Microsoft Band sold out online already ‘due to overwhelming demand’

It took Microsoft a little longer to burn through its first batch of Bands than Google to sell out of Nexus 6 inventory, but we smell a similar marketing tactic employed. Both Redmond and Mountain View are quoting “overwhelming demand” as the cause for stock shortages, “neglecting” to touch on numbers of units pre-ordered.

Kinect compatible apps soon to hit Windows Store

While I, personally, haven’t had the opportunity to play around with the Windows Kinect motion sensor, I’ve seen it in action and it looks quite fun. When it comes to gaming on an Xbox, who doesn’t like voice and full-body gesture control? But now, Microsoft is taking things to the next level with its latest SDK 2.0 for Kinect v2 sensors. Soon, we’ll see Kinect-compatible apps in the Windows Store.


Rumor: Nokia Lumia 735 pushed to ‘early 2015′ by Verizon

Today, in the latest installment of the never-ending “what is Verizon thinking?” saga, we’re beyond heartbroken to report America’s largest wireless carrier may have delayed its Nokia Lumia 735 launch.

Deal alert: Toshiba Encore Mini for $99 via Microsoft Store ($20 off)

Microsoft’s decision to give up Windows 8.1 licensing fees for manufacturers of smartphones and small tablets may have been one of the most inspired in ages, as it’s currently raining with sub-$150 and even sub-$100 Win slates.

Microsoft accidentally takes down Windows video bloggers

Microsoft was left red-faced this week after its DCMA sweep of YouTube knocked several well-respected Windows bloggers down. The bloggers, including such well-known names as Bruce Naylor and Chris Pirillo were left shaken and angry by the take downs. Pirillo took to Twitter to air his frustration, creating the hashtag #MicroStopped to reach out to other Windows bloggers who may have been affected.

Microsoft has low-end 5-inch Lumia incoming, BLU also working on another WP

Things are getting more and more crowded by the day in the Windows Phone landscape, despite the platform’s inability to close in on Android and iOS as far as user numbers go. Of course, Microsoft is primarily in charge with continuously enriching diversity and choice in the WP ecosystem, although smaller brands are also cranking up their efforts.


Say it isn’t so: Verizon reportedly retires seven month-old Nokia Lumia Icon

Wow, we knew high-end Nokia Lumias were having trouble selling in a niche flooded with superior Androids and iPhones, but we never imagined things were so bad. How bad are they? So bad Verizon is already looking to get rid of leftover Lumia Icon inventory before giving the 5 incher the boot.

No-contract AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 drops to $340, 41 MP cam and all

There’s a new PureView kid on the block, but although Microsoft is pulling all the stops to convince us it’s an affordable “flagship”, the fact of the matter is the Lumia 830 has nothing on the OG 1020. Age notwithstanding, and size out of the equation too, the one-year-old outsmarts the WP 8.1 novice in RAM, internal storage, and most of all, camera performance.

Nokia Lumia 735 becomes widely available in UK, starts at £200 SIM-free

Run, it’s a Nokia Lumia stampede. But don’t forget to get a spanking new Windows Phone for the ride. There’s plenty to choose from, starting with the low-end, low-cost Lumia 530 and 830 “affordable powerhouse”.

Nokia Lumia 530 officially priced at $79 with T-Mobile, $50 on Cricket

Aaand we’re off. Microsoft’s highly anticipated sequel for the best-selling Windows Phone ever is dated and priced for a pair of US no-contract experts, and mostly in line with rumors, the Nokia Lumia 530 will be hard to turn down.

Nokia Lumia 830 starts shipping around the world, available unlocked in the US

Though it might still be a while until Nokia, aka Microsoft, starts selling its newest “affordable flagship” with AT&T subsidies, not to mention T-Mobile or Verizon support, eager fans of the Lumia 830 now have at least one way to jump on the bandwagon early.

Nokia Lumia 530 tipped to cost $69 on T-Mobile, release a matter of weeks

Although it’s really not that much better than the OG Nokia Lumia 520/521/525, the recently unveiled Lumia 530 is treated as a pretty big deal by Microsoft.