Colfax Smart Pack melds wireless tech, power, with urban appeal

When wearable tech is a topic of discussion, it usually covers such things as smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness trackers, and such. Those devices are more common and of a wider variety, of course. When it comes to gadgets and wearables, it’s easy to overlook that everyday bag or backpack. The bag that carries all your stuff says as much about you as any other type of fashion accessory.

Tizen OS upgrade rolls out to Samsung Galaxy Gear owners stateside

Perhaps trying to intimidate Google and show the search giant there’s life beyond Android, Samsung has unveiled Tizen-running successors for the Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Gear back at MWC. Even more intimidating, Sammy’s first-gen smartwatch has been treated to its own software update to Tizen starting May, the option to wipe out Android finally reaching the States today.

Xiaomi lanches $13 fitness wearable

Alongside the Xiaomi Mi 4 launch, the Chinese company announced a VERY affordable smart wearable called the Mi Band. In China, it is set to cost CN¥79 which ends up being about $13. Most fitness trackers on the market are about 4 times that price, and that’s on the low end. So it’s safe to assume the Mi Band probably isn’t capable of all the same fitness capabilities. However, it’s not exactly useless. The Mi Band can track your movement (both walking or running) and sleeping patterns.

Unannounced HTC smartwatch makes surprise appearance in official video

Although nearly bled dry by recent smartphone flops, erstwhile mobile giant HTC has enough spunk left in it to try a few last-minute Hail Mary passes. Number one: the Nexus 9 tablet. Number two: a pair of additional Android slates, likely sporting 7 and 12-inch displays. And number three: a smartwatch.

Android Wear owners can now pay at the register with their wrist

Slim and/or minimalist wallets are all the rage right now. Why? It’s because, deep down, many people love and appreciate doing more with less. The same concept applies to our mobile devices and digital payment methods. Although the adoption and availability hasn’t been as fast as some would like, there are more merchants now than ever to accept purchases via digital wallets.

Financial analyst predicts booming Apple iWatch sales during the first year

With Apple’s first foray into the fledgling wearable territory as good as confirmed, and many specifications and features nearly set in stone, all that’s left to be revealed is iWatch’s release timeline, recommended retail price and sales objectives.

Apple iWatch not coming by November, sapphire glass and flexible display lead rumored specs

The timing of Apple’s predictable iWatch release looks like the biggest question mark relating to the highly anticipated wearable device, as no one really doubts anymore the gizmo will be coming sooner or later.

G Watch pre-orders begin July 8 on AT&T

Pre-orders for the LG G Watch on AT&T will begin July 8, the US carrier has announced. LG’s G Watch is one of the first wearables to use Android Wear, Google’s operating system made specifically for wearable devices. The watch will be sold for $229 on AT&T, and it will start hitting stores on July 11.

Moto 360 could be twice as expensive as other Android Wear watches

Back at the Google I/O, the search engine giant unveiled its latest Android Wear operating system, as well as a few smartwatches which will come pre-installed with the new OS. LG, Samsung and Motorola are the early adopters, who have already showcased their smartwatches, in fact, Samsung’s Gear Live and LG G Watch are already up for pre-order at the Google Play Store.

LG G Watch now shipping in the UK

Last week, Google unveiled the LG G Watch, a smartwatch powered by Android Wear, which went up for pre-order on the Google Play Store. If you’re one of those who pre-ordered the smartwatch, you do know that it’s not shipping until the first week of July. However, if you’re based in the UK and want to get your hands on the LG G Watch a little early, Unlocked Mobile currently lists it in stock and ready to go. LG G Watch is available at Unlocked Mobile, a UK-based retailer, for £159.98, with next day shipping.

PayPal announces its app for Android Wear

Not too long ago, Google showcased Android Wear, as well as a bunch of smartwatches which will go on sale at the Google Play Store by the end of the day — Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. With the launch of the new OS for smartwatches, PayPal is one of the first few to launch a dedicated app for Android Wear, giving users the ability to check in to pay at local stores, redeem offers, receive payment notifications, right on their wrist.

Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch expected on display at Google I/O

As Google polishes its next (and possibly final) Nexus tablet effort, the developer-focused I/O conference is nearing. And Big G must showcase some exciting new hardware on June 25 and 26. The N9 is but a faint possibility, and so is the N6, while a third-gen N7 or second-gen N10 are even bigger stretches.