Samsung Galaxy S6 software is as bloated as ever, and storage is a big problem

Everybody knows the internal storage figures advertised by gadget manufacturers aren’t the same as the actual user-accessible space. It’s been this way since forever, and after installing your Windows or Linux on a PC, similar shrinkage goes down. The problem with Android OEMs is they don’t seem to know when to stop. Okay, so the more »

(UK-only) Deal alert: High-end Surface Pro 3 configs sold with free HP Streams

Talk about unorthodox cross-promotion. Microsoft is currently plugging the ultra-low-cost HP Stream 7 tablet alongside the premium Surface Pro 3 “laptop replacement”, bundling the two at the price of one.

Microsoft Lumia 640 ‘coming soon’ to T-Mo, likely priced at $99 with MetroPCS

Unveiled less than a month ago, the newest budget-minded mid ranger with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-loaded is just about ready for global takeoff in 5 and 5.7-inch configurations.

Amazon offers $100 and up savings on Core i5 and i7 Microsoft Surface Pro 3

A new wave of Surface Pro 3 promotions has hit Microsoft’s US online store, and for the most part, the deals are matched or even undercut by Amazon.

Microsoft declares death to piracy with free Windows 10 updates for all

Activating a non-genuine copy of Windows 8 or 8.1, not to mention 7, is a huge hassle. You need a valid serial key, all sorts of workarounds and third-party software meant to trick Microsoft into believing you actually paid for their services. Ahem, or so we’ve heard.


Microsoft cooks up Chinese Lumia 640 XL upgrade, kicks off UK pre-orders

It’s no longer just unfounded speculation – Microsoft’s first non-Nokia Lumia flagship will be stalled until fall. Best case scenario, summer. But Redmond can’t halt its mobile device-making operations altogether for the better part of a crucial year in the company’s existence.

Microsoft Band now available from more US stores, UK pre-orders also live

Previously up for grabs in limited supply via only Microsoft’s US stores, Redmond’s rookie wearable effort has stepped up to the plate all of a sudden.


Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi goes on sale for $699 with Core M inside

And the deluge of lightweight, versatile, long-lasting Intel Core M-powered laptops continues to rush over the struggling computing market. Clearly, this won’t (completely) revive the financial state of PC manufacturers, but it’s a decent way to start a comeback.

Five unreleased Microsoft Lumias show up online, MWC intros possible

We’ve known for a while now Microsoft was eyeing a low-key presence at next week’s Mobile World Congress. With no flagship Lumia device, no Windows 10-powered hardware, but a number of low to mid-end WP 8.1-running gadgets.

Microsoft quietly outs 1 GB RAM Lumia 635 variant ahead of MWC

Basically acknowledging it’s not that big of a deal, Microsoft has “unveiled” a tweaked Nokia Lumia 635 by simply adding 1 GB as a RAM option on the phone’s dedicated webpage. No fancy press event, no MWC presentation, not even a short blog post.

Best Buy bundles free Office 365 subscription with PCs, Macs, iPads and tablets

Who doesn’t like Microsoft’s Office 365 software plus services package? It combines the unrivaled productivity of Redmond’s celebrated Office apps with the convenience of cloud storage and Skype video chat.

Microsoft rolls out first Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

The moment all Windows Phone fans have been feverishly waiting for is here, but bad news first, it’s not easy or very comfortable to try out the platform’s latest iteration. Windows 10 for Phones isn’t just buggy and instable, it’s also available squarely for a handful of mid-range devices.