Nokia unveils ultra-affordable Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1

It’s sad that perhaps Nokia’s most highly anticipated release of 2014 targets the low-end branch of the smartphone market, but even with Microsoft completely behind the erstwhile mobile giant, the Lumia makers can’t abandon the entry-level boat for bolder high-end goals.

Stop the madness: Motorola unveils digital tattoos

Are we that lazy? It seems smartphone-owners would rather not take the five seconds it requires to enter a PIN to unlock their phones. So, Motorola’s solution? Temporary tattoos! And they’re not even cute; they look like ringworm mixed with a cigarette burn. It’s like the ultimate mood-killer, but it’s totally worth it if you can unlock your phone in one second, right? WRONG! Admittedly, I was all on board with the fingerprint sensors from companies such as Apple and Samsung, but I was fine with the technology ending there.

Windows Phone 8.1 update starts rolling out to AT&T devices ‘this week’

Great news, AT&T customers swimming against the tide to snub the iOS/Android duopoly, your stubbornness and patience may pay off really soon, as the freshest version of Windows Phone is in advanced stages of testing and due out “as early as this week”.

TechnologyTell Review: BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds

If you’ve ever tried running or working out with a set of cabled headphones, you likely know the feeling of inconvenience they present. If the cords aren’t getting in the way somehow, they’re banging around and generating line noise. When you’re done, they need to get wrapped up without tangling. Depending on the workout intensity, you might need to wipe sweat and/or grime off too.

Tizen OS upgrade rolls out to Samsung Galaxy Gear owners stateside

Perhaps trying to intimidate Google and show the search giant there’s life beyond Android, Samsung has unveiled Tizen-running successors for the Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Gear back at MWC. Even more intimidating, Sammy’s first-gen smartwatch has been treated to its own software update to Tizen starting May, the option to wipe out Android finally reaching the States today.

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet takes Android gaming to the next level

We’ve been warned, and teased, and warned again. At long last, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet has gone official, unfortunately a couple of days too late to surprise in any way. But regardless of the mystery being shattered to pieces prematurely, you have to admit the chip maker’s sophomore gaming device effort improves last year’s hesitant rookie stab at the tricky market by leaps and bounds.

Amazon discounts LTE Kindle Fire HDX 7 to a starting price of $230 ($100 off)

Amazon’s already traditional lightning deals continue with a wicked one-day-only Kindle Fire HDX 7 sale, which sees the somewhat overlooked LTE-enabled tablet drop to a starting price of $229. That’s 100 bucks off the 16 GB model’s recommended retail value, and includes special offers (read ads and sponsored screensavers).


5 Imagineering secrets of the Tower of Terror on its 20th anniversary

Today is a big day! It’s the 20th anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror ride, which makes its home in Hollywood Studios at the Orlando resort (amongst other places). In honor of the day when the best ride Disney World ever Imagineered was welcomed, here are 5 facts about the technology that went into this innovation that was more »

LG Optimus F6 leaps from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to board 4.4 KitKat bandwagon

Now that pretty much all of LG’s relatively new mid to high-end gadgets, Optimus G and G Pro included, are on Android’s freshest, sweetest flavor, 4.4 KitKat, it’s time the Korea-based device manufacturer started spreading the love to humbler, older members of the Optimus line.

Xiaomi Mi 4 goes official with FHD screen, steel frame, 3 GB RAM, $320 price tag

Xiaomi, aka the Apple of China, is ready to go up against current-generation Android giants such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or HTC’s One M8, although strictly looking at Mi 4’s numbers, it may have a hard time edging out LG’s G3.

Leaked: Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Life for T-Mobile

Kyocera’s robust, ultra-durable, semi-affordable Android gear is becoming more and more popular with America’s leading wireless service providers, and so hot on the heels of Sprint and Boost Mobile’s Hydro Vibe and Icon releases, T-Mobile looks to be gearing up to welcome the Hydro Life.

Xiaomi lanches $13 fitness wearable

Alongside the Xiaomi Mi 4 launch, the Chinese company announced a VERY affordable smart wearable called the Mi Band. In China, it is set to cost CN¥79 which ends up being about $13. Most fitness trackers on the market are about 4 times that price, and that’s on the low end. So it’s safe to assume the Mi Band probably isn’t capable of all the same fitness capabilities. However, it’s not exactly useless. The Mi Band can track your movement (both walking or running) and sleeping patterns.