How to Keep Track of Santa’s Travels This Holiday

There are a ho-ho-whole lot more options for keeping tabs on the Big Man’s whereabouts this year.

8 Things We Hope to See at CES 2014

Every year around the holidays, I start to get an anxious feeling. My mind and body instinctively know deep down what’s coming shortly after New Year’s Day: another grueling trek to (and, shudder, within) Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Google Now for iOS Not Significantly Affecting Battery Life

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on how Google Search for iOS (which includes Google Now features) ran Location Services constantly, even when the app wasn’t running. My fellow bloggers took to the Internet in droves to protest. Google fired back that it wasn’t an issue and wasn’t greatly impacting battery life. Legions of more »

iAnnotate App Celebrates Version 3.0 with $3 Sale!

I didn’t think I had a compelling reason to annotate PDF files until I received an email from the PR person for iAnnotate. In the email were the (to me) magic words, “even D&D DMs use it to mark up their docs.” Yes, I admit I’ve been playing  for more than 30 years, and managing more »

Instagram is Getting Ads, Here’s What They’ll Look Like

Well, we knew they were coming for some time now. Instagram will soon work ads into their network, appearing in the feeds of users. In order to keep IG fans informed (perhaps a precautionary move after the backlash they received concerning ‘s terms of service earlier this year,) on Friday the company posted an notice more »

Vine Update Debuts Video Drafts, Editing Features

The popular six-second video app has just received a well-needed update. Whereas app updates can at times result in hardly-noticeable differences or changes, the newest for Vine is different and welcomes a couple important, sought-after improvements. First and most foremost, it will now be possible to ‘draft’ video clips. Before and as it’s been, constructing more »

Gifpop Transforms Your Gifs Into Physical Cards

Animated gif (.gif) images are fun. One can take a video and forever immortalize the best part(s) of it in a convenient little image file that can be shared anywhere on the web. Aside from having improved quality or length, there’s little to improve upon, right? Think again. Lenticular printing is likely not on your more »

Google Now “Remind Me” Feature for TV Shows

Apparently this has been around for a while, but I just discovered it. When you search for a TV show on Google, there’s a “Remind Me” button. Click it, and you’ll get notifications from Google Now prior to the show. Here’s some screen shots, both on a Google Search and the  reminder. The reminder is more »

Rumor: YouTube Music Subscription Service in the Works?

A recent rumor puts YouTube, arguably the most important video medium available, behind the scenes of a new music subscription service. Allegedly to join the likes of ,  and , YouTube is looking to capitalize off of their ever-increasing prolonged visitor traffic, as well as the site’s similarly growing amount of music videos. Supposedly if the more »

Have Facebook Friends You Don’t Really Like? You’re Not Alone

Do you have a few Facebook friends you really don’t like but just can’t bring yourself to unfriend? According to a newly released British study, you’re not alone. The study surveyed 2,683 people and found that 34-percent said they had friends they really don’t like but are reluctant to unfriend. Why? 58-percent said because of more »

Pocket for Web Sports a New Look

When I logged in to Pocket this morning, I was greeted with a screen informing me of several new features aimed to bring the web experience closer to the app experience. It’s subtle, but I like the change. I use Pocket both to keep articles to read later and as a repository for possible blog more »


Facebook Will Finally Allow You to Search for Old Posts

Say what you will about Facebook’s Graph Search, but over the weekend, it just got a little bit better. Announced on Monday, now users can search for posts and status updates through the native search bar. Other search content will now include photo captions, check-ins and comments. If that seems a bit intrusive, don’t fret. more »