Not the same,” which is not a slogan we have seen before from the company.

In the latest business strategy, Symantec plans to split in two

Staying competitive in today’s current tech market requires elements of opportunity, risk, and sound planning. Companies that are unable to adapt to a fast-paced changing environment run higher chances of being left behind. Without the vision, industry leaders and giants can quickly find themselves marginalized and struggling for relevance.

Google opening campus in Madrid next year

Google has plans to open a few new campuses around the world in 2015, and one of the campuses will be located in Madrid. The Madrid campus will be used for Google outreach operations and programs like Campus for Moms and Office Hours. Those programs are meant to connect entrepreneurs involved in the startup scene to other like-minded individuals and mentors from Google.

As new tablets go for moderate sizes, Vaio unveils a beast

Competition within the mobile market is pretty brutal. As such, manufacturers have been quick to learn what most consumers are after while trying to maintain a balance of price and profit. There are a lot of tablet options to choose from out there, but none quite like latest prototype unveiled by Vaio.