HTC now expected to out Full HD One M9, basic fitness band at MWC

The HTC-related rumors are perhaps even fickler than the Samsung Galaxy S6 stories lately, literally each new day bringing to the table a rebuttal of older gossip. You’d think it’d be time for the waters to calm already, with a little over a month left until MWC, but still, we know nothing for certain.

Did Samsung find a way to preemptively detect strokes?

Obviously, you’re aware that strokes are a huge problem, afflicting 15 million people every year. And it’s even more of a problem because early warning signs are so difficult to detect. So it’s great news that a group of Samsung engineers have decided to do something about it by enabling a phone or tablet to warn its user of an impending stroke.

Deal alert: Fitbit Charge HR for $135 (all-time low) with coupon code

The Fitbit Charge HR is currently Amazon’s number 1 health & personal care best seller, and that speaks volumes about the wearable’s quality and popularity.

Add wireless charging to the droolworthy feature list of Samsung’s next watch

It’s not much of a secret anymore Samsung is hard at work on yet another fancy smartwatch, but while its shape and pre-installed software seem easy to guess, everything else is in a thick haze.

My 13 favorite wearables from CES 2015

Like I mentioned before, the Technology Tell team is back in the office after an exciting CES 2015, and we’re ready to share all the amazing products that captured our attention at this year’s show. Since I’m a big fan of wearables, I was paying close attention to the new products set to hit the market this year, and there’s definitely some exciting gems. From smart socks to smart watches, there was a wearable for everyone at this year’s show.

CES 2015 Wrap-Up: Trends and expectations (part 1)

Although CES 2014 was my first, I felt I learned a lot from that experience. And since I’ve been told I’m a pretty smart guy, I devised a plan to make CES 2015 even more efficient. Maybe this time I wouldn’t end up with a blistered limp by the end of the week (I didn’t!). But this meant passing up on any scheduled booth meeting, minimizing backtracking across the show floors, and using buses as breaks to rest my soles. With this in mind, I had high expectations to squeeze out more for myself, like a glorified tech glutton.

Moto Maker for Motorola wearables? It could happen

Not that we expected Motorola to swing by Las Vegas and showcase new gear at CES 2015, but alongside Samsung, they were the mobile players we missed the most during the otherwise very eventful expo.

Round-faced Samsung ‘Orbis’ watch with Tizen en route to MWC bow

Unusually quiet during the year-opening Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung is undoubtedly working on a bunch of exciting stuff for MWC and beyond. The Mobile World Congress in March could be preceded or closely followed by a Galaxy S6 announcement, and to go nicely with the “next big thing”, an S6 Edge and one or two new wearables may also debut.

Quitbit smart lighter helps you quit smoking

Hi, my name is Joe. I’m a smoker and I hate myself for it. I’ve tried a bunch of quitting solutions and none of them have stuck. The Quitbit “smart lighter” might be the latest innovation coming to my rescue.

Misfit unveils my new favorite wearable, the Swarovski Shine

I’m already a big fan of Misfit’s activity trackers – it’s one of the few activity trackers I deem cute enough to wear everyday. Plus, they’re super affordable without skimping on the features. Well now, I’m even more on board as they launched the Swarovski Shine ahead of CES 2015.

Alcatel shows its creative side at CES with OS-agnostic phones, ‘smartly priced’ watch

With Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG and Asus confirmed as only a few of the distinguished CES 2015 exhibitors, it’s certainly not going to be easy for low-profile companies like Alcatel to stand out. Prematurely taking the wraps off products destined to be further detailed during the actual Consumer Electronics Show is a no-brainer call in this situation, but it’s futile if said devices aren’t of interest.

Ring in the new year with a dirt-cheap refurb Samsung Gear 2 or Gear Fit

It’s obviously way too late to order a sizzling hot gadget online and hope to have it shipped in time for the New Year countdown. What it’s not too late for just yet is coughing up a little last-minute 2014 cash, and making sure you’ll stay hip and connected throughout 2015.