Starfish app lets parents know when they left their kid in the car

You hear it on the news way too often: A parent left his or her toddler locked in the car with the windows up on a broiling hot day, just so the parent can run into a bar or casino or supermarket. What if there were an app that reminded them that they are a terrible parent and they better fix the situation immediately? That’s where an ingenious new sensor/app combo, Starfish, comes in.


Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft targeted for fat-shaming apps

In yet another example of how mean-spirited our culture can be, there is apparently a glut of fat-shaming apps available on app stores, no doubt created by some of the most vile brogrammers among us. One organization is saying enough.


Why isn’t there a Shazam for bird songs?

“What species of bird is that,” I often wonder when I hear their songs. Followed by, “Why isn’t there a Shazam for bird calls?” Why can’t I launch an app, hold my cellphone up, and have it tell me if I am hearing a warbler or a sparrow, a thrush or a grosbeak? Turns out, scientists are working on it. We spoke to one of them.

Google adds Now reminders to

Google Now reminders will now be accessible through the primary Google website. As a result of the expansion of Now reminders, users will be able to create reminders from within the search engine rather than from within Now. By typing in a reminder-like command in the search box, you can add reminders to the service. For the new feature to work, you must type in a command such as “remind me to pick up groceries at 3 pm.”

Game of Thrones breaks piracy record

Another torrenting record has been broken by the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. The show broke records last year with its third season, and the same thing has taken place with Season 4. The Season 4 finale aired on Sunday and has since resulted in millions of illegal downloads from torrent websites. TorrentFreak says that in the first 12 hours following the airing of the episode, the GoT episode was downloaded 1.5 million times. Within the coming days, that number is expected to reach 7.5 million or more.

Headspace version two launches worldwide

In an international culture that is in many ways over-stimulated and over-worked, things like meditation are being turned to more frequently by young tech-savvy people as a way to connect with something less material or at least de-stress. One of the tech companies leading the way in the push for meditation is Headspace. launches full-fledged web app has already become one of the most popular task managing applications for iOS and Android but outside of a Chrome extension, there aren’t many ways to use it on a regular computer. To fix that and add overall functionality to the service, a web version of has now been launched that includes support for a full-screen interface.

Shazam takes out Spotify integration for UK users

When Shazam updated its UK application so that support for tagging and playing in Deezer could be added no one expected that it would do the opposite for Spotify, which is utiilized by many of Shazam’s users. People may not have expected it but the free version of Shazam in the UK no longer appears to work with Spotify. Previously, users could tag songs and they would be opened in the music streaming service but now Deezer has seemingly replaced Spotify.

Bitly Compromised, Users Should Change Passwords

Another day, another security breach online. Bitly–the popular link-shortening tool–says that it may have been breached, leaving users vulnerable. The potential attack was announced in a security update post on the company’s blog, which explains why the service disabled Facebook and Twitter account integration.

Kickstarter find: Zabosu allows you to be a puppetmaster of people

Chalk this one up to creative “imagineering.” A startup called Zabosu is currently crowdsourcing funds for a proposed service that would let you “actually take control of another person, anywhere in the world there’s a 4G cellular signal.”

Dropbox intros Carousel, a single gallery for all your photos

Dropbox today has introduced its latest product, a single photo gallery called Carousel. Simply put, Dropbox Carousel lets you store and manage your photos and videos. Available now as a mobile app for Android and iOS, Dropbox Carousel organizes photos and videos from your smartphone or tablet’s camera roll as well as the photos in your Dropbox account.

Facebook Acquires Indian Startup Little Eye Labs

Mark Zuckerburg just won’t end his shopping spree for new startups. Facebook recently acquired an India-based technology start-up Little Eye Labs. The latter is a known developer of tools for Android app developers.