CES founder Jack Wayman passes at age 92

There are the giants of industry and then there are the true pioneers. Jack Wayman was both of them.

Find out details about Build 2014 sessions with CH9 Events app

Microsoft’s annual Build conference is just around the corner, where the Redmond-based company is expected to make some important announcements, including the launch of the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, along with a bunch of devices running it. We may also see some sort of information about the Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Neil Young-backed PonoPlayer coming soon, to cost $399

The PonoPlayer, the hardware part of a proposed new portable music ecosystem developed by music legend Neil Young with help from Ayre Acoustics, is set to arrive later this month at an MSRP of $399.  Described as “a revolutionary movement conceived and founded by  with a mission to restore the soul of music,” the PonoPlayer more »

Klout influencers are coming to CE Week in New York

The organizers of CE Week have announced that they have partnered with Klout to invite top social influencers to this year’s CE Week event and its Exhibits and Conference program.    Klout will identify top technology influencers, and give them special access to CE Week activities. CE Week is scheduled for June 23-27 in New more »


Wicked Revolt Headphones, Ears-On From CES 2014

CES 2014 showcased quite the number of booths dedicated to personal audio, such as headphones and speakers. Most booths were content to simply let me wander in and out. But not Wicked. Not until you put a pair on and stopped for a listen.

Ozobot Hands-On From CES 2014, Now On Kickstarter

One of the many unique products I saw while at CES 2014 was the Ozobot. I lucked out at the booth and got a chance to speak to the team without having swarms of others around me. The Ozobot booth, and the robotics area as a whole, typically teemed with the curious.

The secret booth that only the lucky found at CES 2014

CES is an absolute beast to chew through, especially if you’re dedicated to get up close and see as much as you can before the week is over. It’s not just that there are a bunch (i.e. thousands) of booths, but the small ones tend to be especially easy to miss.

Powerup 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane, CES 2014

Each year, tech marches on with advanced features to further pervade our lives in connected ways. With this is mind, it’s not often that one comes across a new gadget that takes a completely different approach.

Narrative Clip, Hands-On From CES 2014

While the majority of wearable tech shown at CES 2014 seemed to be in the realm of fitness and health trackers, there were some others if you took the time to look carefully.

House of Marley Ears-On, From CES 2014

While roaming the halls of CES 2014, you couldn’t get very far without passing another booth showing off an assortment of Bluetooth speakers and/or headphones. Bright colors had been a recurring theme as well, with some products looking more like polished candy than pressed plastic.

ZEROHOUR Tactical Flashlight: Hands-On From CES 2014

I remember seeing the ZEROHOUR Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight launch on Kickstarter not too long ago. Sadly, I forgot to follow up and write a post. But the good news is that I got to stop by the booth while at CES, and I chatted it up with the team and got some hands-on with this beautiful beast of a device.

First-Timer’s Observations: CES 2014

Not only was CES 2014 my very first, it was also the first time I’ve ever experienced Vegas outside of having a layover at the airport. I know, right? But even though I didn’t have the time (or money) to catch any Vegas shows, I still had a complete blast.