Yahoo buys image-recognition startup IQ Engines

I’d like to say that Marissa Mayer coming to Yahoo is doing the Internet company well. Or is it too early to say? Looks like she’s doing more than a good job as Yahoo is seeing a lot of changes lately.Back in May, Yahoo bought Tumblr. The former Google executive knows what she’s doing and more »


Flickr Beefs Up its iOS App with More Photography Options

Yahoo has really been trying to make filter the premier online photography destination lately. It started with a massive website redesign and a very generous 1TB of online storage space for all Flickr users. Now the company’s turned its attention to mobile. The newest update to the Flickr iOS app brings many filters and editing more »

Yahoo! Taking Flickr Offline Tomorrow For 6 Hours

Addicted to Flickr and your photos? Well, here’s some bad news. You won’t be able to feed your addiction tomorrow for a few hours. According to the big banner across the top of the site, it will be down for maintenance tomorrow from 4 PM PDT to 10 PM PDT. That’s a long time for more »

Flickr Makes a Comeback With New Design and 1 Terabyte of Free Storage

Yahoo has made a couple bold moves in an effort to make Flickr the premier destination for storing and sharing photographs. Flickr user’s homepages have been completely redesigned to make the photos more prominent than ever. There’s also a spot to upload a profile feature and a customizable banner. It’s reminiscent of Facebook timelines. The second big more »


Flickr Offers Free 3-month Trial for Pro Service

Flickr, the popular Yahoo-owned photo sharing service has helped change the photo-sharing game. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has announced that users can try out Flickr Pro for 3-months at a captivating price of free. Flickr Pro normally costs $25 per year but people who are currently subscribed will get an additional 3-months added to their subscription. more »

Flickr most popular camera phone list remains dominated by the iPhone

I was recently talking about phones with a friend of mine. I confessed that I was thinking about switching full-time to an Android device, but that I was not ready to give up my iPhone (the 4S) due to the stellar camera. And on that note, it looks like I am not alone in that more »

Flickr for Android updated; brings improved search, the ability to choose any installed camera and more

The official Flickr Android app has recently been updated. This brings the app up to version 1.5.0 where it remains available for free and with support for devices running Android 2.1 or later. Some of the goodies that come along with this latest update include an improved search, the ability to edit details of your more »

Flickr photo leads to the discovery of a new species of insect

Image via: Kurt on Flickr Flickr has been a hot topic lately, well, for a while actually. But while people seem to be claiming that Flickr has lost something, it seems that some good things are still coming from the site. And no, this isn’t about anything new from Flickr specifically. Instead, this latest bit more »

Flickr photo sharing is integrated in Mountain Lion

Frequent GadgeTell readers will likely realize that I have been on a bit of a Flickr kick over the past few months. But on that note, and given I am a Mac user who upgraded to Mountain Lion yesterday, I have at least one more bit about Flickr to share — photo sharing within OS more »

Can Flickr become “awesome” again? One Flickr Group is trying to do just that

We have been seeing quite a bit from Flickr over the past few months and while I would like to say that they have returned to their previous state of bliss and happiness — I cannot go as far as saying that just yet. Despite plenty of changes and improvements to the site, there still more »

Flickr lets us all know that they now have “all new up-to-date Maps”

Coming as another little bit in the recent improvements that we are seeing with Flickr. This latest addition is dealing with maps. Speaking a bit more specifically, Flickr has announced that they have partnered with Nokia and now have “all new up-to-date Maps” on the site. According to details provided, Flickr is now using the more »

Flickr improves Groups, adds a new Justified View and more

Flickr has continued on the update and improve path. The latest goodies come for those using Flickr Groups and include a new image view, new options when using the Uploadr tool and some API goodies. Beginning first with the new view, this one arrives as a Justified View. Simply put, Flickr users will now be more »