Long-lasting Asus VivoWatch gets succinct intro, more details coming soon

Asus has been pretty explicit and vocal about its plans to enrich the growingly competitive wearable décor with a few ZenWatch sequels, one of which is called VivoWatch. Ever since we first heard that name on the down low, we figured this new timepiece’s connection with its forerunner would be loose at best.

Actionproof Bumper for Apple Watch now available to pre-order

What good is a shiny new Apple Watch without accessories? While you’re waiting for yours to ship, you can pick up The Bumper case, which is also available for pre-order.

Deal alert: Sony SmartWatch 3 for $170 on eBay ($80 off list)

Remember how excited we got when Verizon dropped the Sony SmartWatch 3 to an all-time low $200 price back in February? Incredibly enough, that deal is still around, and if you don’t mind shopping on eBay, the Android Wear timepiece can be had there for even less.


Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-orders at Verizon come bundled with Gear S/GTab savings

Verizon sure picked an odd day to open pre-sales for hands down the most exciting Android smartphones around this beginning of the year, but April Fools’ is officially behind us now, and there’s no reason to fear pranks anymore. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are still up for grabs via the nation’s leading more »

Tickr X: best heart rate monitor and bonus for runners

It may be a bold statement to say that Wahoo’s Tickr X heart rate monitor transmitter is the best I’ve ever tried in the past 15 years, but this is no ordinary workout strap.

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge UC

Despite the abundance of quality earpieces, I’ll still see someone having a conversation with a huge phone or tablet up to their face. It’s still ridiculous, even if they may just be singing along to playing music. Everyone should own a good Bluetooth earpiece. They work better than the built in microphones and speakers of more »

Best Buy discounts selection of Samsung gadgets in Galaxy S6 anticipation

Crunch time is nigh, and several US retailers know full well it’s going to be game over for older Samsung handhelds once the sizzling hot Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge see daylight.

Lenovo CEO exposes briefcase full of second-gen Moto 360s

Well, hello there, Moto 360-2! Moto 360 2015? Moto 361? Whatever the name, it’s sure nice to make your acquaintance. Especially as your fancy, stylish, uber-successful predecessor is getting a little old.

Android Wear watches could soon support iPhones, source code suggests

Things aren’t going well for Google in terms of Android wearable sales and adoption rates, and as Apple Watch’s launch approaches, it’s safe to say the ecosystem is at an impasse. Where to from here? It’s either oblivion or a pact with Satan, some industry pundits predict, as Big G may be forced to indirectly endorse its arch-nemesis in order to survive.


SXSW 2015 – Go Puck wearable external battery

Wearables are in right now, at least when it comes to experimentation and new ideas. I’m sure it will take some time for the sector to find that right level of refinement, be it through insight or trial and error. In ways it’s like cooking; either you’re good and deliver a solid dish of fried fish and Thai peanut sauce, or you’ve just made a catfish and peanut butter sandwich to taste the mistake.

Nexus 6, 9 and Android Wear purchases come with free $50 Google Store credit

Basically acknowledging its Nexus 6 is no longer the cream of the Android crop, with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge around the corner, Google has just instated a cool little promotion. Granted, the deal also makes room for the Nexus 9 and all Android Wear smartwatches sold on the Play Store under the spotlight, but clearly, the N6 is the brightest star.

Microsoft Band now available from more US stores, UK pre-orders also live

Previously up for grabs in limited supply via only Microsoft’s US stores, Redmond’s rookie wearable effort has stepped up to the plate all of a sudden.