Huawei (loosely) unwraps world’s first LTE smartband, more details coming soon

Had trouble believing a company as focused on affordability as Huawei would foreshadow industry pioneers like Samsung or Apple in fitting an advanced 4G LTE modem on a wearable device? Well, it’s true, and the rising Chinese OEM is so excited about its newest smartband it just couldn’t wait for next week’s Mobile World Congress to unveil it.

Samsung reportedly facing production issues with the Galaxy S6 Edge display

According to a new report from Arstechnica, Samsung is having yield issues with the curved version of the upcoming flagship device as carriers are having a difficult time getting their hands on enough stock of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The report also mentions the Galaxy S6 Edge will be curved.

Five unreleased Microsoft Lumias show up online, MWC intros possible

We’ve known for a while now Microsoft was eyeing a low-key presence at next week’s Mobile World Congress. With no flagship Lumia device, no Windows 10-powered hardware, but a number of low to mid-end WP 8.1-running gadgets.

LG opens UK pre-orders for G Flex 2, global spread expected in weeks

Previously available for sale only in South Korea, and up for pre-orders stateside on Sprint, the curvalicious LG G Flex 2 has just debuted on British shores, with more markets following in a matter of weeks.

Chromebook Pixel successor to go on sale soon

Chromebook Pixel, the flagship laptop bearing an expensive price tag alongside a decent set of specifications will soon get a successor. Speaking at the Google TeamWork 2015 event, Director of Android & Chrome, Google for Work Renee Niemi confirmed that the Google Chromebook Pixel 2 will soon go on sale, but he didn’t shed any details about the pricing or availability — we don’t expect it to be any cheaper than the current laptop.

US carriers aggressively push Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, AT&T confirms name

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 tease “disease” seems to be contagious, as one by one, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint joined the uber-successful device manufacturer in its extensive efforts to build up the “next big thing” release over the week-end.

Apple what? Pepple Time watch breaks (more) records

Has it really been two years, almost? I guess so. After the huge successes of the original Pebble smartwatch and follow-up Pebble Steel, the company is back to break more records with their latest, the Pebble Time.


Acer rumored as first OEM to unveil Windows 10 smartphone at MWC

It’s odd, but although we expect Microsoft to keep its high-end Lumia cards close to the chest a while longer and introduce a few routine mid-rangers running Windows Phone 8.1 at next week’s Mobile World Congress, the same show could see the world’s first Win 10 handheld debut.

Microsoft quietly outs 1 GB RAM Lumia 635 variant ahead of MWC

Basically acknowledging it’s not that big of a deal, Microsoft has “unveiled” a tweaked Nokia Lumia 635 by simply adding 1 GB as a RAM option on the phone’s dedicated webpage. No fancy press event, no MWC presentation, not even a short blog post.

Sony Xperia E4G officially announced with a budget-friendly price tag

Earlier this month, Sony unveiled a capable budget-friend handset, the Xperia E4. With the Mobile World Congress 2015 just around the corner, the Japanese company has released yet another new handset, the Sony Xperia E4g. It’s basically the same Xperia E4 with one major change — the new handset comes with 4G LTE connectivity while maintaining its budget-friendly price tag.

Archos goes back to school with full range of education-centric tabs and laptops

Forget primitive pens and papers, everyone from Apple to Google to Microsoft is investing more and more resources into bringing the digital revolution to schools across the globe. Tablets and laptops meant to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable have recently planted their roots in the classroom, and Archos is the latest tech industry player to join this noble movement.

Android 5.0 Lollipop (slowly) rolls out to LG G3 owners on Verizon

It was almost a month ago that LG gave US carriers the green light to customize Lollipop software for the G3 as they pleased, basically pressuring them to get a move on. AT&T reacted first, and very swiftly delivered Android 5.0 goodies, followed by Sprint exactly one week back.