Muzik smart social headphones now available for purchase

Most people love music. Most people also love keeping in touch with social media. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough sharing of music through social media. I know that I’m always on the lookout for new hits or hidden gems.

Microsoft Band goes back on sale, aaand it’s gone again

With only five million wearable devices in total shipped worldwide during the whole last fiscal quarter, it’s hard to imagine one activity tracker would be so in-demand that a giant like Microsoft couldn’t keep it available for sale a lousy few hours.

Nexus 6 pre-orders net you free Moto 360 watches, only on Vodafone UK

British Android purists have had it pretty much as hard as Americans in their hunt for the newest, largest, beefiest Nexus smartphone. Perhaps harder, given most third-party carriers and retailers taking N6 pre-orders around those parts can’t promise they’ll ship them before December.

Finally, a smartwatch that would make Dick Tracy proud

Without a doubt, the battle over consumer’s wrist real-estate has only really begun. Although smartwatches have been hitting the market with vigor over the past couple of years – this year especially – production teams are finally getting a clue about design. The most recent models of smartwatches are starting to look more like watches while retaining all the smart functions.

Google Glass may not become a consumer hit as support wanes

Has it really been two years (give or take) since Google Glass came about, drawing attention by the millions? It could be hard to believe, considering the dearth of new stories regarding Glass. But if the latest news are any indication of what is to come, Google Glass’s moment in the sun may have already come and gone.

Moto 360 available now on T-Mobile, LG G Watch R coming to T-Mo November 19

Following AT&T’s lead, the nation’s fourth largest wireless service provider has picked up two of the most attractive Android smartwatches around. Motorola’s Moto 360 can be purchased from T-Mobile’s online store now, coming to brick and mortar locations nationwide November 19.

Asus ZenWatch is back in stock at Best Buy, ‘coming soon’ to Google Play

Another Android Wear release, another series of availability hiccups. But all’s well that ends well, and Best Buy seems to have overcome its Asus ZenWatch faux pas.

Android Wear 5.0 Lollipop update detailed early, looking sweet as… lollipops

Google is working on several fronts to improve the Android user experience and it’s just as important for Big G to bring Lollipop goodies to smartwatch owners as it is to leave KitKat behind on as many smartphones and tablets as possible.

Review: Spark smartwatch by Blanc

I’m not going to lie, I thought this watch was useless. I wore it for a whole day wondering if people were judging me for my over-sized smartwatch, desperately wishing I could put my gorgeous mint blue analog Fossil watch back on, especially since it matched my sweater that day. Then I went into a sales more »


Asus ZenWatch pops up on Best Buy website at $200, sold out already?

We’ve no idea when Best Buy started taking orders for Asus’ uber-stylish, low-cost ZenWatch, but apparently, the retailer is all out of stock already. The manufacturer of the wearable piece had promised the ZenWatch would debut on US shores November 9, but as far as we know, that wasn’t the case.

Samsung Gear S sales reaches 10,000 units on first day of launch in South Korea

Samsung announced the Gear S smartwatch which is a standalone device that doesn’t require to be connected to a smartphone to get notifications. It features a SIM card slot, and 3G connectivity so you can get SMS, calls, and access the internet without a need for a smartphone. The smartwatch went on sale in the company’s home country on November 5th through SK Telecom and KT. As per a new report, the smartwatch sales topped 10,000 on the first day of launch in the region, hinting at a demand for a smartwatch which can operate without being connected to a smartphone.

Sony SmartWatch 3 now shipping from Google Play, backordered at Verizon

With beautiful, round-faced wearable pieces like Motorola’s Moto 360 or LG’s G Watch R available, as well as ultra-low-cost smartwatches such as the Asus ZenWatch, and Samsung’s Gear S supporting standalone 3G, you were probably under the impression no one cared much about Sony’s SmartWatch 3.