Verizon opens Sony SmartWatch 3 pre-orders, October 30 launch eyed

Notorious for its tardiness, Verizon has been working hard to improve of late, and its latest win comes in the form of a surprisingly swift Sony SmartWatch 3 rollout. Announced at IFA in early September, the humdrum-looking wearable piece recently popped up on Google Play.

Moto 360 gets another software update, battery life now even better

Round, retro, silky smooth and not overly pricey, Motorola’s Moto 360 looked like the perfect smartwatch from the get-go. Well, perfect may have been a bit of a stretch, as the initial battery life was far from ideal.

Microsoft will reportedly launch a cross-platform smartwatch

A new smartwatch could be on the way from Microsoft that will be cross-platform, according to statements from people close to the company. The cross-platform device would run an operating system from Microsoft, but it would have the ability to connect to devices running iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Reports claim the device will have many different sensors and also have a battery life of two days.

Sony SmartWatch 3 listed on Google Play at $250, release date a question mark

As more and more players join the wearable game, it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out. Even for market veterans such as Sony. Their rookie smartwatch effort came to light in 2012, before Apple even pondered a dive in the shifting waters, and now the third entry in the Sony SmartWatch franchise is inching closer and closer to a commercial bow.

Finally, a smartwatch for the ladies: the $169 Omate Lutetia

One of the lesser-known smartwatch manufacturers that probably tackles the fledgling market with the utmost seriousness is Omate. Helped to develop its first wearable device, the TrueSmart, by Kickstarter supporters, the hardware design start-up upped the ante recently with the premium-looking, extra-productive X, and now, it’s branching out, targeting an untapped audience.

Man Treated For Google Glass Addiction

A paper published by doctors in San Diego documents what they say is a genuine case of Google Glass addiction. A service member checked himself into the U.S. Navy’s Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) this past summer for what he believed was an alcohol problem but turned out to have an additional addiction- something far more intriguing.

Europe gets first wearable-only incubator

Europe is receiving its first startup incubator dedicated solely to wearable technology. The incubator comes from Wearable World, a company that is known for its San Francisco-based activites. Wearable World claims there are no other wearable-only incubators in Europe, so it will be kicking off that industry.

Deal alert: Brand new LG G Watch at $160 on Best Buy, pre-owned for $75

When Best Buy slashed the price of the first-generation LG G Watch to $180, offering ample $50 savings to early smartwatch adopters, we figured the deal was just too sweet to miss. And yes, the tweaked, round-faced G Watch R was still a little ways down the road, but we never imagined the square-shaped wearable was in for an even heftier discount.

LG G Watch R en route to European shores next month at €299

Much like Motorola, its round-faced smartwatch manufacturing rival, LG seems to be facing an uphill struggle in spreading the beautiful G Watch R to all territories it’s wanted in. Unveiled prior to IFA, in late August, the redesigned, upgraded wearable piece is officially headed to Korea next week.

Sit much? Let Darma, world’s first inactivity tracker, coach you

Health is both big news and big business these days. It probably always has been, if you consider the decades of infomercials peddling the latest iteration of fad exercise equipment and/or diet pills. But that’s not what I’m talking about. We have mobile devices and live mobile lives, therefore fitness trackers and/or apps mean money and data collection for companies. Consumers are likely more willing to be motivated through such technology than a clunky piece of exercise equipment in a room.

Motorola Moto 360 now available from O2 UK for £200

US-based techies who’d like to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon early and purchase a beautiful, round-faced Motorola Moto 360 probably feel irked, even enraged by the timepiece’s availability pickles.

LG plans to revive webOS, possibly load it on a future smartwatch

Google and Apple may have a stable duopoly on the volatile yet increasingly mature smartphone market, but in the fledgling smartwatch space, anything still goes. And we mean anything.