HP cooks up revised Chromebook 11 G3 with Intel Bay Trail power

Thus far, HP has kept a consistent distance between its two Chromebook lines performance-wise, fitting the smaller, lower-end 11-inch models with ARM-based Exynos chips, and the larger, beefed-up 14 inchers with Intel Celeron processing solutions.

Benchmarks reveal looming Android-based HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus, Pro Slate 12

If the recent exposé of the high-end Pro Slate 8 wasn’t enough to prove HP is gradually becoming serious about its Android prospects, newly harvested information on a Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus and Pro Slate 12 should once and for all clarify the PC maker’s growing mobile ambitions.

HP SlateBook 14 Android laptop starts shipping

Loading Android, which by definition is a mobile operating system, on a full-fledged laptop is sure a wacky idea, and many of you probably expected HP’s SlateBook 14 to end up vaporware. But look here, the experimental Jelly Bean-running notebook is now up for grabs at $430 a pop.

HP’s most impressive Android tab yet is the Snapdragon 800-backed Pro Slate 8

HP appears to be prepping an unprecedented high-end charge in the tablet space. The Pro Slate 8, not to be confused with the Slate 8 Pro, is pretty much the textbook definition of an Android-running iPad mini “killer,” sporting a Retina-grade 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution display.

HP Pavilion 10z Touch mini-laptop with AMD Mullins inside available for $250

Starting to find it difficult to differentiate all the inexpensive, unpretentious mini-laptops built around Intel’s low-cost, low-power Bay Trail processors? Then maybe you’ll be interested in an alternative AMD Mullins contraption.

HP has trio of Android tabs in the works: Slate 8 Plus, 10 Plus and Slate 10 Plus

Since HP is in a pretty serious slump as far as traditional PC sales are concerned, the company’s newfound focus on portable alternatives (read tablets) didn’t really surprise anyone. But the once mighty computer maker’s slate strategy is all over the place, with its Android portfolio in particular making no lick of sense.


HP Chromebox bundle available for $199

HP started selling the Chromebox last month for $179. For those of you who don’t know, HP Chromebox is a desktop-like system with Intel Celeron processor under the hood. However, the system didn’t come with any peripherals, except the power cable. Recently, HP introduced a new Chromebox bundle, which now comes with a mouse and a keyboard, just for $199. The keyboard comes with a layout that is specifically designed for the Chrome OS.

Deal alert: Windows 8.1-based HP Omni 10 tab for $250 via Amazon ($100 off)

Have you ever wondered why Android slates and Windows tablets (the latters in particular) continue to be overlooked by tech enthusiasts to the benefit of Apple iPads? Clearly, marketing and advertising have a lot to do with that, tradition is also important, and, let’s face it, the large-screen iOS ecosystem is unrivaled.

HP Chromebox now available stateside starting at $179

Chrome OS-based Chromebox desktop computers are nowhere near as popular as Chromebook laptops, but somehow Google managed to convince HP in addition to Asus these tiny, fairly limited machines have a bright future ahead of them.

Amazon offers up to $150 savings on select HP tablets, 7 Plus drops to $85 via

Nothing says “I love you, dad” like a spanking new Android or Windows tablet. Forget ties, razors, golf clubs or boring watches. You know he wants to get with the times, play Angry Birds, check his e-mail and update his Facebook status on the go, and the best part is you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.

HP’s Pro x2 612 tab/laptop combines productivity, versatility and business features

With more laptop/tablet hybrids than I can count announced every passing month, today’s PC landscape is on the verge of becoming more about these transforming devices than so-called “conventional” computers and portable computers.

HP redefines affordability, rolls out $100 7 Plus tablet stateside

HP’s already impressive low-cost Android tablet army has just recruited a new team member, simply dubbed 7 Plus. Where 7 specifies display size (duh), and Plus invokes certain top-of-the-line features that we fail to identify.