Skype real time translator begins rolling out

The new real time translation feature in Skype is beginning to roll out in a preview program. Those who are a part of the preview program will be able to use Skype Translator beginning today in English and Spanish. With the feature, users speaking to each other in different languages won’t have to worry about not understanding each other. Translated audio appears as text or sound for receiving users.

Microsoft Lumia 435 in the works with 530-like design and features

It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to pull a Samsung, as yet another entry-level Lumia smartphone is on the way. The Lumia 435, aka RM-1068, RM-1070, 1071, 1032 or 1034, is just as confusing as the countless low-end, low-cost members of the Galaxy family, highly resembling the OG Lumia 520 and newer Lumia 530.

SoundCloud launches Collection for user home pages

SoundCloud is trying to improve its experience for registered users by launching a new home page called Collection. The normal home base for SoundCloud is not very attractive or useful, especially when compared to other music or video streaming services. With Collection, users will have a place to follow artists, create their own playlists, and see personalized content. Collection is already rolling out for iOS and web, but Android users will have to wait for it until 2015.

Artificial Intelligence, biomechanics, and living forever: a philosophical discussion

News broke yesterday that some savvy scientists at OpenWorm managed to map a worm’s mind (all 302 neurons of it), create a computer-generated copy, and give it a robot body. This renewed my hope that I’ll one day live in full consciousness and self-awareness in a cyborg body, living happily forever after like some sexy 30-year-old more »

Deal alert: Pebble Steel for $150 at Best Buy ($50 off list)

Pebble’s second-generation Steel smartwatch is perhaps not the “smartest” of its kind, but it’s one of the most desirable wearables nevertheless. It’s robust yet fashionable, a battery champion, water-sealed, sports a beautiful screen and now, it’s cheap too. Well, maybe not cheap cheap, as it can’t compete against, say, the $30 Movo Wave. But definitely more »

Google’s Christmas gift for Android fans: three more months of Nexus 5 sales

It’s hard to tell if public flak swayed Google, or the search giant simply realized pulling the plug on the Nexus 5 so abruptly would be bad for business. Whatever it was, we’re glad it happened, as hesitant Android purists will apparently get an extra quarter to decide if they want to go the phablet route, or keep things small (-er) and (more) modest.

Waka Waka is a solar charger with a conscience

With so many portable chargers on the market, it’s not often that one actually catches my attention for being unique. Such is the case for the Waka Waka Solar Powered Charger + Light. The charger itself is pretty standard: after being charged itself, it can power your smartphone and provide light; however, the Waka Waka has a humanitarian concept behind it that makes it a charger I can get behind.


Uber offers free rides in Sydney after price jump

A hostage crisis has been playing out in the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia since Monday morning. During that hostage crisis, prices for transportation service Uber jumped to four times what they usually are. In response to the price jumps, which were heavily criticized, Uber is offering refunds and free rides. The hostage crisis resulted in demand being “off the charts,” according to Uber, and that triggered the price increase.

Review: Canon Maxify MB5320 AIO small office printer

Like a true Dudley Dursley, I have two bedrooms. Yeah, I’m that princess. But like a true corporate lunatic, I recently converted my second bedroom into a cute little home office for those days when I’m “sick” and can’t make it into the office. The newest fixture in my new space, a Canon Maxify MB5320, is an more »

Runtastic wants to add workouts to Oculus Rift

Runtastic workouts are not only going digital, they are entering the virtual reality space. The company has revealed plans to use the Oculus Rift with its workouts, and a video has come out showing a 7-minute workout inside of the virtual reality system. Since there is no way for someone to physically run around outside with a Rift on, the Runtastic app for Rift is meant to act like a personal trainer for motions such as squats and lunges.

At last, Samsung rolls out Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy S4 GPe

Samsung took us all by surprise when dishing out Lollipop treats for the TouchWiz-skinned Galaxy S5 before the vanilla S4 Google Play edition, but the fun and games are over now. The OG GPe handheld is getting its very own Android 5.0 upgrade as we speak, and if the prompt message fails to appear on your phone, you can pull the firmware directly from Google at this link.

BlackBerry Classic inventory wiped out before shipping can even begin

Everybody loves a good comeback story, and while the specific numbers aren’t in yet, it’s looking like BlackBerry may be getting out of the hole soon enough and rise from the proverbial ashes. The Phoenix fable started with the oddly shaped but enterprise-friendly Passport, which sold out a couple of times in its early days.