One-branded HTC ‘Aero’ tipped for early November ‘intermediate’ launch

Ready for more high-end HTC handheld confusion and probably still no chance to challenge Samsung or even LG flagships? Rumor has it no radically redesigned One M9 sequel is in the pipeline by the year’s end, with the M9+ instead headed for Europe before September and a mystery “intermediate” Aero “tipped for release by Sprint, more »

AT&T’s HTC Desire Eye is at last ready to feast on Lollipop treats

Guaranteed an Android 5.0 promotion ever since March, and upgraded to the Material Designed OS iteration in Asia a month later, HTC’s selfie-centric Desire Eye obviously required extra optimization work for AT&T. But now, that’s all behind the Taiwanese device manufacturer and second most popular US carrier, as technical approval was granted hours ago, with more »

HTC One M9+ reportedly headed for EU in Q3, followed by mysterious ‘Aero’

Unofficially available stateside via third-party Amazon sellers/import specialists, HTC’s presumed Asian-exclusive One M9+ flagship will apparently spread its wings before long.

HTC One M9+ and E9+ with Quad HD screens go on sale stateside via Amazon

If you’re still enamored with HTC’s classic (read ancient) flagship aluminum unibody designs, but peeved by One M9’s “mediocre” Full HD display, the ultra-high-end M9+ and E9+ have finally become available in the US.

HTC says to expect new ‘hero product’ in October, redesigned 2016 flagship

Unless they want to go the way of the dodo, also known as the way of BlackBerry or Nokia, the once mighty Taiwan-based smartphone players at HTC have to reinvent themselves. Fast, as the company’s financials are this close to hitting rock bottom.

HTC apparently has low-cost One E9+ alternative in the works

Who’s up for yet another boring HTC One-series entry? Crickets, huh? Well, to be fair, the WF5w, aka One E9sw (yes, really) doesn’t look all that bad… if budget gear is your cup of tea. In fact, it’d probably make for a respectable mid-range Desire family member.

Sprint’s HTC One E8 officially gets with the Lollipop program

While nowhere near as handsome as its aluminum unibody M8 kin, the plastic-made HTC One E8 probably deserved more media attention and software love than it recently got. Admit it, you barely remembered the 5-inch 1,080p device when its international Lollipop promotion finally began last month. Now, it’s time for the 2014 “affordable flagship” to more »

Can’t touch this: HTC’s best smartphone to date is a Japanese exclusive

Both of HTC’s recently launched Android flagships are evidently flawed, the “standard”, international One M9 settling for an old-fashioned Full HD display, and the China-only M9+ replacing the controversial but remarkable Snapdragon 810 processor with an underwhelming MediaTek.

Verizon HTC One M7 owners, your Lollipop update awaits

With Verizon’s software support track record best described as spotty, we probably shouldn’t complain too much about Lollipop adoption lag. After all, they were the first to dole out Android 5.0 goodies for Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and the HTC One M8 and LG G2 on America’s largest wireless network also scored surprisingly swift updates.

Look out, HTC One M8’s Android 5.1 update is (relatively) close-by

Okay, maybe close-by isn’t the right word. Close-ish? It’s better, though it still fails to tell the full story. And that is HTC plans to sit tight on Android 5.0 for quite a long time before pushing the latest Lollipop iteration to the One M8.


HTC has another Quad HD phone in the works, and this one’s headed to Asia too

HTC’s inexplicable negligence of the Western ultra-high-end mobile market is about to intensify, with the next Butterfly installment likely going out to Japan as a far more gifted One M9 cousin. Under the hood, that is, because on the outside, we expect the Butterfly 3 to follow family tradition and adopt a plasticky construction.

Deal alert: Manufacturer refurbished HTC One M8 for $270 on eBay

You can pick it up from eBay if you’re fast and determined enough… for a whopping $230 off. Yes, only $269.99, no contracts needed, no strings attached. Well, one string attached: the units on sale are manufacturer-refurbished.