TinderUs thinks you should spend $50 to up your Tinder game

Well, OKCupid already let the cat out of the bag this week in terms of the UNIMAGINABLE AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTED SECRET TO THE ONLINE DATING WORLD. So what’s the secret? Everyone is shallow, and it should be no surprise that people care about looks as a top priority when it comes to dating. So, it’s a wonder that TinderUs thinks it can bamboozle gullible people into thinking a $50 Tinder consultation will change anything for them. That’s right, 50 dollars! That’s useful dating money just being thrown away!

GeoTech: How China gave the world gunpowder

If you’ve ever shot a gun and felt that burning rush of power-lustful adrenaline, and totally loved the sh*t out of it, you can send your thank you letters to China. Yes, 11th century Chinese alchemists are to credit for all the explosive deaths the world has seen and, more importantly, for your Fourth of July fireworks. more »

Russia has restored control over the gecko sex satellite

Phew, we were all worried there for a second, but those sex-crazed lizards are back under Russian control. According to a statement from Russian space agency Roscosmos, control has been restored over the orbiting Foton-M4 satellite. If you recall, the satellite was launched a week ago for the purpose of observing gecko mating habits in zero gravity.


Russia has lost control of a gecko sex satellite in space

Ground control to Major Tom: There’s lizards doing the dirty in space, and mission control has lost the ability to control it. In my web-perusing, I was lucky enough to come across this news gem. And it’s Friday, so I’m going to write about it. Consider it your Funky Friday Fun Fact.

Coolio will release new music through…Pornhub?!

Apparently, Pornhub is giving Coolio some models for his video “Take It To The Hub,” in exchange for an exclusive premiere of Coolio’s new tracks. Because isn’t that what you really want to see when you come to Pornhub? Coolio? I’ll take your suspicious silence as a yes!

Can’t we all just get along?

Two of my colleagues wrote articles yesterday about their very different stances regarding “Internet delusions.” I suppose it’s in my nature to find a diplomatic common ground, instead of choosing sides. Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest of three kids, and someone’s always got to be mediator. Whatever it is, I’d prefer to look at both sides of this argument through a neutral lens (as best I can), as opposed to the dreaded Millennial scope. Perhaps if we can all agree on something, we can avoid this argument erupting into a heated West Side Story feud. Although, I think Devon could pull off those dance moves perfectly. Scott, I’ll have to meet you in person first.

To sum up: The World Cup and technology

The World Cup ended on Sunday with Germany defeating Argentina in the finals, and while some news outlets prefer discussing German scorer Mario Götze’s post-World-Cup-boner (no joke), I prefer to focus on the technological aspects of this year’s World Cup. A fascinating element of a sports tournament that takes place every four years is that advancements in technology are sure to be both pivotal and noticed. Even something as simple as social media was a huge change from the last World Cup. I guess I’m corny, but I think it’s all awesome. And hey, if technology helps pick a more accurate winner, I’m all about it.

11 first world problems millennials face

Here’s 11 first world problems millennials face. Like my mom says, you can’t take yourself too seriously! Oh and don’t fall asleep with mascara on! Thanks, mom!

10 Nikola Tesla facts to celebrate his birthday

Well I won’t pretend I’m intelligent enough to provide new insight into Nikola Tesla’s immense contributions to the world, but I am good at stringing together a bunch of interesting facts! Thanks, Los Angeles education! Today would have been the inventor’s 158th birthday! You don’t look a day over 30, Nikola! So to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, the pigeon-lover, I have assembled a list of 10 Nikola Tesla facts. Maybe you know all of them, but maybe you can say you learned something today!

The 11 best songs about technology

While I couldn’t sleep last night, I started thinking about songs that discuss technology. So I decided to share some with you in the hopes that we can all join hands and sing along (at least virtually). Now, turn up your iPod (do people still use those?) and enjoy the list!

Birksun solar portable power accessories to shine at CE Week

Birksun will show its new line of solar portable power accessories at CE Week, to be held June 25 and 26 in New York. The line consists of three solar charging packs, two lightweight power banks, and Apple-certified Lightning cables.

Rumor: Galaxy Tab S pre-orders to kick off on 13th June

Samsung Galaxy Tab S has leaked extensively in the past few weeks — we’ve seen leaked images, press renders and what not. Samsung has scheduled an event on June 12th where the company is expected to unveil the new tablets. There’s a piece of good news for those who are waiting for the tablets to see the light of the day. Recently, @evleaks posted the pre-order timetable of the Galaxy Tab S at an unknown retailer.