Here’s where you can live stream Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and HTC’s One M9 events

Ready to start the Galaxy S6 and One M9 countdowns? At least as far as the former goes, you can literally do just that by heading over to YouTube. Then, in a little under 48 hours, this link will replace the timer with a live video feed from Samsung’s pre-MWC Barcelona press conference.

Huawei (loosely) unwraps world’s first LTE smartband, more details coming soon

Had trouble believing a company as focused on affordability as Huawei would foreshadow industry pioneers like Samsung or Apple in fitting an advanced 4G LTE modem on a wearable device? Well, it’s true, and the rising Chinese OEM is so excited about its newest smartband it just couldn’t wait for next week’s Mobile World Congress to unveil it.

Apple what? Pepple Time watch breaks (more) records

Has it really been two years, almost? I guess so. After the huge successes of the original Pebble smartwatch and follow-up Pebble Steel, the company is back to break more records with their latest, the Pebble Time.


Acer rumored as first OEM to unveil Windows 10 smartphone at MWC

It’s odd, but although we expect Microsoft to keep its high-end Lumia cards close to the chest a while longer and introduce a few routine mid-rangers running Windows Phone 8.1 at next week’s Mobile World Congress, the same show could see the world’s first Win 10 handheld debut.


Would you eat a wearable banana fitness device?

Either it’s April Fools or 2015 is a strange year for wearable fitness devices. First, I saw a wearable belt at CES 2015 that would automatically loosen itself after a large meal, and now there’s a wearable banana. Yes, banana. Take it, Gwen!

Minor bug-fixing 5.0.2 updates go out to various Android Wear watches

Android Wear 5.0.2It’s time for a new flavor of Lollipop to spruce up the software on the lauded but underperforming Android Wear smartwatches. Alas, it isn’t build 5.1 or 5.2 that’s rapidly spreading around the “ecosystem”, but instead 5.0.2.

Sony opens pre-orders for cheaper, uglier Google Glass alternative

It takes immense courage to try to succeed where Google has failed, and Sony’s SmartEyeglass release timing seems particularly challenging.

Huawei’s vague MWC teasers could allude to LTE standalone smartwatch

We already know Huawei intends to fly to Barcelona soon for a couple of early March product announcements at the Mobile World Congress. These are guaranteed to have nothing to do with Windows 10, and flagship Android smartphone launches seem highly unlikely.

Google patents weird deodorizing wearable

It could be that Google is just trolling all of us, but I choose to believe there’s a different origin story to Google’s new deodorizing wearable.

Xiaomi intent to pursue American dream, but only with low-cost wearables

They say real estate success is all about location, location, location and similarly, mobile box-office triumphs rely heavily on distribution, distribution, distribution. So what if Xiaomi is bigger in China than Apple and Samsung?

LG unveils all-metal ‘luxury’ Watch Urbane with Android Wear

Bursting with excitement from crafting hands down the most sophisticated Android Wear device thus far, LG couldn’t wait for next month’s Mobile World Congress to show the public what its designers are capable of.

Motorola extends sweet Valentine’s Day deals until February 17

All is lost. Valentine’s Day is just hours away, and clearly, there’s no time left to save face in the eleventh hour. The good restaurants are booked, unless you don’t mind eating dinner at 5 PM… at the bar. Diamonds are crazy expensive, flowers and chocolates are far too banal, and so the end is near.