HTTPS now a ranking signal for Google

Google has been talking about the benefits of HTTPS a lot in recent months, and now it is giving webmasters another big reason to use the technology.

Snowden gets three-year residence in Russia

Edward Snowden will no longer have to worry about where he is going to live — at least, not for a few years. The NSA leaker has been living in Russia for the past year, and instead of just renewing his asylum status, Russia has granted him a three-year residence permit, allowing him to remain in the country without worry.

UK aims to become center of world for virtual currency

UK Chancellor George Osborne announced during a recent event in London that he would like to see the country become the go-to market for any and all finance-related startups.

Foursquare update focuses on location-based recommendations

Using the new app’s “tastes” feature, users can enter in a bunch of information about the things they like. Specific types of food, drink and venues can be chosen, and once those choices are applied, Foursquare provides a list of local businesses that may be of interest.

Amazon same-day service expands to new U.S. markets

Two-day shipping is more than enough for many customers, and since Prime members get it for free, that speed is even more attractive. However, same-day shipping is what Amazon would like to offer to everyone as soon as it possibly can. Same-day shipping has begun rolling out in some markets around the United States, and today has seen another expansion of the service.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition retired, GPe line’s future in doubt

With once-booming rumors of a Nexus family reshuffling or outright extinction officially quashed, the biggest, most difficult-to-answer question regarding Google’s hardware future involves the GPe series. And since Google Play edition devices started disappearing without a trace a little while back, it seems logical to assume the end is near.

Google Now Launcher adds support for more devices

A small update rolled out for the Google Now Launcher last week. The app itself remains largely unchanged, but a couple of interesting modifications to the launcher’s compatibility listings on Google Play have been observed.

Twitter receiving more government data requests

Last week, in its biannual transparency report, Twitter detailed the volume of requests from global governments for account data and content removal demands. Simply put, the rate of growth of these requests is on the rise.

GCHQ accrediting some university degrees

The NSA’s British counterpart, GCHQ, is now accrediting certain university degrees from some of the top colleges in the United Kingdom, including Oxford. The accreditations are provided with some online security degrees, and they are essentially the GCHQ’s stamp of approval which could help students find jobs at the government agency once they graduate.

More join class action suit against Facebook

Europe vs. Facebook, a privacy campaign currently spreading to fight the social network, recently started a new initiative to get all users outside of the U.S. and Canada involved in a class action lawsuit against Facebook. Since launching just last week, that class action suit has reportedly attracted upwards of 11,000 adult Facebook users.

Indiegogo iOS app reaches US after Canadian launch

Crowd-funding platform Indiegogo has just released an iOS mobile app. While Canada has been enjoying the service for a month, this launch is meant for the rest of the world. Yes, Indiegogo has gone international.

Google Nexus 9 is in the air as Play Store slowly runs out of Nexus 7 2013 stock

Could it be bye-bye Nexus 7 2013 at last? In all truthfulness, we’d hate it if the 7-inch budget champ would be discontinued. Sure, it lost a big chunk of the mojo it launched with back in July 2013, but it’s still pretty fly for a $215 tablet.