Firefox beats out IE in European market

According to StatCounter, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has taken over the throne of most used single web browser in Europe. The former king of the hill, Internet Explorer 7, was bested by Mozilla and company last week by taking 21.93% of the market while IE7 landed a score of 21.2% share. Keep in mind that Microsoft more »

Chrome takes the spot of third most popular browser

Passing up Safari, Google’s Chrome internet browser has been named third most popular internet browser with a 4.63% share compared to Safari’s 4.46% according to California-based measurement firm Net Applications. This is the first time that Safari has been in fourth place but I doubt it will be there for long. Only 16 months into more »

New toolbar warns users of unreliable E-tailers.

trustpointAt last, a browser toolbar that’s unobtrusive and useful! Trustpilot has introduced a new toolbar that warns users if an E-tailer is reliable or not. Search results are given a check mark in green, orange, or red. Green means the site has a high rating and many positive reviews, orange means the site has an average rating, and red is a sign to stay away — the site has mostly negative reviews and lots of user complaints.

Trustpilot gives its ratings based on reviews and media stories it collects from the web. At the present time, it claims to have over 1 million reviews and stories. The download is quick and free and is unobtrusive. Keep reading for more details about this helpful toolbar.


Firefox claims a 19% market share in the browser wars

Mozilla is growing, and it seems that in addition to the recent world record, which was set for the software downloads in a 24 hour time period, they have also risen to 19.03% of the market share. Mozilla saw an increase from 18.41% up to 19.03% from the end of May to the end of more »

Sennheiser adds IE 6, IE 7, IE 8 headphones to the Pro Series

Sennheiser has announced three pro level ear canal style headphones, the IE 6, IE 7, and top of the range IE 8. With this range you can emulate your favorite music artist as the concept behind this range is the same as the professionals use. They use dynamic transducers that cover the entire frequency range more »


Microsoft IE7’s phishing false alarms

The Redmont-based software giant is reported to have initiated 129 lawsuits in Europe and the Middle East in its effort to help law enforcement curb phishing. That’s very good of Microsoft, playing a very nobel role as a corporate citizen. For those who are not yet aware, Microsoft had launched a Global Phishing Enforcement Initiative more »