Remotie gives iOS users a new way to push around Samsung

Remotie, by Kraftwerk 9, is designed to remotely control all Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players released from 2010 to 2013. Unlike the remotes that come with TVs and Blu-Ray devices, Remotie allows full button and layout customization.


Revocharge provides wall-speed wireless charging for iPhone 5, Android

As it is right now, wireless charging is generally more exciting in concept than in practice. Qi wireless charging is available across a variety of products to enhance smartphones and ditch cables. The problem, which is likely holding Qi back from greatness, is the technology itself. Induction charging is slow slow slow. While it’s not so bad if you’re leaving a gadget to charge overnight, half an amp during the daytime just doesn’t cut it.

TouchPal gesture keyboard app available for iOS 8

For some iOS users, it’s an exhilarating sigh of relief. For others, it’s an introduction to brand new way of typing that will forever change the way they communicate. That’s right. What used to be a coveted feather in Android’s proverbial cap is now going to be available to Apple users everywhere: a gesture keyboard.

Facebook for iOS and Android updated, brings several new features and improvements

If you happen to be a regular user of Facebook, you be glad to know the app has received an update on Android and iOS. While the changes in both versions are different, they will be welcomed by Facebook users across the globe.

Patriot FUEL iON wirelessly charges at cable speed

Although wireless charging has been around for a while, it’s still in the infancy stage. Some smartphones are able to wirelessly charge right out of the box, while other require the purchase and installation of a receiver in order to equip that ability.

The 5 emotional stages of buying a new smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is an emotional experience from the moment you hand over your credit card and watch the sales clerk put his grubby hands all over your shiny new device to the moment you decide to flush it down the toilet for an insured replacement. Nothing elicits rage, affection, irritation, and excitement like a cell more »

Best Buy offering $100 off, free iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 with new Verizon activations tomorrow and Saturday

Best Buy just announced that — on Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31 only– customers who activate a new two-year contract with Verizon Wireless can save $100 on their new Verizon phone. Because of Best Buy’s existing pricing, that means you can get a free iPhone 5s.


iOS devices gain external flash storage with iStick

Although flash drives have been around for quite some time, only recently have smartphone-compatible ones been available. Recent examples for USB drives compatible with Android devices are the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB and the Leef Access. But you can also find more options from Imation, Sony, TDK, Kingston, and others. What you likely won’t find are iOS compatible flash drives. Considering that iPhones don’t have a MicroSD card slot for expanded storage, like many Android devices do, there’s a dearth of options for Apple users.

TechnologyTell Review: Ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua (iPhone 5)

One of the best things about summer? Lounging in or around a cool body of water. But with the way we’re becoming more attached to our mobile devices, doing so can be fraught with peril. Quick reflexes and having uncooked rice on hand can save a smartphone after an accidental dunk at home. But at the beach? Good luck.

If high-end phones lose subsidies, protection is paramount

As smartphones have hit a saturation point in the market, we’re likely to see more carriers shift away from subsidizing new purchases. Although this kind of discussion has been going on for a few years, the topic has recently heated up. Top-tier smartphones could be less affordable to the general public.

12 things that should be constructed from the mantis shrimp’s protein structure

The mantis shrimp was recently discovered to have an exoskeleton made of what is essentially the strongest material… ever? According to the labs at University of California, the protein is stronger than the standard used in airplanes. Long story short, the arrangement of this protein’s mineralized fiber layers allow it to withstand extreme impact forces and remain intact.

Analysts predict 70 million iPhone 6 units will ship this 2014

Much has been said about the yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 6. So far, we know that more people want a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, Sony could be supplying Apple more phone cameras, a concept iPhone 6 video was released, and that it won’t be a plastic iPhone. We expect to hear more rumors leading up to Apple’s major announcement but we just learned that the Cupertino company is expecting more from the next-generation iPhone. Why, Apple is expecting that about 70 million iPhone 6 units will be shipped this 2014.