Jawbone Up data shows Napa earthquake wake-ups

The recent earthquake near the Napa region of California was a 6.0, which for those of who don’t know, means it was quite large. It isn’t surprising then that people near the Napa region would have been disturbed during their sleep as a result of the earthquake, and data from Jawbone’s UP shows exactly that.

Google Chrome now in Cuba

American sanctions against Cuba remain strong, and as a result, the country has suffered in many ways. Even software downloads in the country are not easy to access, but Google is making progress by offering Chrome to Cuban users for the first time. People in Cuba will now be able to download the Chrome browser through Google’s official channels instead of through alternative means.

SoundCloud introducing ads and revenue sharing

As SoundClound tries to find new ways to monetize its music service, the company has introduced advertisements and service tiers. Certain users will now be able to monetize their content and share part of the ad revenue with SoundCloud. Even for users who are not interested in making money, SoundCloud has announced different tiers of service that open up a variety of features.

ChangeTip will use Bitcoin to enable microtransactions

Bitcoin is perfect for microtransactions, and startup ChangeTip hopes that those Bitcoin transactions can be used to fund content creators in new ways. Instead of having people pay large amounts of money or no money to receive access to content, microtransactions let people give small amounts here and there. ChangeTip specifically hopes that microtransactions could put an end to clickbait, since content creators would be able to focus on creating worthwhile content rather than things that will get a lot of views.


Google, HP reportedly partnering for Google Now for Business

Google and Apple are both making pushes for the enterprise market through partnerships with other tech companies, and Google’s latest partnership may be with HP. The Information says that Google and HP are working on a version of Google Now for the enterprise market that will be called Google Now for Business. Rather than looking through personal data to update users, Google Now for Business would look through corporate data to provide important company information.

Twitter adding new features just for verified users

The verified status on Twitter is always something people want to get, and since Twitter caters to its more popular users, a few new features are being rolled out just for the special group of people who have earned the verified checkmark. Twitter will now send notifications to verified users when they are following another verified person who has returned the favor. If a verified user is accessing Twitter via the iOS application, they can also view all of their verified followers in a pre-made list.

Hackers think they are above the law, survey shows

Hackers are very often breaking the law, but that doesn’t seem to phase them according to a new survey. Thycotic, a password protection firm, interviewed a group of 127 hackers during the Black Hat 2014 conference and tried to figure out what motivates them and how they think about getting caught. The majority of hackers just do it for the fun provided by hacking while 19 percent admit to having a financial motive.

Why isn’t there a Shazam for bird songs?

“What species of bird is that,” I often wonder when I hear their songs. Followed by, “Why isn’t there a Shazam for bird calls?” Why can’t I launch an app, hold my cellphone up, and have it tell me if I am hearing a warbler or a sparrow, a thrush or a grosbeak? Turns out, scientists are working on it. We spoke to one of them.

HTTPS now a ranking signal for Google

Google has been talking about the benefits of HTTPS a lot in recent months, and now it is giving webmasters another big reason to use the technology.

Snowden gets three-year residence in Russia

Edward Snowden will no longer have to worry about where he is going to live — at least, not for a few years. The NSA leaker has been living in Russia for the past year, and instead of just renewing his asylum status, Russia has granted him a three-year residence permit, allowing him to remain in the country without worry.

UK aims to become center of world for virtual currency

UK Chancellor George Osborne announced during a recent event in London that he would like to see the country become the go-to market for any and all finance-related startups.

Foursquare update focuses on location-based recommendations

Using the new app’s “tastes” feature, users can enter in a bunch of information about the things they like. Specific types of food, drink and venues can be chosen, and once those choices are applied, Foursquare provides a list of local businesses that may be of interest.