The sub-$200 Windows 8.1 laptops are already here, thanks to this Acer E15 deal

Looking for a fairly basic Windows computing machine at a Chromebook-rivaling price point? In the market for the perfect back to school gift? Then why wait weeks, maybe months until HP and Asus go ahead and release the Stream and cryptic F205TA when the Acer Aspire E15 can be had at, wait for it, $199.

Surface Pro 3 spreads its wings in 25 extra markets, docks also on pre-order

In a traditionally cryptic manner, Microsoft recently implied its largest tablet, pardon, laptop replacement to date, the Surface Pro 3, was the line’s bestseller through its first month on the market.

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 635 for $80 with AT&T prepaid via Fry’s

Well, this is certainly unexpected. So soon, I mean. Nokia, er, Microsoft’s Lumia 635, though a measly a month and a half old stateside, is up for grabs for a discounted price via Fry’s Electronics. Namely, $79.99, which is $20 off.

Microsoft shaves $100 off all Surface 2 models, cheapest version now $349

Given the glaring productivity, functionality and performance gaps between the Windows RT-running Surface 2 and the Windows 8.1 Pro-powered Surface Pro 2, not to mention the Pro 3, you’d expect Microsoft to pull the plug on the humblest member of the tablet family any day now.


Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft targeted for fat-shaming apps

In yet another example of how mean-spirited our culture can be, there is apparently a glut of fat-shaming apps available on app stores, no doubt created by some of the most vile brogrammers among us. One organization is saying enough.


AT&T’s Windows Phone 8.1 update tour de force reaches Nokia Lumia 1020

Windows Phone fragmentation? What Windows Phone fragmentation? The mobile operating system’s newest flavor, 8.1, is merely a month old, and four, count’em, four devices have already received their very early updates stateside.


Get ready for Windows 9 and possible public previews

Not too long ago, it seems, consumers were in an uproar over the new release of Windows 8 and all the fancy changes that came with. Remember all the sand in everyone’s undies? Well, here we are today with Windows 9 right around the corner.


Rumor: Nokia Lumia 830 en route to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

Microsoft’s intriguingly codenamed Tesla handheld, poised to be branded as part of the Nokia Lumia family, is no less of a wild rumor today than, say, a couple of weeks back. But thanks to a paid source of TK Tech News (yes, paying mobile tipsters is now a thing), the purported Lumia 830 is no longer very mysterious.

Microsoft unveils $25 Nokia 130

When Microsoft purchased and absorbed Nokia’s free-falling mobile phone business and gave pink slips to roughly 12,500 of its employees, a series of tough decisions regarding its product portfolio were anticipated.

Nokia Lumia 730 poses for camera with unreleased Windows Phone 8.1 build

It looks like those “insiders” who tipped us off on Microsoft’s selfie-focused smartphone seeing the light of day as soon as August may have been off by a month or two. A pair of pretty high-res photos allegedly starring the Nokia Lumia 730, aka “Superman,” made their way online earlier today, showcasing the first glimpse of a so-called Lumia Debian Red firmware.

Back to school deal alert: $650 buys students a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has just started shipping the “entry-level” Intel Core i3 and high-end i7 Surface Pro 3 configurations, and already both versions, plus the previously released i5 flavor, are on sale for special prices.

Microsoft starts shipping Intel Core i3, i7 Surface Pro 3 models at last

Ready to ditch your bland old conventional laptop in favor of a spunky multi-purpose tablet/notebook hybrid? Perfect timing, as Microsoft has just begun shipping third-generation Surface Pros with Intel Core i3 and i7 processors inside to early adopters.