Snowden looking for extension of Russian asylum

Snowden has reached out to Russia in an attempt to extend his asylum in the country. While running from the United States after stealing secret NSA documents, Snowden ended up in Russia and has been staying in the country for a year. If the NSA leaker is allowed to remain inside of the country for a longer period of time, he will not have to face the US judicial system or find a new country to live in.

Multiple Google Play edition devices vanish into thin air, Android Silver nigh?

The future of the Nexus family is settled once and for all, despite no N5, N7 or N10 sequels being on the horizon. But Google’s straightforwardness hasn’t extended to the rumored Android Silver program yet. Or to Google Play Edition devices, stuck in limbo for the time being.

Flow Chart: How not to become the media’s b**ch in the Internet of Information

With the advent of the “share” button, every piece of media that hits the internet has become fair game for the unlikeliest of audience members. What were once niche news topics, sought out only by those willing to pay $12.99 for a yearly subscription of something, are now being shoved down the throats of involuntary and unprepared more »

Google launches “Smarty Pins” geography game

For people who need to brush up on their geography or simply want to have a little trivia fun, Google has launched Smarty Pins. The Smarty Pins game combines trivia questions with Google Maps, and it asks users to drop a pin on the location that corresponds with a certain factoid. The goal of the game is to move through as many questions as possible before reaching 1000 miles, the total number of miles your pins can be away from the correct location.

‘Buy Now’ button appearing in some tweets

Mobile Twitter users are beginning to see Buy Now buttons in certain tweets, according to Recode, the publication that first spotted the buttons. The idea behind the Buy Now feature is that users are more apt to quickly purchase something if the time it takes to do so is very short. Plus, the buttons appear when someone has mentioned a product in their tweet, giving context to the potential purchase.

World Cup sharing on Facebook tops 1 billion interactions

The number of social media interactions that an event sees has become a common way to figure out how popular that event actually is. Most people already know that the World Cup is huge, but Facebook has provided some statistics that prove that point even further. Since the World Cup began in early June, there have been 1 billion interactions on the social network about the event. Sporting events are always a big draw for interaction on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the World Cup has really pushed people to become active on the site.

MediaTek hops on Android One bus to help make sub-$100 Nexus-like devices real

One of the least publicized but most relevant Google I/O software announcements has seen a program called simply Android One go official, courtesy of which Big G intends to bring stock versions of its OS in a timely fashion to dirt-cheap smartphone users in emerging markets.

YouTube announces Creator Studio, 60 FPS support

At VidCon 2014, YouTube announced a few major features and upgrades that will be coming to the video sharing service. YouTube will soon support videos running at either 48 or 60 FPS which is very useful given the increase in 60 FPS content that has been coming out in recent months. The higher FPS setting will be enabled on videos when they are set to 1080p, though most viewers turn to that resolution anyways.

Google Drive for business with unlimited storage now costs $10 a month, per user

Google I/O came with a handful of important announcements related Google and its services. It’s not just about the smartwatches running on Android Wear, or the upcoming Android L release, Google also launched Drive for Work, which give businesses some exciting new features, as well as improved security.

CloudFlare: Hong Kong democracy movement hit by massive DDoS attack

A democracy movement in Hong Kong is trying to move that part of China away from the strict political system controlled by the Chinese government to a direct-voting system. Occupy Central, the organization in charge of the movement, is being battered with large DDoS attacks that CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince says are some of the largest and most persistent in history. As one would expect, there are many fingers being pointed towards the Chinese government, since it would have the greatest reason to target Occupy Central.

Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch expected on display at Google I/O

As Google polishes its next (and possibly final) Nexus tablet effort, the developer-focused I/O conference is nearing. And Big G must showcase some exciting new hardware on June 25 and 26. The N9 is but a faint possibility, and so is the N6, while a third-gen N7 or second-gen N10 are even bigger stretches.

Leaked: HTC/Google Nexus 9 specs, features and pricing

With the demise of the highly successful but maybe not extremely profitable Nexus line nigh, it’s only fitting to expect HTC be asked back in the program. The fun all started with the Taiwan-based device manufacturer four years ago, so them bringing an end to Nexus as we know it would be symbolic. Almost poetic.