Facebook testing video autoplay feature

Facebook is currently testing a video autoplay function that will make videos begin playing automatically after a user watches a different video. The feature is similar to the autoplay function found on Netflix which also has a new piece of content begin playing immediately after a user’s current viewing ends.

Twitter responds to #TheDress and it’s hilarious

If you thought yesterday’s llama chase was laughable enough, I’m sure #TheDress controversy will just make you shudder. But the good news about bad news is that it leads to amazing reactions on social media. That way, when you’re freaking out wondering if the media has gone to the dogs, you can find solace in the fact that the rest of the world also sees the ridiculousness.

Facebook working on VR apps

Facebook is already in the virtual reality world because of its ownership of Oculus VR, but that’s not enough for the social network. The company has revealed it is already working on virtual reality apps that will let users experience Facebook in a new way. Facebook’s work on VR versions of its apps was revealed by product chief Chris Cox during a Recode event.

Twitter CEO admits company doesn’t handle abuse well

All social networks have their fair share of abusive behavior, whether its Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. Though, in the case of Twitter, there has been a massive amount of abuse that is not seen with its competitors. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, now admits the company has not handled abuse well.

Twitter to show tweets in Google search

It will soon be easier to see content from Twitter. The social network has reached a deal with Google to get tweets into the search engine. In real-time, tweets will appear in searches and that will be possible due to Google gaining access to all of the network’s new content as it is posted. Posts from Twitter will begin appearing in searches sometime in the first half of this year.

Facebook Messenger tests voice transcription

A voice transcription feature is being tested in Facebook Messenger. The feature has been in services like Google Voice, and now Facebook is trying it out. With the feature, voice messages through Messenger will display transcribed text so that receivers can find out what the message generally is.

Rumors claim next Twitter CEO will be Adam Bain

It has been said that if Dick Costolo leaves his position at Twitter and opens up a gap at the head of the company, Adam Bain will take over. Now, more rumors are coming out stating that Bain is at the front of the line to replace Costolo, but a replacement may not be necessary for quite a while. Analysts and journalists alike have said Bain could make for a better CEO, but that doesn’t mean Costolo is going anywhere immediately.

Twitter tests advertising in Following lists

Twitter has experimented with a few new ways of advertising and one of them is placing sponsored accounts inside of user Following lists. A new test from Twitter for this ad placement was noticed by a number of people after actor William Shatner tweeted about it.

Facebook apologizes for Year in Review posts

Facebook’s Year in Review feature for 2014 seemed like a good idea, and it was until it began displaying some heart-wrenching photos in celebratory ways. Year in Review is supposed to focus on popular photos from the past 12 months, but a popular photo is not necessarily a good photo that should re-appear.


Snapchat clients being removed from Windows Phone

Snapchat is combating third-party clients and that has resulted in some apps being removed from the Windows Phone Store. Snapchat users can no longer download third-party clients on Windows Phone, though it has been that way on Android and iOS for a while.

#GivingTuesday washes away the sour taste of Cyber Monday

It’s a welcome relief to hear of #GivingTuesday, which follows Cyber Monday this year, on December 2. This is a day when you can focus on spending money without being a consumer. Imagine that!

Reddit CEO left due to being “worn out”

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong left the company on Thursday, and while his departure was triggered by an argument about office space, he had generally become worn out because of the job. Wong wrote on Quora shortly after it was revealed he had left the company that he was “completely worn out,” and his job was “having significantly detrimental effects on [his] personal life.”