Aereo expands to Google’s Chromecast

Support for Aereo on Chromecast has just been added, allowing people to stream content from their Android device to an HDMI-enabled display. Aereo has been available on Android smartphones and tablets since 2013 and this upgrade will let people watch the service’s TV content on a larger screen. Aereo is still very new and as you may recall, it has run into major legal disputes with broadcasters who say that the service owes them money for re-broadcasting content.

Google creates webform for people looking to be forgotten

Google and others in the web community are not happy about the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” ruling but since it has been accepted, Google is being forced to comply with it. For the time being–Google may fight back against the rule–the search giant has implemented a webform for people in the EU who are trying to be forgotten. The webform will be used to create requests that Google will then review and either accept or deny.

Sergey Brin should have stayed away from Google Plus

Google co-founder Sergey Brin told an audience at Re/code’s Code Conference that since he is “kind of a weirdo”, his involvement with a social network like Google Plus should have been limited and now, he is not working on social projects like that one. Brin says working on the company’s social network was “probably a mistake” and although he does use the network, he is generally not a social person.

Google Nexus 8 rumors resurface, along with 64-bit Tegra CPU gossip

Google’s crowd-pleasing Nexus project may well end soon, but speculation is piling up in support of a majestic swan song. Does “Flounder” ring a bell? A sketchy report pegged it as the internal codename of a forthcoming Nexus 8 not long ago, and now the hearsay is gaining credence.

YouTube launching new mobile app for creators

YouTube will be coming out with new tools for creators in the coming months, according to a post on the official Partners and Creators blog. In its first “Creator Preview” video, Google employees working on the creator-side of YouTube announced that a new mobile app for managing videos would be coming out as well as a crowdfunding feature. Both of those things sound great and should improve the platform for active YouTube creators.

Google introduces “Ok Google” voice command in Chrome Browser

Google has rolled out its iconic “Ok Google” voice command in the latest update for Google Chrome. Previously, the feature was available for users enrolled in the beta program, where there’s a good chance that users will come across bugs and glitches. Well, if you’re waiting for it to release for all Google Chrome users, you’re in luck as Google Chrome is getting an update which brings this feature.

Google will take calendar invitations out of Gmail in July

Google has confirmed that it will be taking away the calendar invitations functionality from Gmail, thereby making it a slightly more convoluted process to send invitations through Google’s platform to other people. Right now, users are just one step away inside of a Gmail message from clicking to add an invitation but upon doing so, they are greeted with a notification stating, “Starting July 2014, this feature will no longer be available. You can continue sending email invitations from Google Calendar.”

Google transforms logo into Rubik’s Cube

To celebrate the Rubik’s Cube’s 40th anniversary, Google has updated its main search engine logo to a playable version of the toy. The Rubik’s Cube expands once you begin to interact with it, providing an easier way to play with and hopefully complete the Cube.

Google Apps Gmail will add end-to-end encryption

Through a partnership with Zix, Google will soon include end-to-end encryption in its commercial Gmail service. Even though Gmail already encrypts and secures messages when they are bouncing between its servers, they usually become less secure upon heading to a different service. To fix that, the Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME) service is being established and will allow people to receive encryption options for $35 per year.

Google Glass integrated into UC Irvine’s medical program

UC Irvine says that it has become the first medical school in the country to integrate Google Glass directly into its curriculum. The UC Irvine School of Medicine will soon be handing out Glass to third and fourth-year students when they are participating in emergency situation training as well as operations.

Google Showcases Self Driving Cars, Tries To Build Support

Self-driving cars now appear to be the next obvious step in car technology and Google is paving the way for auto manufacturers to enter that market. During a press event in Mountain View, California on Tuesday, Google provided 30-minute rides to journalists. In the past, only select journalists were given rides but they are becoming more common as time passes.

EU Says Google Must Remove Personal Information

The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) has sided with the European Commission’s view that if Google users would like personal information to be removed from its services, they should have the ability to do so. Now that the Court has ruled in the Commission’s favor rather than Google’s, the search giant will need to obey user requests for the removal of personal data.