Reddit acquires third-party Alien Blue app

Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, one of the most popular third-party clients for the site. By acquiring Alien Blue, Reddit now has its own official application for iOS, and an updated version of the application is now available on iPhone and iPad. The company says the acquisition decision was made because Alien Blue is already the most popular Reddit app on iOS. Due to its popularity, buying Alien Blue made more sense than developing an app internally from scratch. owner wants to sell domain name for $150,000

It’s hard to believe that in the midst of this devastating Ebola outbreak, individuals could be looking to gain a monetary profit from the tragedy. But then again, that’s people for you. So while nurses and doctors are risking their lives to treat the onslaught of Ebola-infected individuals, entrepreneur Jon Schultz is hoping to sell his domain for $150,000.

Man Treated For Google Glass Addiction

A paper published by doctors in San Diego documents what they say is a genuine case of Google Glass addiction. A service member checked himself into the U.S. Navy’s Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) this past summer for what he believed was an alcohol problem but turned out to have an additional addiction- something far more intriguing.

Dropbox allegedly hacked, seven million accounts affected

Hackers are claiming that cloud storage service Dropbox has been hacked, and login details for some accounts were released on Monday in an attempt to prove the hack’s authenticity. Those involved are asking for Bitcoin donations so that the login details for seven million Dropbox accounts can be released. Dropbox has fired back by claiming it was never hacked.

Taiwanese authorities give the Nexus 9 their blessing, confirm tablet name

After stopping by South Korea and the US for obligatory regulatory certifications, a gadget believed to be the next-generation Google Nexus tablet has just paid Taiwan’s FCC equivalent a visit. Since when are NCC approvals news, you ask?

Microsoft ending local Skype calls in India

Skype calls in India to local mobile phones and landlines will end on November 10. Microsoft, without a big announcement, changed its Skype information page for India to reflect the end of domestic calls. Skype is not shutting down in the country since users will still be able to use the service for international calls and calls to Skype users.


Chelsea dagger: Samsung pulls soccer sponsorship 

For as long as I’ve been watching soccer, the English Premier League soccer club Chelsea F.C. has had “Samsung” across their jerseys. I distinctly remember the time a few years ago when my team of choice, Tottenham Hotspur, lost a crucial match to Chelsea and then, a few days later, I found myself at a more »

BBC iPlayer updated with 30-day viewing period

The BBC’s iPlayer applications have been updated to include 30-day viewing periods for content. iPlayer had previously offered a one-week catch-up period for most content, but now users will be able to catch up on TV and radio shows over the span of a month.

Nexus 9 tipped for mid-October intro again, Android L to roll out November 1

Hardcore vanilla Android lovers are probably starting to get anxious, as the abundant Nexus 9-related rumors don’t seem to be leading up to anything. Nor does speculation on the next-gen Nexus smartphone, the X or N6, and least of all, suspicious Nexus Watch gossip activity.

DuckDuckGo search engine blocked in China

China has blocked DuckDuckGo, the privacy-centric search engine. The service has become popular over the past two years in response to the NSA revelations and claims that Google may not be very safe for people trying to protect their privacy. DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg confirmed that the block had been established, but it is not clear why the Chinese government is targeting DuckDuckGo.

Google exec seen wearing ‘confidential’ timepiece, Nexus Watch back in rumor business

Once rampant speculation on Google possibly prepping a so-called “Nexus Watch” fizzled out a long time ago, mostly due to Android Wear’s emergence. But a tongue-in-cheek, mystery remark directed by Sundar Pichai at an interviewer on the heels of Android One’s commercial debut is bound to reanimate the rumor scene.

Fresh report reiterates Android Silver setback, no happy end in sight

There’s been a lot of hearsay dispersed in the media these past few months in regards to Google’s wish to tamper with the way stock and near-stock Android-running devices are being marketed and sold. At one point, the Nexus line seemed doomed. Then, it was revived as if by magic.