Deal alert: Original Pebble smartwatch now costs $100 at Best Buy ($50 off)

The Kickstarter-funded Pebble smartwatch is a classic and, despite the best efforts of much more experienced device manufacturers, its popularity and especially bang for buck factor remain almost impossible to beat.

Blast music not ears, DUBS deliver safe audio experience

No matter how much you like listening to your favorite band through headphones or speakers, nothing quite compares to a live experience. I take every possible opportunity to see great performances at local venues whenever artists I follow pass through. I love my music loud, and they deliver.

Moto 360 battery life vastly improved with recent software update

While it’s hard to imagine a better-looking smartwatch than Motorola’s round, perfectly plump Moto 360, let alone find one readily available, several non-design-related pickles have thus far plagued the Android-based wearable.

Ematic has low-cost fitness tracker in the pipeline, but how low can it go?

The tech world has gone mad. Everyone and their mother are trying to get a head start in the fledgling smartwatch scene, which you’d think would create options for all. Yet most of these “smart” wearable pieces are hardly intelligent, and nearly every one of them is outrageously expensive.

Samsung Gear S coming to major US carriers this fall

Last month, Samsung unveiled the Tizen-based Gear S smartwatch, which was also showcased at the IFA 2014 in Berlin. Samsung announced the Gear S will hit all major US carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T even mentioned customers interested in the Gear S can check it out at 125 retail locations across the US starting September 26th. T-Mobile also mentioned the SIM-enabled smartwatch will go on sale sometime in October.

Misfit Flash promises to track your fitness and sleep for just $50

While complex smartwatches have hugely progressed of late, both from a design standpoint and in regards to what these gizmos can actually do, the elementary, uber-cheap activity trackers are pretty much in the same flawed place as, say, two years ago.

Google exec seen wearing ‘confidential’ timepiece, Nexus Watch back in rumor business

Once rampant speculation on Google possibly prepping a so-called “Nexus Watch” fizzled out a long time ago, mostly due to Android Wear’s emergence. But a tongue-in-cheek, mystery remark directed by Sundar Pichai at an interviewer on the heels of Android One’s commercial debut is bound to reanimate the rumor scene.

TAG Heuer to offer smartwatch, presumably not “too feminine”

Last week, luxury watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver, who heads up the popular TAG Heuer brand, lambasted the Apple Watch in an interview with German media. Now why would he say those awful things? Maybe because his TAG Heuer brand is developing its own smartwatch.

Samsung Gear Blink rumored to launch in March 2015

Several reports hint that Samsung is preparing a Google Glass competitor, expected to hit the market under the Samsung Gear Blink moniker. The wearable device is yet to make an unofficial appearance at the rumor mill, but we’ve seen some drawings of the alleged device in patent and trademark filings.

Listen up, fashionistas: Samsung has custom Diesel Black Gold Gear S for you

Show of hands: Who here feels, like one of the luxury timepiece industry’s heavyweights, that the Apple Watch is too girly? Nobody? Good, because Samsung has a proposition that could only be described as even more feminine. Not to mention kooky.

HTC expected to dip toes into wearable waters after all, just not this year

They want in, they don’t want in, then they want in again. Make a decision already, HTC, and stick with it. It’s simple, either you’re willing to take the smartwatch gamble, or you’re too afraid to see your already struggling financials head on a slippery slope to bankruptcy.


Has Apple jumped the shark with its latest news?

I remember the months prior to June 8th, 2002. Lennox Lewis held the title for heavyweight boxing champion, and the masses were eager to see former heavyweight ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson go head-to-head against Lewis. What could have been a fight of legend ended up very one-sided, as Lewis dispatched the aging Tyson with a knockout victory. By the third round, the disappointment was palpable as months of hype left viewers to witness the inevitable, technical defeat. I made a big’ole bowl of popcorn, for nuthin’.