The first Quad HD Microsoft Lumia (940 XL?) is just about confirmed

To make sure they do Nokia’s memory justice, and don’t harm the Lumia brand’s global awareness and popularity any further, Microsoft has very meticulously prepared its solo high-end smartphone debut.

Microsoft and India’s iBall team up for affordable Splendo PC-on-a-stick

It’s no secret that small is the new big in the ever-shifting PC landscape, with more and more complex smartphones forcing industry veterans to hatch full-fledged computers the size of USB flash drives. Granted, “full-fledged” is a bit of a stretch, as these tiny machines can technically carry out basic computing tasks while fumbling on more »

Nokia seeks ‘suitable partners’ for 2016 smartphone design comeback

Know that Nokia N1 Android-powered iPad mini lookalike Foxconn sells in China at a palatable $249 before importers can enforce their outlandish premium policies and charge $400+ stateside?


Microsoft Lumia 640 XL lands at AT&T June 26, no sign of Lumia 640 yet

Perhaps indicative of its current mobile market position and humble short-term aspirations, Microsoft’s hottest Lumia devices at the moment are two decidedly mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 soldiers. The “reasonably” sized 640 recently went on sale stateside via Cricket Wireless and T-Mobile, while the gargantuan 640 XL is now officially slated to debut “exclusively” at AT&T on June 26.


MetroPCS will reportedly sell the Microsoft Lumia 640 at the best possible price

After months and month of discouraging waiting, inexplicable delays and ominous silence on Microsoft’s part, the past few weeks have produced a bona fide bombardment of Lumia 640/640 XL US availability and pricing info.

Microsoft Lumia 735, yes, 735 makes long overdue Verizon debut

They say a pair of upper mid-range Microsoft Lumia 840/840 XL smartphones are nigh, alongside high-end Lumia 940 and 940 XL models. Given 640 and 540 handhelds have seen daylight recently, it’s pretty obvious where Redmond’s mobile naming scheme is headed.

Microsoft Lumia 640 available from T-Mobile at last for $130

It’s taken Magenta way longer than originally anticipated to put Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone budget soldier up for grabs, but all’s well that ends well and now, the ball is in AT&T’s court. Obviously, Ma Bell can afford the luxury of keeping its customers waiting a couple more weeks, since both the Lumia 640 and 640 XL should get the American number two carrier’s vote of confidence.

Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL reportedly headed for AT&T this month

Already available on Cricket Wireless with prepaid activations, listed as “coming soon” at T-Mobile and allegedly due out there in a matter of hours, one of the highest-end Microsoft-made Lumias yet will apparently be picked up by AT&T also before June wraps up. Namely, “within the next 2-3 weeks”, according to WinSuperSite.

Microsoft rolls out trio of new Portable Dual chargers starting at $35

In addition to mobile and desktop software, smartphones, fitness bands, so-called “laplets”, gaming consoles and, soon enough, business-oriented gargantuan all-in-one PCs, the father of all multitaskers has last fall decided to dabble in mobile accessories.


Microsoft reboots Nokia 105 feature phone, but why bother?

Under the terms of Nokia’s mobile phone business sale to Microsoft, the latter scored exclusive rights over the Lumia brand, but could only use the Nokia name to market homebrewed smart handhelds until the end of 2015 and “dumb” phones for 10 years.

Microsoft finally starts selling unlocked Lumia 535 stateside

It’s hard to venture a guess as to what might have made Redmond wait almost eight months between Lumia 535’s formal announcement and its long overdue US launch, but all’s well that ends well… we guess.

Microsoft Lumia 735 likely slated for June 11 Verizon debut

Released internationally just as Nokia’s smartphone division was being absorbed by Microsoft, the mid-range selfie-centric Lumia 735 probably suffered the most from the obligatory transition. Originally rumored to get a wide-scale US carrier launch at Sprint and Verizon, the 4.7 incher got canceled at the last minute.