Hot Presidents’ Day Electronics Deals

We’re in the office today, but we hope you are one of those lucky Americans with the day off. So we figured, why not bring you some links to today’s best electronics deals on the internet?

Google working on new mobile YouTube UI

Google will only get bigger. It’s in the process of acquiring startups but it’s also diligent in shutting down services that are no longer important. We also know that the search giant won’t be spending more dollars on developing new apps but will rather improve on the major ones. One of which is YouTube – a definite moneymaker.

Apple and Samsung now account for 68 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, says NPD Group

Apple and Samsung can almost state “All your smartphones are belong to us,” because they’re already two-thirds of the way there.

CES 2014: YouTube to Demo 4K Video Streaming

CES 2014 is just around the corner so we’re expecting a barrage of tech news and announcements. One of the bigger companies showing off 4K streaming at the CES in Las Vegas is YouTube. No, the Google-owned video sharing website isn’t releasing its own 4K Ultra TV but it’s finally supporting the hi-def streaming technology.


CES 2014 Rumor Roundup [UPDATED DAILY]

We’ll update this section each day with the latest CES 2014 rumors. As with all rumors, take these with a grain of salt. Heard something? Say something! Let us know about the rumors you’ve heard at jpaone at and if they check out we’ll publish your social media account or blog as a source! more »

Discussion: Social Media Vs. Real Life (Video)

So I may have been a little late to this one but I couldn’t let it slip by. Over this weekend, I spotted this video while cruising the epitome of ‘practical time spent wasted on the internet practically,’ BuzzFeed, and I got a real chuckle. Face-to-face conversation, the way it changes in society overtime and more »

Google Now “Remind Me” Feature for TV Shows

Apparently this has been around for a while, but I just discovered it. When you search for a TV show on Google, there’s a “Remind Me” button. Click it, and you’ll get notifications from Google Now prior to the show. Here’s some screen shots, both on a Google Search and the  reminder. The reminder is more »

YouTube for Android Update Will Allow Audio Streaming When Screen is Switched Off

Our prayers have been answered. The quite simple but extremely useful capability of viewing YouTube videos while not having them open on your Android screen will soon be a reality. YouTube audio playlist surfers like myself, rejoice. Thanks to a sweet segment called APK (Application Package File) Teardown on the awesome Android news blog, Android more »

The Smartphone Pictures We’ve All Taken (Video)

We all use our  in different ways. It’s true. But how about the things that we all do on our smartphones, regardless of who we are? The video below (hat tip: BuzzFeed) hit the web this week and it cycles through some of the most popular kinds of photos that we take with our phones. more »


YouTube Now Offers Royalty-Free Audio Library for User Videos

Ever put up a video on YouTube and find that your favorite Madonna song (which fit so perfectly with the content of your short film project) had been taken down by the site because of copyright infringement? Of course you have. If not, at least as a viewer, you’ve probably seen that annoying, red rectangular more »


YouTube Maintenance Lasts from 6pm-10pm PST Today

YouTube will be undergoing scheduled maintenance today from 6pm-10pm PST today. Within that four hour period, no one will be able to start live events and many pages will be in read-only mode. If you’re planning on hosting a live event today, make sure you start it before the maintenance starts. You may also experience more »

SMS Audio Giving Out Free Rhapsody Trial with Select 50 Cent Audio Products

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s SMS Audio headphone and accessories brand has hit the ground running and hasn’t seemed to slow down it’s pace. Announced on Tuesday, a partnership with Rhapsody will put a free 60-day trial version of the streaming music app in the hands of anyone who purchases select SMS by 50 Audio products. more »