Microsoft slashes $30 off HP Stream 13’s price, throws in free $25 gift card

Microsoft has only recently started taking Google-endorsed Chromebooks seriously, but the number of highly competitive low-cost Windows contenders is already remarkable. HP is leading the charge on Chrome OS laptops, and the company’s Stream line is expected to become even more attractive after Black Friday discounts.

HP Stream 7 available from Microsoft, Stream 8 up for pre-orders on Amazon

HP’s ultra-low-cost Stream family of Windows 8.1 devices isn’t only meant as a direct competitor for budget Chromebooks, it also targets the cheapest Android tablets around.


Deal alert: LTE-supporting HP Chromebook 11 for $50 with Verizon pacts

We know Black Friday is creeping up, and you’re probably hesitant to make purchases you may end up regretting, but here’s one deal you don’t want to miss. Trust us, it doesn’t get any better than this, come Black Friday, Cyber Monday or whatever shopping “holiday”.

Chromebook danger overload: HP discounts already affordable Stream 14

Microsoft and its hardware-making partners are sure in a charitable mood these days, even though the season to be jolly (and generous) is still a little ways down the road. Perhaps the best cheap Windows 8.1 tablet around, Toshiba’s Encore Mini, got better and cheaper as MS lowered its price tag to $99, and now the ultimate Chromebook “killer” is available at an all-time low as well.

Looking for an affordable laptop? Check out these discounted picks from Amazon

We know, we know, it’s rarely wise to make a big PC purchase with mere weeks to go until the busiest shopping period of the year. But do you really want to go through all the Black Friday fuss, the Cyber Monday ruckus and Christmas hubbub again?

HP Stream family welcomes 11.6-inch convertible member dubbed Stream x360

Before finalizing its long overdue enterprise – consumer split, the happy mammoth family at Hewlett-Packard continues to carry battle on all fronts of the mobile and PC wars. With the notable exception of smartphones, HP is knee-deep in each and every little market piece, though lately, the Palo Alto-based giant has mostly focused on the low-cost scenes.

HP 10 Plus tablet with Full HD display goes on sale for $280

Since we never really understood why the vast majority of Android tablet manufacturers focused their efforts on 7 and 8 inchers, almost entirely ignoring 10+ inch “laptop replacements”, we’re glad to see HP so dedicated to offering a full range of options to mobility fans.

Refreshed 11 and 14-inch HP Chromebooks up for pre-orders starting at $280

Simply adding new computers to one’s business website and taking pre-orders with no fanfare and not even a heads-up is certainly a bizarre way of “unveiling” said new products. But perhaps it’s better to count on word-of-mouth rather than artificial hype-building via teasers, (un) intentional leaks and the works.

HP Slate 17 with Android KitKat: when bigger is not big enough

HP sure has a lot of wacky ideas and plans for how to get noticed in the crowded, volatile and challenging Android décor, starting with 14-inch Google-powered laptops and even 21-inch all-in-one PCs.

HP outs fresh pair of Android KitKat-powered budget tablets in Europe

Did we or did we not “warn” you a spin-off of the dirt-cheap HP 7 Plus Android tablet was coming? We certainly did, although we never suspected several follow-ups were in the works. But as it turns out, the 3G-enabled 7 Plus G2 sighted at the FCC isn’t going to fly solo into the sunset, with a Wi-Fi-only 7 G2 also looming large on the horizon.

HP 7 Plus spin-off with 3G connectivity and Bluetooth spotted at FCC

You get what you pay for with the sub-$100 HP 7 Plus, which is why HP is apparently looking to slightly up the ante. A 7 Plus G2 has been spotted paying a visit to the FCC, and the first glaring upgrade is 3G support.

HP Envy x2 convertibles with 13, 15-inch screens, Intel Broadwell surface online

We’re currently in the midst of a crazy packed IFA 2014 opening day in Berlin, Germany, as Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, to name a few, have been quick to announce and showcase all kinds of exciting new gear.