The 4 Tinder predators all women have encountered

I have enlisted the help of my amazingly talented coworker, Devon Razey, to illustrate the four predators all women have encountered on Tinder. Please send all compliments her way, as I have officially named her the Rembrandt of our generation.

Telenor confirms Thailand government cut access to Facebook

Protests across Thailand have been helped along by social media websites like Facebook and despite denials from the country’s military, a recent Facebook outage was ordered by the government. Telenor–the company that owns Thailand mobile phone operator DTAC–has released a statement confirming the government’s involvement in closing access to just one website, Facebook. tracks casual Twitter bigotry and ignorance in real time does nothing but track uses of the terms “faggot,” “dyke,” “no homo” and “so gay” on Twitter. Read our exclusive interview with the site’s creator, Dr. Kristopher Wells.

Twitter reportedly considered buying Spotify, Pandora

It was widely reported in May that Twitter was trying to buy SoundCloud, but eventually, other reports surfaced that suggested the social network had changed its mind. The “numbers didn’t add up” when Twitter looked more closely at SoundCloud but a new report from The Financial Times says that the company was also interested in buying Spotify and Pandora.

Sergey Brin should have stayed away from Google Plus

Google co-founder Sergey Brin told an audience at Re/code’s Code Conference that since he is “kind of a weirdo”, his involvement with a social network like Google Plus should have been limited and now, he is not working on social projects like that one. Brin says working on the company’s social network was “probably a mistake” and although he does use the network, he is generally not a social person.

Instagram bug allowed a man to access another user’s account

Most online services now automatically use email verification to make sure that a new user has signed up with the correct email address but at least one service, Instagram, doesn’t place any emphasis on that extra layer of protection. Mashable has discovered that at least one man was able to access another user’s account because of a login bug, so it might be time for Instagram to make email verification mandatory.

Facebook wants EU to review WhatsApp deal

Multiple publications have now confirmed that Facebook is asking the European Union to review its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp with the hope that doing so could limit any potential trouble with smaller regulators in individual European countries. By going to the federal level first, Facebook must only convince one regulatory body that the acquisition is perfectly legal and legitimate.

Twitter will reach 400m users by 2018

According to a new report by eMarketer, Twitter will end up growing quite a bit over the next few years and will reach as many as 400 million users by the year 2018, four years from now.

Facebook to warn users about over-sharing

Facebook is taking a page out of Google Plus’ playbook by providing users with a better understanding of who they are sharing posts with. Unlike before, due to an update Thursday, new Facebook users will share with friends by default rather than the public. Since very few people change their privacy settings or even know how, sharing being set to public had been an issue and led to people over-sharing.

LinkedIn begins ranking people by popularity

In case you’ve been wanting yet another way to rank yourself against your colleagues, LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that lets you see how you stack up against your connections in terms of profile views. The How You Rank feature lets you know where you stand in comparison to all of your connections and also lets you know if your views have been increasing or not.

Facebook video ads expand outside of US

Facebook video ads, whether you like them or hate them, will be rolling out to users who are not in the United States. Beginning today, users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK will begin to see video ads pop-up when they are using the social network. To many people’s surprise, the US rollout has actually been less annoying than expected, so international users may not have too much to complain about.

Facebook lets you ask for relationship statuses

Facebook is providing users with a new way to get information about other users. With its “Ask” feature, users without a set relationship status can be asked to provide one by other users, something that may or may not be awkward.