SocialRank expands Twitter follower analytics service

SocialRank, a Twitter analytics service that launched in February, has been upgraded significantly to helps companies and brands gather more insight and value from their social media.


New Twitter feature defines hashtags

Twitter is currently working on a new feature that lets users know what certain hashtags mean.

Snapchat may be worth $10 billion

Snapchat’s move to rebuff a $3 billion acquisition by Facebook may have seemed a complete folly up until recently, but Snapchat could have made the right decision. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, the messaging application may now have a value of $10 billion, as it continues rounds of talks with several investors – Alibaba among them – about additional funding for the burgeoning company.

Twitter focusing on photos with acquisition of Madbits

After its acquisition of info learning startup Madbits, Twitter will be shifting its focus towards images.

Facebook ending Gifts, boosts focus on e-commerce

Facebook will be shutting down its Gifts service so that it can concentrate on helping businesses sell their own products instead. Facebook Gifts will be coming to an end on August 12, which means users will no longer be able to purchase gift cards, chocolates, or teddy bears for their friends. This is no great more »

LinkedIn user profiles will undergo design overhaul

User profiles in LinkedIn’s mobile app will be undergoing a design overhaul to make pertinent information about its members stand out.

“Facebook Mentions” is a social network for famous people

Facebook has a new social network and the vast majority of you will not be able to use it. Unlike other social networks which cater to everyone no matter what their occupation is, Facebook Mentions is a social network geared towards public figures. The only people allowed to use Mentions are important celebrities, government officials, and other people who have, at some point, been widely talked about.

‘Buy Now’ button appearing in some tweets

Mobile Twitter users are beginning to see Buy Now buttons in certain tweets, according to Recode, the publication that first spotted the buttons. The idea behind the Buy Now feature is that users are more apt to quickly purchase something if the time it takes to do so is very short. Plus, the buttons appear when someone has mentioned a product in their tweet, giving context to the potential purchase.

World Cup sharing on Facebook tops 1 billion interactions

The number of social media interactions that an event sees has become a common way to figure out how popular that event actually is. Most people already know that the World Cup is huge, but Facebook has provided some statistics that prove that point even further. Since the World Cup began in early June, there have been 1 billion interactions on the social network about the event. Sporting events are always a big draw for interaction on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the World Cup has really pushed people to become active on the site.

Snapchat introduces event-based photo sharing

Snapchat has launched ‘Our Story’ an event-based photo sharing feature that builds upon the application’s Stories feature. Stories were first introduced to Snapchat in 2013, and they allowed users to send photos to people for up to 24 hours instead of just 10-30 seconds. The feature has been widely used, and now the same sort of sharing options are being given to entire groups.

LinkedIn expands language support, adds Traditional Chinese

LinkedIn, a social network for business professionals, has outfitted its Chinese network with support for Traditional Chinese. As the company tries to expand into new areas of the country, it will be useful to have support for Traditional Chinese, since not everyone speaks or writes on the Simplified version of the language. LinkedIn first launched its Chinese site,, in February but it had only supported Simplified Chinese at the time.

TweetDeck vulnerability fixed following hack

A vulnerability in TweetDeck has been patched after the application was hacked early Wednesday morning. The entire service was taken down for more than an hour as the TweetDeck team tried to figure out what allowed the hack to occur and how to fix the vulnerability. Most people who were affected by the hack were just confronted with random pop-up messages, but some accounts were used to tweet out potentially harmful messages.