Microsoft accidentally takes down Windows video bloggers

Microsoft was left red-faced this week after its DCMA sweep of YouTube knocked several well-respected Windows bloggers down. The bloggers, including such well-known names as Bruce Naylor and Chris Pirillo were left shaken and angry by the take downs. Pirillo took to Twitter to air his frustration, creating the hashtag #MicroStopped to reach out to other Windows bloggers who may have been affected.

10 ‘Friends’ gifs to celebrate the series coming to Netflix in 2015

I have long been holding out for the day that Friends comes to Netflix. Seriously, pretty sure I mention it at least once a week. Finally, my dreams have come true as it has been announced that all 10 seasons of the show will be coming to Netflix in January 2015. Metaphorical tears are streaming down my face. Although, this also means I can kiss my social life goodbye because I’ll be a binge-watching machine. Don’t care; still excited.

So celebrate the United States Netflix debut of a show that will always be there for you with 10 Friends gifs! These are all the things you can enjoy 24/7 now!

The man who voices Mario has the perfect Instagram account

So, last week I advised Instagram-users to just give up on Instagram because Nathan Fielder had won the non-existent competition for best Instagram account ever. If you manage to slyly sneak pictures of old, naked men into your seemingly innocent Instagram posts, that’s a win in my book. Not sure what that says about me. However, thanks to Reddit I have discovered Charles Martinet’s Instagram account, and it’s safe to say he has given Nathan Fielder a run for his money.

New LG 4K TV gets a price tag

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, LG revealed it would ship a 65-inch Ultra High Definition 4K OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV by the end of 2014. Now, thanks to a leak, we know the retail price of the item will be $8,999, but it will sell for $6,999.

LG sells one million webOS TVs

LG says that it has now reached a new milestone, the sale of one millions webOS televisions after making its first set of the TVs available in March. The new LG Smart+ TVs with webOS were introduced at CES 2014 in January before they were actually sold to consumers. That means it took just over two months for LG to sell one millions webOS televisions and the company now has an updated goal, 10 million sales by the “first half of 2015″.

Vimeo continues funding original content

Vimeo is continuing to pump money into its own original series High Maintenance. The first 13 episodes of the series were released last year and now, an additional six will be coming. Unlike the first part of the series, the new episodes will cost an unspecified amount and will be available through Vimeo on Demand.

Google launching Chromecast in Japan for $40

Google released the Chromecast streaming stick in its first Asian market, South Korea, two weeks ago and now, availability has spread to Japan, According to a post on the Google Japan blog, the streaming stick will be sold in the country beginning on Tuesday and will cost $40.

HBO shows reach Amazon Prime Instant Video

They may not be the most recent or the most popular TV shows but a partnership with HBO is providing Amazon Prime customers with access to a portion of HBO’s content library. Shows like The Wire, Eastbound & Down, and Treme will be available on Prime Instant Video which is offered as a part of Amazon Prime.

Sony Cuts Focus On OLED, Moves To 4K LED

Sony has been pushing costly OLED TVs since 2008 but over time, it has become clear to many manufacturers that particularly with 4K panels, LED or LCD makes more sense. Not only are 4K LED TVs cheaper than their OLED alternatives, they are easier to manufacture and generally last longer.

Goal accomplished: ESPN will stream every World Cup match

Soccer fans in the U.S. may be somewhat maligned in some quarters, but they’ve got one big thing going for them: Fans of the English Premiere League, thanks to the recent deal with NBC Sports, can watch the games anywhere they want to, on the NBC Sports Live Extra app. Now, it sounds like soccer more »

The ten best tweets about Amazon’s Fire TV streaming box

Yes, today Amazon made the announcement that the company would be launching their own streaming box called Fire TV. Leave it to Twitter to sort it all out.

Think Comcast customer service stinks? So does this survey

Are you one of those poor souls who still pays for cable TV? Do you hate the whole experience of being a Comcast customer? A new survey reveals just how bad the ever-growing cable giant is at, you know, servicing you.