Republic Wireless unlimited plan does have some limitations

Republic Wireless has finally revealed the details regarding its new Wi-Fi reliant mobile phone plans. Republic Wireless will use the LG Optimus to test its theory that the majority of people will use Wi-Fi to handle everyday tasks such as making calls, texting and browsing the web. Since customers will be using an assortment of Wi-Fi connections, they aren’t limited to how much they can use their phones in a given month. Once the Wi-Fi connections are lost, Republic Wireless expects customers to become more mindful of their consumption habits.

T-Mobile has no limits on phone trade-ins

Last week, T-Mobile introduced its trade-in program for customers. With this service, T-Mobile customers can get their old phones appraised at a T-Mobile location. Depending on certain factors, T-Mobile will provide an estimate for the phone’s value and allow you to send it to The Wireless Source for a check for the quoted amount. We had some questions about this service, so we asked T-Mobile about potential restrictions.

Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 push notification limitations

A few days ago we began hearing of limitations on the amount of push capable apps that could be used at any one time on a Windows Phone 7 handset. And well, it turns out that the limit is indeed correct and has been confirmed by Microsoft. Bottom line, Windows Phone 7 handsets will be more »

Here’s why our mobile batteries still suck

Got a mobile phone that is constantly surprising you on how fast it burns its battery life? Walk through any airport and you’ll find folks congregated around outlets like leashed dogs. According to a survey by Strategic Analysis, don’t expect big leaps in cell phone batteries any time soon. Stagnant battery life? The report, released more »