LinkedIn user profiles will undergo design overhaul

User profiles in LinkedIn’s mobile app will be undergoing a design overhaul to make pertinent information about its members stand out.

UK police replace ads with warning banners in copyright infringement crackdown

The London Police’s intellectual property crime unit (PIPCU) is using warning banners to replace pop-ups that offer pirated content – all in their crusade to crack down on copyright-infringing websites.

Flipkart raises $5 billion in investment funds

Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart, has just announced that it has raised $1 billion in investment funds. This investment is a boon to the company as it aims to augment its operations and compete against industry heavyweights like Amazon and eBay.

Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana adds Foursquare integration

In February of this year, Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare. In exchange, Foursquare agreed it would offer their assistance to Microsoft in regards to the latter’s products and services.

Half of link removal requests have been granted by Google

Actual numbers are finally being attached to the European “right to be forgotten” ruling that lets regular people ask Google and other search engines to remove links to some search results. Since Google created a form for people to use when requesting that a link be taken down, over 91,000 requests have been made. Some of the requests dealt with multiple links, and so the total number of search links affected by those requests is actually 328,000.

Google X gathers health data, wants to improve lives

Another Google X project is underway and it is completely different than consumer-facing projects like Glass. This time, the Google X team is enlisting the help of scientists to determine what a perfectly healthy human actually looks like, and the team is collecting data from hundreds of people to find that out.

The terrifying way Facebook, A.I., and augmented reality might work in tandem

Recently, Business Insider gave us some insight into what’s going on in the very narrow, secretive world of Artificial Intelligence. The small population of A.I. experts are throwing everything they have, with some very high profile financial backing, into the projects that will take us to an artificially intelligent future. Artificial intelligence is a really nice, more »

Kakao Talk bringing free calls to desktop

Free voice calls have been added to the Kakao Talk application for Windows computers. The Windows version of the mobile messaging app launched in June 2013, so it has taken a little over a year for the Skype-like call system to roll out on desktops. Group and individual voice chats are possible with a maximum of five people being supported at once.

Google adds Now reminders to

Google Now reminders will now be accessible through the primary Google website. As a result of the expansion of Now reminders, users will be able to create reminders from within the search engine rather than from within Now. By typing in a reminder-like command in the search box, you can add reminders to the service. For the new feature to work, you must type in a command such as “remind me to pick up groceries at 3 pm.”

Dell uses Coinbase to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now accepted by Dell for all of its products, including Alienware laptops and desktop computers. Dell is just the latest company to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, and other companies like Overstock have been accepting it for months. By using Coinbase as a payment processor for the digital currency, Dell never has to deal with converting the coins to more usable US dollars, since Coinbase takes care of that.

Electronic immigration system is much slower than paper

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes, they end up doing the opposite. The United States has been working on a new electronic immigration system for six years, but it turns out the whole thing is actually twice as slow as the already bad paper immigration system. An internal watchdog with the Department of Homeland Security discovered the system’s issue, and it says the system is slow because it is simply too difficult to use.

“Facebook Mentions” is a social network for famous people

Facebook has a new social network and the vast majority of you will not be able to use it. Unlike other social networks which cater to everyone no matter what their occupation is, Facebook Mentions is a social network geared towards public figures. The only people allowed to use Mentions are important celebrities, government officials, and other people who have, at some point, been widely talked about.