Android 5.0 update for Nexus 4 ‘locked and loaded’, likely rolling out soon

It’s been a problematic past couple of weeks for Google’s powers that be, which weren’t able to handle Nexus 6’s release very well, or dispatch Android 5.0 for older Nexus devices as quickly as we had expected.

Skype for Web getting plugin-free messages

Microsoft is updating Skype for Web in order to make text, voice, and video messages available without any plugin downloads. Most core Skype features are available in the browser version of the service, but up until now, Skype for Web has relied on plugins for messaging. Beginning today, the service has instant messaging built-in without any downloads required.

Reddit CEO left due to being “worn out”

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong left the company on Thursday, and while his departure was triggered by an argument about office space, he had generally become worn out because of the job. Wong wrote on Quora shortly after it was revealed he had left the company that he was “completely worn out,” and his job was “having significantly detrimental effects on [his] personal life.”

Asus ZenWatch is back in stock at Best Buy, ‘coming soon’ to Google Play

Another Android Wear release, another series of availability hiccups. But all’s well that ends well, and Best Buy seems to have overcome its Asus ZenWatch faux pas.

Android Wear 5.0 Lollipop update detailed early, looking sweet as… lollipops

Google is working on several fronts to improve the Android user experience and it’s just as important for Big G to bring Lollipop goodies to smartwatch owners as it is to leave KitKat behind on as many smartphones and tablets as possible. expands services to Kenya, a group backed by Facebook, Nokia, Qualcomm, and other technology companies, is expanding its free internet access to Kenya. The group’s goal is to provide internet access to the billions of people around the world who are currently without stable or affordable access. Since began, the organization has begun providing internet access to people in parts of Africa, namely Zambia and Tanzania.

Nexus 6 priced at $250 with AT&T pacts, pre-orders start November 12

There used to be a time when we’d wonder how can Google find sufficient funds to keep the Nexus project afloat, with profit margins so obviously low. We’re well past that now, we’re afraid, as the Nexus product roster has stopped being about affordability with the introductions of the latest 6-inch smartphone and 9-inch tablet.

14 #CometLanding tweets to brighten your day

If you spent your morning like I did – streaming the ESA’s live feed, and you want to keep the excitement going, here’s 14 #CometLanding tweets that will surely uplift your Wednesday.

Sony SmartWatch 3 now shipping from Google Play, backordered at Verizon

With beautiful, round-faced wearable pieces like Motorola’s Moto 360 or LG’s G Watch R available, as well as ultra-low-cost smartwatches such as the Asus ZenWatch, and Samsung’s Gear S supporting standalone 3G, you were probably under the impression no one cared much about Sony’s SmartWatch 3.

Antix app can automatically edit GoPro videos

A new app called Antix has launched, and it lets people easily edit their GoPro videos. When someone is using an action camera like the GoPro, hours of raw footage is normally captured, but few people are great at editing that sort of footage. Antix automatically determines what to take out of the raw footage and what to toss out.

LG G3 to get Android 5.0 first

Google’s line of Nexus devices may be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop soon, but the LG G3 will be the first phone to get the latest software. It had been reported the first devices to ship with Android Lollipop would be the Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet, but it turns out at least one phone will get the software as an update earlier.

Congressional committee to discuss online privacy

Privacy on the internet will be the topic of discussion during a congressional committee on Thursday. The advisory committee plans to discuss online privacy in an attempt to work towards new legal structures. In a step that appears similar to the UK’s latest online privacy measures, the committee will talk about legal penalties for hackers and those involved in revenge porn.