Rap Genius co-founder leaves company for comments about California shooter

One of Rap Genius’ three co-founders, Mahbod Moghadam, has stepped down from his position at the site after he made insensitive and disgusting comments on the California mass shooter’s manifesto.

Codeacademy goes global with three translations

People who are interested in learning to code but do not speak English will at least be able to access all of Codeacademy’s resources in three additional languages, but more translations should be coming in the future.

How about crowd discounts on gadgets? Prelaunch gives it a go with TREWGrip

There’s a pretty adventurous idea out there for an online community where consumers can connect directly with electronics manufacturers to pre-order product and provide feedback to product managers, marketers and designers as early adopters of product. It’s called Prelaunch, and it, um, launched at CES this year. Originally, the site, which looks a lot like its spiritual brethren Kickstarter, offered special pre-launch prices on upcoming products to individuals. Now the site has introduced “crowd discounts.”

eBay says users should change passwords

eBay is urging users to change their passwords following a security breach weeks ago. The online marketplace says that a cyberattack was made possible after hackers infiltrated a few employee computers. The attack only affects a database that includes personal rather than financial information, though encrypted passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, etc are at-risk.

Bitcoin’s Future May Be in Jeopardy

The Bitcoin world is trying not to panic at the news popular Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has abruptly disappeared. Two weeks ago they halted withdrawals due to what they called “technical issues” regarding suspicious activity. Then on Sunday the company’s CEO Mark Karpeles quit the board of the Bitcoin foundation and all of Mt. Gox’s tweets were deleted.

Recent study shows 84% of women favor mind over muscle

Things certainly have changed quickly over the past few years, as technology and gadgets have pervaded so many aspects of our daily lives. As such, a recent nationwide survey has shown that women strongly prefer amorous relationships with gadget-obsessed males over the gym-obsessed ones.

Achvr App Promotes Fulfilling Bucket List Goals Socially

Every once in awhile we come across those people who seem to have done so much in their life, especially for their (relatively) young age. Grandiose experiences such as trips to other countries, base jumping, or swimming with dolphins tend to gather oohs and aahs from the listening audience. But if you talk longer and more »

WhiteClouds 3D Printing, Hands-On From CES 2014

Although 3D printing has been out for quite some time, it has only recently started to become more affordable and accessible to the common consumer. We saw some great projects launch and succeed in 2013, so 2014 might be where 3D printing hits a new stride.

Facebook Acquires Indian Startup Little Eye Labs

Mark Zuckerburg just won’t end his shopping spree for new startups. Facebook recently acquired an India-based technology start-up Little Eye Labs. The latter is a known developer of tools for Android app developers.

Looking For Amazon Discounts? Pretend you Have a Baby

Alright, I know that sounds bad but hear me out! It could be worse…I could be advising you to have a baby just to get Amazon discounts, and that’s not the case. So what exactly am I talking about? Good question, mystery reader!

How to Keep Track of Santa’s Travels This Holiday

There are a ho-ho-whole lot more options for keeping tabs on the Big Man’s whereabouts this year.

Twitter to be accessible from entry-level mobile phones

No doubt that Twitter has been revolutionary. I remember signing up for the micro-blogging website more than five years ago and I haven’t stopped ‘tweeting’ since then. Between Facebook and Twitter, I prefer the latter because of its ease of use and you know how Facebook posts can be annoying.