BlackBerry Classic inventory wiped out before shipping can even begin

Everybody loves a good comeback story, and while the specific numbers aren’t in yet, it’s looking like BlackBerry may be getting out of the hole soon enough and rise from the proverbial ashes. The Phoenix fable started with the oddly shaped but enterprise-friendly Passport, which sold out a couple of times in its early days.


Rumor: Blackberry’s savior is codenamed Rio, coming in 2015 with no QWERTY

2014 hasn’t been the worst year in BlackBerry’s history, but the Canadian company’s recent product releases are yet to stabilize its struggling financials. Nor are we seeing any potential for a sudden reversal of fortune in the near future, although Passport sales have reportedly started on a high.

BlackBerry Classic priced at $449, up for pre-orders now

They say sometimes you have to go back to actually move forward, a scenario BlackBerry perfectly demonstrates by returning to its “classic” roots. The latest BB 10 OS-running handheld from the struggling Canadian company is anything but a looker, by today’s standards.


BlackBerry Classic will be out in December, price tag stays a question mark

Not yet knocked down by its recent financial qualms, BlackBerry has been employing a very unusual build-up strategy for its unreleased products of late. Perhaps looking to take leakers out of business, the Canadian device manufacturer’s officials have willingly exposed the Passport and Classic months before their commercial launches.


BlackBerry’s Passport might be trendier than expected, Gold Edition also coming

Whenever a device manufacturer justifies a controversial design or hardware choice by emphasizing the uniqueness of the gadget’s target audience, one immediately anticipates a sales flop. That very much seemed to be the case with the awkward, boxy BlackBerry Passport, which its Canadian creators hurried to aim towards enterprise users.

BlackBerry Passport goes on sale in five markets, dozens to follow

With BlackBerry’s own leader, John Chen, more than willing to share everything from aesthetics to hardware specifications and software features in regards to the unconventional-looking Passport for months, the big question mark heading to today’s introductory events was tied to availability.

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 officially announced

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9983 was officially announced by the company on Wednesday. The device comes with Blackberry OS 10.3, and costs a fortune so it may not see a widespread adoption — the Porsche Design Blackberry handsets have never seen high sales in the past either due to their extremely high price tag.


BlackBerry’s next-gen flagship device is T-Mobile’s ‘Passport’ to reconciliation

As if BlackBerry’s mobile device manufacturing business wasn’t hurting enough on the heels of Q and Z-series sales flops that sent the Canadian giant on the brink of bankruptcy, BB’s CEO earlier this year got in a bitter verbal fight with T-Mobile’s head honcho.

BlackBerry Passport gets a second, longer, more in-depth preview video

Showcasing an unreleased product yourself and letting info trickle out gradually instead of trying to be all mysterious and getting sidetracked by professional “leakers” is sure an unconventional way to build buzz ahead of a commercial release.

BlackBerry Passport showcased on video, 1:1 aspect ratio and all

You have to hand it to BlackBerry head honchos, they sure are fighting their way back to the top against all odds, gambling the future of the once profitable tech juggernaut on a device like no other. Like no other good or like no other bad?

BlackBerry Q30/Windermere to go official in September as BlackBerry Passport

If there’s one thing that you should care less about in a gadget than the color it’s coated in, that’s definitely its name. Period, end of discussion. Give me a top-notch smartphone, with the best possible hardware, smoothest software and a sensible price tag, and I’ll buy it no matter what. You can brand it the iPenis for all I care.

BlackBerry ‘Kopi’ test unit crops up in Vietnam with 4.5-inch display, 1.5 GB RAM

There have been numerous conflicting reports floating around lately with regards to BlackBerry’s future, but they all seem to share one point in common. Namely, none of them preview BB’s painful imminent death. That’s a refreshing change of tune compared to rumors from last year, although it’s obvious the smartphone manufacturer can’t survive much longer with its current financial losses.