10 gifs of cute animals in snow

If you’re in the Northeast, chances are you’re bracing for the blizzard of 2015, or her alias, Juno. Over here at Technology Tell, we’re staring out our office windows at the flurries of snow beginning to circle Philadelphia. And while this blizzard brings with it potential issues with losing power and transportation problems, I’m still a big fan of snow. So, to get more of you on board I figured I’d share 10 gifs of cute animals in snow. How can you not find these guys adorable?!

The 20 best #DeflateGate tweets

To celebrate Friday and goofing off at work, here’s my 20 favorite #Deflategate tweets. Balls, balls and more balls.

The five stages of CES 2015 withdrawal

“CES this” and “CES that”…Marsha Marsha Marsha! Am I right? I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I walked the CES 2015 show floor for the last time, and already I’m pretty confident that I’ve gone through the five stages of CES 2015 withdrawal. “But Hannah, what does that even mean?” I’m glad you asked! Allow me to explain…

My 11 favorite moments of CES 2015

Okay, I am officially back from CES 2015, and not nearly as rested as I would like to be. When are the complimentary CES massages? Although I am still in jet-lagged/zombie Hannah mode, I wanted to quickly share my 11 favorite moments from CES 2015 because let’s face it I’ll forget.

My top five favorite moments of CES Press Day 2015

Admittedly, I’ve been super stressed out about CES 2015. I mean, there’s just so much to see and so little time to see it. And you know, Las Vegas has a habit of being distracting. HIT ME! (That’s a Blackjack reference, right? I’m sticking to the slots). Anyways, it’s my second year on the notorious CES train, and I feel like I’m finally learning the CES dos and don’ts, as well as the “see” and “don’t see” guidelines. Thus, I feel like I’ve been taking advantage of all the fun “rites of passage” that CES Press Day 2015 can provide.

Here’s another “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” for your Friday

Last night’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is the 8th in the Jimmy Kimmel Live series and features celebrities like Gerard Butler, Lena Dunham (my favorite mean tweet), and even Britney Spears. So, procrastinate your work a little longer and check it out.

Thanks to technology, the Philly hate crime suspects have been identified

Admittedly, with all this constant surveillance it’s easy to feel a little uneasy about being watched all the time. Not everyone feels comfortable with the whole Big Brother concept. Plus, it lends itself to the obvious question of whether or not this surveillance helps us or hurts us. Whatever your stance, there is a story that has been developing this week about a hate crime that took place in Philadelphia, which utilized technology to identify the suspects. And as someone who lives in Philadelphia who was extremely disturbed by the hate crime, I couldn’t be more thrilled that these people will be brought to justice. But it wouldn’t have been possible without technology.

GeoTech: 7 tricks to doing Halloween at Disney World right (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party)

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is one the few things in life that makes Disneyphiles absolutely bonkers with excitement. Between the faint briskness in the air, the decorations, the unusually short ride lines and the impending sugar rush, Disney World guests are hard-pressed to find something to complain about during this time of year. Now that more »

Conan’s Acer keynote defeats the Apple keynote by a landslide

This week, I am in Denver for the CEDIA Expo 2014. Usually, I can’t stay up late enough to watch Conan because I am a 24-year-old trapped in a 75-year-old’s body but because of the jet lag, time change, and good ole fashioned Mountain Time, I was finally able to watch my favorite late night host in action. So, imagine my surprise when Conan showcased the “Acer” keynote on his show.

LG G Watch R officially announced, a more stylish version of the LG G wearable

Well, it didn’t take LG that long to announce its latest take on the smartwatch market as the company officially puts the wraps off the LG G Watch R. Take note that this is not a follow-up to the LG G watch released not so long ago but a different iteration. In fact, it’s a stylish iteration of the LG G Watch.

TinderUs thinks you should spend $50 to up your Tinder game

Well, OKCupid already let the cat out of the bag this week in terms of the UNIMAGINABLE AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTED SECRET TO THE ONLINE DATING WORLD. So what’s the secret? Everyone is shallow, and it should be no surprise that people care about looks as a top priority when it comes to dating. So, it’s a wonder that TinderUs thinks it can bamboozle gullible people into thinking a $50 Tinder consultation will change anything for them. That’s right, 50 dollars! That’s useful dating money just being thrown away!

GeoTech: How China gave the world gunpowder

If you’ve ever shot a gun and felt that burning rush of power-lustful adrenaline, and totally loved the sh*t out of it, you can send your thank you letters to China. Yes, 11th century Chinese alchemists are to credit for all the explosive deaths the world has seen and, more importantly, for your Fourth of July fireworks. more »