Google Agrees To Change Its Privacy Policy To Settle With UK Government

In hopes of making it more readable and simpler, a few years ago, the search engine giant Google merged more than 60 privacy policies into one document. Apparently, following an investigation by European regulators who found the search engine’s terms to be ‘too vague’, Google has reached an agreement with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office over how it collects personal data in the country and will be making changes to its current privacy policy.

The 10 HIGHLY EMOTIONAL stages of losing Internet connection

1. Panic You’re happily surfing the net, reblogging on Tumblr, shooting down a Reddit troll and streaming the complete discography of Duke Ellington all at once when suddenly everything goes blank. Your song is the only thing still chugging along but you know that, in seconds, the buffered time will run out. This only adds to more »

Vudu Spark, competitor to Chromecast, costs $25

When Google released its Chromecast streaming stick, one of the most impressive aspects of it was its low price tag. Now, retailer Walmart has even undercut Google with its Vudu Spark. The streaming device is limited because it will only work with Walmart’s movie rental service, but the device also costs just $24.95. As of today, the streaming stick is available across the United States and via the Walmart website.

Fable childrens’ tablet headed to market in spring

During International CES, Isabella Products demonstrated a new tablet, geared towards children aged three to ten, which is set to arrive on the market in March. We sat down with Matthew I. Growney, the president and CEO of the Concord, Mass.-based Isabella to discuss the product and the planned rollout. A veteran of the pre-Google, more »

Facebook Messenger tests voice transcription

A voice transcription feature is being tested in Facebook Messenger. The feature has been in services like Google Voice, and now Facebook is trying it out. With the feature, voice messages through Messenger will display transcribed text so that receivers can find out what the message generally is.

Rumors claim next Twitter CEO will be Adam Bain

It has been said that if Dick Costolo leaves his position at Twitter and opens up a gap at the head of the company, Adam Bain will take over. Now, more rumors are coming out stating that Bain is at the front of the line to replace Costolo, but a replacement may not be necessary for quite a while. Analysts and journalists alike have said Bain could make for a better CEO, but that doesn’t mean Costolo is going anywhere immediately.


Kim Dotcom to launch a secure Skype competitor

All of Kim Dotcom’s projects have a clear focus on security, and his latest project is a more secure alternative to Skype. VentureBeat says Dotcom’s company Mega will soon have an encrypted video call service.

Gmail actually blocked in China

Google’s email service, Gmail, has finally been blocked in China following a period of time during which the service was disrupted. Gmail has not worked properly in China for at least six months, and now it is actually unavailable. Google has responded to the recent block by saying that the unavailability is not its fault.

Twitter tests advertising in Following lists

Twitter has experimented with a few new ways of advertising and one of them is placing sponsored accounts inside of user Following lists. A new test from Twitter for this ad placement was noticed by a number of people after actor William Shatner tweeted about it.

Facebook apologizes for Year in Review posts

Facebook’s Year in Review feature for 2014 seemed like a good idea, and it was until it began displaying some heart-wrenching photos in celebratory ways. Year in Review is supposed to focus on popular photos from the past 12 months, but a popular photo is not necessarily a good photo that should re-appear.


Snapchat clients being removed from Windows Phone

Snapchat is combating third-party clients and that has resulted in some apps being removed from the Windows Phone Store. Snapchat users can no longer download third-party clients on Windows Phone, though it has been that way on Android and iOS for a while.

Already? Android 5.1 (still Lollipop) rumored for February 2015 launch

The newest iteration of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, is widely regarded as the sleekest, smoothest take on the Google-conceived mobile OS, and the jump from 4.4 KitKat the biggest transformation in the platform’s history.