Aria smartstrap makes smartwatches smarter with gesture control

When it comes to wearables, namely smartwatches, there’s a variety of accessories available to the consumer. You’ve got your bands, docks, charging docks, and even some protective covers. It’s all great for personalizing and protecting the latest wearable. But if you really want to deck your smartwatch out with the latest tech, gesture control is more »

PSA: Pebble Time ‘public’ pre-orders go live at Best Buy

If you didn’t believe in Pebble’s third-generation smartwatch, don’t like endorsing prototype devices you may or may not receive considerably down the line, or simply weren’t aware of Time’s Kickstarter campaign, arguably the fiercest Apple Watch rival is now available for all. Only on pre-orders at the moment, and only through Best Buy, but at more »

Even handsomer LG Watch Urbane Luxe apparently in the works

First, we got the G Watch and we were less than impressed, to put it kindly. Then, the circular G Watch R came to light, and LG made a huge leap towards the perfect wearable device from an aesthetical standpoint.

Moto 360 gets even better with Wi-Fi-enabling Android Wear update

It’s funny (read sad), but arguably the best non-luxury Android Wear device to date had to endure the taunting of its less gifted, less handsome relatives lately, as a new software build made its way across the ecosystem.

PSA: Sony Xperia Z3+, discounted Huawei TalkBand B2 available on Expansys

Import specialist Expansys has made it a habit of launching sizzling hot new Android devices before anyone else in the States, albeit initial supply generally tends to be limited, and prices a bit ostentatious. But it understandably costs to be first on the Xperia Z3+ bandwagon, for instance, so don’t act shocked the Snapdragon 810 powerhouse goes for $735 in an unlocked LTE 32 GB configuration.

VR or mobile gaming? Take Nod Labs’ wireless ring controller with you

Remember when the Nod gesture control ring was creating a bit of buzz last year? Although you may not have heard much about Nod since then, the company has been hard at work fine-tuning their product as well as creating a brand new one. On top of it all, Nod Labs has just announced closing $13.5 million series A funding.


Oh, look, there’s another hint regarding Samsung’s first round smartwatch

Just because Samsung already slipped obvious indicators of their next-gen wearable’s form factor and UI in a brand new software development kit, it doesn’t mean the Gear A hype-building campaign can’t continue.

Sony SmartWatch 3 sold for $150 via Expansys, $50 off Google Store tag

It was only a matter of time until Sony followed Motorola’s suit and went up against the rapidly rising Apple Watch with a discounted Android Wear device at less than half the rival’s starting price.

Huawei Watch launch postponed until fall, hopefully only in China

While Asian device manufacturers generally tend to serve up even the best hardware to inhabitants of their homelands first, Huawei will reportedly be forced to adjust its release flow as far as its debut smartwatch is concerned.

NFC and mobile payments among rumored next-gen Samsung watch features

Although Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear is about to turn two years old, and the highly anticipated Apple Watch has barely been in (digital) stores for a couple of months, in some respects, the Tizen and Android wearable manufacturers must play catch-up to the iOS designers, and not the other way around.

Huawei TalkBand B2 wearable now available in the US starting at $180

A rudimentary activity tracker produced by a Chinese brand that still doesn’t inspire much trust in the West priced north of the full-blown Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch?

Want to customize, transform your audio environment? These buds do it.

One little gadget that I almost always have with me when I go out is the Doppler Labs DUBS filters. Whether it’s deciding, on a whim, to hit up a local venue for a live performance, or if I want to quiet the street noise while sitting and working at a coffee shop, my DUBS filters are there. It’s one of the best things you can get for $25. But now they’ve gone and outdone themselves.