Create stunning photos for holiday cards with these mobile apps

Get ahead of your game this year by sending out photo holiday cards to friends and family. Here are five mobile apps to transform images into masterpieces.

Google Chrome now in Cuba

American sanctions against Cuba remain strong, and as a result, the country has suffered in many ways. Even software downloads in the country are not easy to access, but Google is making progress by offering Chrome to Cuban users for the first time. People in Cuba will now be able to download the Chrome browser through Google’s official channels instead of through alternative means.

UK police replace ads with warning banners in copyright infringement crackdown

The London Police’s intellectual property crime unit (PIPCU) is using warning banners to replace pop-ups that offer pirated content – all in their crusade to crack down on copyright-infringing websites.

Game of Thrones breaks piracy record

Another torrenting record has been broken by the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. The show broke records last year with its third season, and the same thing has taken place with Season 4. The Season 4 finale aired on Sunday and has since resulted in millions of illegal downloads from torrent websites. TorrentFreak says that in the first 12 hours following the airing of the episode, the GoT episode was downloaded 1.5 million times. Within the coming days, that number is expected to reach 7.5 million or more.

Google Play Books arrive in South America

E-book reading has gone through many changes the past years. Thanks to the introduction of tablets and e-readers, more and more people have embraced this change in technology. Personally, I’m not comfortable with reading books in digital form but I know a lot who do. I guess it’s just a matter of what works for you.

Google Releases “OK Google” Voice Search Chrome Extension

If you like the sound of your voice, today is your lucky day. Google has released a new Chrome extension called “OK Google” which allows users to make voice commands to their browser. The Google Voice Search Hotword extension is available now in the Chrome Web Store. If the user wants to use voice commands, all they have to do is use the “OK Google” hotword first.

Android’s New YouTube App is Pretty Fantastic

Those of you with Android devices may want to check if your YouTube app has downloaded the latest update. This update brings a big design change to the app. I’d even go so far to say this is the biggest update we’ve seen in a long time. So what’s new in this app?

StudyLock Forces Smarts Into Gadget-Using Teens

Do you think that your teen is spending too much time with digital gadgets and not enough time studying? There’s a new solution that’s sure to peeve them off while testing their determination. StudyLock is a software and application for use with computers, tablets, and smartphones. StudyLock will lock out a device until a configurable more »

Du Battery Saver, Keep Your Device up Longer, Play Harder

Summer is here, bringing that itch to get out of the house and spend some time. Since we’re smartphone-toting connected-people, we make sure that all of our friends and family stay up-to-date with statuses, posts, and photos. The typical smartphone won’t be able to keep up with all-day use of maximum screen brightness (we’re outdoors, more »

MyWitness, Android Safety App With Personal Response Team

If you’ve ever been in a bad situation, or at least nervous for your safety, you can appreciate the piece of mind of being able to get in contact for help. Horror movies show people frantically fumbling with phones during tense scenes, yet there can be much truth to that when it happens in real more »


Feedly Wants Google Reader’s Throne, Can it Be RSS King?

It’s unfortunate news but it’s inevitable and worthless to sulk about any longer. Let’s face it: Google Reader will be no more in under one month from now — on July 1 to be exact. Will this effect you too? I’ve used and continue to regularly use Reader for years, so for me this is more »

Google Calendar Gets an Update, Custom Colors, Time Zones and More

For those who use Google’s Calendar app like myself, head over to the Play Store and install the newest update, introduced in the middle of the week. Although this latest update brings majorly aesthetic improvements, it adds a lot of different features to the already impressive application. First and most importantly, the Google developers team more »