Asus ZenWatch scores timely Android Wear 5.1.1 update

Although it’s more or less meant to be the wrist-worn equivalent of Google’s smartphone and tablet-dedicated OS, Android Wear wasn’t drastically altered when it moved up to version 5.0, but it’s now in the process of a few important changes with build 5.1. Pre-loaded on the “luxury” LG Watch Urbane, the new software iteration should more »

Samsung decides round is in, because Apple did it first

In the latest smartwatch news, Samsung appears to be working on a round watch dubbed The Next Gear. It’ll feature a rotating bezel around the screen.

Second-gen Moto 360 closes in on launch with Bluetooth SIG visit

It’s no big secret Motorola is currently setting the stage for its second dive in increasingly turbid smartwatch waters. Not afraid to go up against a major new threat, Apple’s controversial rookie wearable effort, as well as market “veterans” Pebble or Samsung, the company now owned by PC-making giant Lenovo just sent the 2015 Moto 360 edition to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Worried about Apple Watch battery life? Pre-order the Reserve Strap

One of the biggest concerns/complaints about many of the latest smartwatches is the battery life. When you put powerful hardware underneath a gorgeous screen in a small body to fit on your wrist, something has to give. So it comes as no surprise that many consumers balk at the idea of charging a watch on more »


Start saving, luxury watch fans, as Tag Heuer’s debut wearable will cost $1,400

Forget the LG Watch Urbane or Huawei’s “pitiful” attempt at a truly premium smartwatch. The ultimate luxury Android Wear piece is still a little ways down the road, with opulent Swiss fashion accessory manufacturer Tag Heuer eyeing an October – November launch timeframe.

LG Watch Urbane goes on sale from AT&T and Verizon at $349

Typically, whenever a gadget manufacturer goes on and on and on about the “premium” construction of a new product, they’re trying to instill the idea of a challenging assembly process. We already know it’s not easy to make a perfectly round smartwatch, and when said circular intelligent timepiece is also entirely built out of metal, the tricky factor doubles.


Hitting the pool? Track workouts with latest mobile app

After months of successful beta-testing and feedback from users,, the platform for swimmers to track, compare, and compete with each other, has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android. Now, users can receive instant feedback from their swims instead of having to wait until they get home to a computer.

LG Watch Urbane goes on sale early at Clove UK in exchange for $390

Great news, our Great Britain-residing friends, as the talk of the Android Wear town has just touched down at one of your favorite tech retailers. Before the Google Store itself can stock perhaps Apple Watch’s fiercest rival, the LG Watch Urbane is available via Clove UK for £216.66, excluding VAT, or £259.99, all taxes included.

LG Watch Urbane likely priced at $350 stateside, Verizon launch looks imminent

Yet another LG Watch Urbane US pricing hint has just surfaced, backing assumptions derived from the wearable device’s official Korean valuation. A seemingly credible Verizon internal document details some of the luxury timepiece’s selling points, all of which have been revealed already, wrapping the promotional effort up with a quick MSRP mention.

Acer unwraps three new wearable devices, including stylish Liquid Leap Curve

After a fairly timid smart band debut last summer, Acer is starting to get bullish about its prospects in the fledgling, uber-competitive market, although not so much so that they’re ready to throw a high-end timepiece in the Apple, Samsung and Pebble dominated arena.

Forget stands. BLOC is far more elegant for the Apple Watch

For some reason, companies seem to be fixated on creating a charging stand for the Apple Watch. Sure, they come in a variety of different materials and colors, but they all share a similar shape. You get a base with a curved arm to elevate your precious precious. I don’t know if habits change from a ‘normal’ watch to a ‘smart’ one, but I’ve never perched my watches. Just laid them down flat next to my other daily accessories.

LG Watch Urbane begins global rollout with new Android Wear version

The first Android Wear device billed as a “luxury” smartwatch is just about ready for primetime, going on sale in South Korea this week, followed by “key markets in North America, Europe and Asia in the weeks to come.”