More stupid crap that you must put up with to legally watch a DVD

I will confess that I rarely watch DVD movies at this point. Mostly because I do not watch all that many movies. But also because I hate having to put a movie in and not being able to watch it immediately. Seriously, the warnings and the promos and those stupid start screens have effectively killed more »

Walmart will be able to convert around 4,000 DVDs to digital on Monday

In a few days time, Walmart stores across the United States will begin a new disc to digital conversion program. Around 4,000 DVDs and Blu-ray discs from studios such as Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, Viacom and others will be eligible for conversion for either $2 (SD conversion) or $5 (HD conversion).

Netflix makes DVD and streaming content searches separate

Netflix has once again implemented a change that has made some of its customers angry. Netflix is now preventing streaming-only customers from searching for and rating DVDs and vice versa. I only have a streaming subscription with Netflix and can confirm my searches only contain results that are available for instant streaming.

Redbox app for iOS gets an update, makes it easier to find and get to a rental kiosk

The Redbox app has been available for iOS for some time now, however it looks like an updated version has recently come available. The new app, which is sitting at version 2.4 can be found in the expected location — the iOS App Store. The app remains free to download and free to use. More more »

Walmart will begin converting DVDs and Blu-rays into a digital format in April

Beginning on April 16, more than 3,500 Walmart stores across the United States will begin offering digital conversions for select DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Any movie that is “converted” will be instantly added to a customer’s VUDU account which can be accessed from a range of internet-connected devices such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, more »

Have a free movie rental on Redbox tomorrow

After the dust has settled from all of Apple’s announcements, we can go back to living our lives as normal until the next Apple event takes place. To celebrate our return to normalcy (and Redbox’s two billionth rental), everyone will be able to rent a movie from Redbox on March 8 at no cost.

Redbox agrees to 28-day waiting period for new Universal movies

While Warner Bros. would prefer it if movie rental companies like Redbox waited 56 days before offering its new movies to customers, Universal doesn’t mind keeping things the way they are. Redbox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced the signing of a new deal that will continue to delay new releases by 28 days. 

500 more Blockbuster stores are getting the axe

Everyone knows Blockbuster has been on the ropes for years. It’s dying a slow and very public death thanks to modern alternatives such as streaming video services, online movie rental services and Redbox. The ultimate fate of Blockbuster stores got a little more real yesterday when Dish Network announced it will close around 500 more more »

Netflix brings back the DVD-only plan, has it priced at $7.99 per month

Fancy being a Netflix subscriber and not feeling this new fangled movie streaming world that we are heading towards? Well rest assured in knowing that Netflix has relaunched an option for you — DVD only plans. These come just as what you would expect giving you the ability to rent DVD and Blu-ray discs, around more »

Disney may take the Warner Bros. approach to movie rentals

Disney may end up being another company that will refuse to sell new movies to cheaper rental services such as Redbox. The L.A. Times reports Disney may Redbox and other to wait 28 days before providing customers with the option of renting its movies.

Redbox agrees to purchase NCR entertainment assets worth $100 million

On the same day Verizon and Redbox announced it had formed a partnership to create a new video streaming service, Redbox appeared a second time with another announcement. Redbox has agreed to purchase assets from NCR Corporation. NCR Corporation specializes in operating a range of self-service kiosks including Blockbuster Express. 

Netflix is getting more competition from new Verizon and Redbox partnership

Verizon was rumored to be planning a Netflix-like streaming video service during December in 2011. Today the company has confirmed those rumors by announcing a joint venture with Coinstar’s Redbox brand. The two companies will work together to create a new online video service while retaining Redbox’s traditional DVD and Blu-ray rental business.