Windows Phone 8.1 threatens 8.0′s supremacy in latest platform distribution chart

There’s no telling how long it’s going to take Google to force KitKat upon enough Android devices for it to overpower Jelly Bean, the current heavyweight champion of the mobile world. Or, in fact, if KK’s time will ever come, given a new Android port, codenamed L, is right around the corner.

Selfies for everybody: Nokia Lumia 735 most certainly headed to Sprint

It’s no secret Nokia’s been struggling with sales for years, particularly in developed markets like the United States. And while Nokia’s executive team is primarily to blame for the OEM’s deepening financial pickle, which ultimately prompted a Microsoft buyout, US carriers played their own key part in the free fall of a giant.

Cortana takes an advanced course in French, could graduate in a few months

Windows Phone users were disheartened, to say the least, to wait for a good two and a half years to get their own voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant, but as soon as Cortana debuted, Apple’s Siri became yesterday’s news.

Microsoft’s latest keyboard plays nice with Android, iOS

No matter how good the voice recognition or swipe-to-type software, nothing really beats a standard keyboard for writing notes or laying out ideas. There’s something about letting fingers hover, waiting to attack the keys with purpose, like a trapdoor spider snatching up unsuspecting prey. What? That’s not how the rest of you type? Give it a shot – it’s fun.


Microsoft has announced an event on September 30th in San Francisco

We’ve heard quite a lot about the next iteration of Windows in the past few weeks, codenamed Threshold. Rumors suggested that Microsoft will hold an event this month, and it turns out to be correct. The software giant has scheduled an event on September 30th in San Francisco. While the invite doesn’t say if it will be Windows 9, it simply mentions, “Join us to hear more about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.”

Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) nears extinction as Surface Pro 3 demand flourishes

The rumor mill is about to accelerate its churning once again in relation to Microsoft’s perennially unstable Surface line, as mere weeks after Surface Pro 3’s spread and Surface 2’s discount, we have follow-up stories on both fronts.

After 2 years of user abuse, Microsoft to restore Start Menu

Recently-leaked photos posted on ComputerBase show a redesigned Start Menu that users have been wanting ever since Windows 8 came out.

Microsoft is all ready to drop Nokia, Windows Phone brands for the holidays

If all you want for Christmas is a Nokia Lumia device, be careful to nail the right nomenclature when writing to Santa. Chances are Nokia Lumias will cease to exist by Thanksgiving, transforming into Microsoft Lumias.

Nokia Lumia 830 en route to AT&T, PureView camera greatness and all

After Microsoft updated Nokia’s US website to incorporate the just-announced Lumia 735 and 830, subsequent formal availability proclamations from a number of stateside carriers seemed like a formality.

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 521 for $19 via MetroPCS, no contracts needed

Remember when we deemed a promotion bringing Nokia Lumia 521’s price down to $80 as pure madness? Well, since then, the T-Mobile/MetroPCS-exclusive take on the most successful Windows Phone in history has gone through a whole series of “mad” discounts, each raising the craziness bar to a new level.

Nokia Lumia 830 expected to launch in India in October

Microsoft announced it’s “mid-range flagship” device, the Lumia 830, at IFA 2014 in Berlin. The handset is said to launch later this month carrying a price tag of 330 Euros in several markets. If you’re residing in India and want to get your hands on the Lumia 830, a new report hints at its launch in October with a INR 26,000 price tag, citing their sources.


Nokia Lumia 1020 sequel with PureView camera tipped for launch by 2014′s end

Most of Microsoft’s statements and all of its mobile product releases ensuing Nokia’s acquisition seem to suggest Redmond, now in charge of the Lumia lineup, doesn’t need another hero, yet rumors are again swirling vis-à-vis a prospective follow-up for the 1020.