Run-n-Read is a wearable Un-compromise for Reading Runners

Obviously when you attempt to do any kind of strenuous activity while focusing on print, you get an immediate headache and are only able to consume twenty words per minute, optimistically. My solution to this problem was the elliptical; it’s the only machine I could comfortable use to sweat while still successfully reading a book. Being able to enlarge the print didn’t hurt either, and this became my go-to.

[CeBIT 2014] InkPhone: My e-reader wants to make a phone call

I haven’t given in to e-readers but I understand the fascination. The only reason why I don’t have one is because I have an iPad and an iPhone. I use the Kindle app to read e-books so there really is a need for one.

Barnes & Noble Stays In The E-Reader Game, Intros Lighter and Brighter $120 Nook GlowLight

There may not be much point to basic e-readers for most tech-savvy folks with tablet prices dropping so suddenly and abruptly, yet Barnes & Noble and Amazon continue to have their little duel for the supremacy inside the smaller and smaller niche. [easyazon-link asin=”B00AWH595M” locale=”us”]Kindle Paperwhite[/easyazon-link], meet your match: B&N’s [easyazon-link asin=”B00AGAS6XW” locale=”us”]Nook[/easyazon-link] GlowLight. Available for more »

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Introduced as the 6th Generation of Kindle

Amazon on Tuesday introduced its 6th generation Kindle, the all new Kindle Paperwhite. According to company, the Kindle e-reader becomes even better with new display technology with higher contrast, faster processor, the latest touch technology and other new features. Available for pre-order starting today, Amazon also said that the Kindle Paperwhite combines the best hardware, more »

Kindle PaperWhite E-Reader Out of Stock, Amazon to Unveil New Kindle Model?

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of news about the Amazon Kindle line. We heard a new Kindle Fire HD will be revealed, that Amazon is going to use MediaTek’s chipset for the next-generation Kindle, and that a new Kindle Fired HD has been spotted. We’re regarding these as rumors for now but Amazon’s Kindle more »

Congress May Legislate to Allow iPads in Use During Take-Off and Landing

Want to be able to use your iPad, Kindle, iPod or other electronic device during take-off and landing? Write your congressperson and ask them to support upcoming legislation to change the rules. According to Politico, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri, said on Thursday that she would write legislation to allow passengers to use electronic more »


What can Barnes and Noble do to stay relevant with Nook?

Anyone else find it ironic that I’m writing this at a Barnes and Noble Cafe? There have been many stories recently about the uninspiring fourth quarter Nook sales. Some are predicting the demise of the Nook line if Barnes and Noble doesn’t do something, and soon. So what can they do to encourage people to more »

Barnes & Noble Drops NOOK Simple Touch Price By $20

It’s not easy to try to defeat Amazon with its own weapons and Barnes & Noble is learning that the hard way. B&N’s NOOK line of e-book readers and tablets is far less popular than the Kindles, which has forced a series of price cuts on the former. It’s all for our benefit though, so more »

The new Nook Simple Touch includes GlowLight technology

Barnes & Noble has yet another Nook for you to add to your collection. The glowing specimen you see here is called the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. As you may have realized by now, the GlowLight is the new feature that B&N hopes you’ll spend $139 on. Should you choose to take the bait, more »

The Kobo 2012 Book Club gives away 12 free books

Kobo has come up with a way to encourage potential customers that are in the market for an e-reader to choose the Kobo Touch over anything that Amazon or Barnes & Noble are offering. Yesterday, Kobo announced the Kobo 2012 Book Club. The club is open to anyone who registers a Kobo Touch or Kobo Touch with Offers through March 31, 2012, and signs up for Kobo email updates. In return, they’ll be given one free book every month in 2012. Now where have we seen this before?

Radio Shack wants your various Kindle pre-orders

Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire are going to be available for pre-order starting tomorrow at Radio Shack. The Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are bound to be top-sellers, so this is an opportunity to claim one for yourself before the holiday crowds snatch them all away. The pre-order window will remain open until November 10.

Amazon welcomes you to trade in older e-readers

Amazon now provides another option for getting rid of your old Kindle or another e-reader other than selling them yourself. Amazon’s trade-in program has been expanded to accept all kinds of Kindles and other e-readers such as Sony Readers the Kobo e-reader. Amazon will give you a gift card for what your device is worth so that you can possibly upgrade to one of the newer Kindles.