Cricket is actually the first US carrier to sell Lumia 640, at $130 off-contract

All the early signs pointed to T-Mobile getting first dibs on Microsoft’s surprisingly enticing new low-cost Lumia. Even if the “Uncarrier” decided to hold back for some reason, its prepaid daughter operator MetroPCS was expected to enter the picture and pick up the 640 before everyone else.

Say hello to the impending 4G LTE Microsoft Lumia 735 for Verizon

In keeping with its long Windows Mobile-sabotaging tradition, the leader of the US wireless service provider décor once again decided to put off a Lumia launch until no one would be interested. That was back in September, and this is now – the Nokia Lumia 735 is still headed for Big Red rebranded as a Microsoft product.

Waiting for the Surface Pro 4? Tip points to mid-May reveal

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft for improving their Surface Pro line over the years, and generating huge buzz and excitement. Those eagerly waiting for information about the anticipated Surface Pro 4 may only have a couple weeks left. At least that’s what a secret source has indicated.

Nokia quashes smartphone manufacturing return speculation… for now

Perhaps pressured by Microsoft under the terms of the 2013 handset division auction, sealed roughly a year ago, Nokia laconically came out to refute rampant rumors of an imminent industry comeback.


Rumor: Microsoft expedites Lumia 840 launch, starts phasing out 830

It’s no big secret Redmond’s most valuable mobile cards of 2015 will be kept close to the tech titan’s chest until Windows 10 is all ready for primetime, but it appears one or two jacks may come out of the pack sooner rather than later.

Microsoft lists no-contract T-Mobile Lumia 640 at $89, quickly reconsiders

In the absence of any movement on the high-end front, likely until Windows 10 hits general availability, Microsoft’s most hotly anticipated new smartphone may well be the mid-range Lumia 640. Though positively mediocre at a first glance, the 5 incher has sure snatched a fair share of headlines lately with its presumed extreme affordability.

Nokia devises phone market comeback, but don’t set your expectations too high

According to Ina Fried of Recode, and two no doubt well-connected sources of hers, Nokia Technologies wants to climb back on the phone designing horse as early as 2016.

High-end Microsoft Lumia 940 pair rumored, duo of upper mid-rangers also nigh

It’s a near guarantee MS will be waiting for Win 10 to be ready before their Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 contender rolls out, but surprise, surprise, this 2015 flagship might not follow in the footsteps of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 or 1520. Instead, it could take after the Lumia 930 and carry a 940 moniker.

BLU Win HD LTE goes on sale at $199 with 64-bit punch, Windows Phone 8.1

One of the biggest recent risers of the low-cost unlocked Android landscape is on its slow but sure way to the top as far as Windows handhelds are concerned as well, getting Microsoft’s unrestrained endorsement. The Win HD LTE is BLU’s third Windows Phone sold directly via Redmond’s online store, and while it clearly goes more »

Looking to discard an old tablet? Best Buy will shave $200 off a Surface Pro 3

Why go through the hassle of selling decrepit gear on eBay and risk getting stiffed by professional con artists disguised as honest buyers? Or worse still, give up on a 100 percent functional tab just because it’s a little old and clunky? That’s what trade-in programs are for, and the latest such upgrade scheme from Best Buy is unusually generous.

Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL begin their global tour in India and UK

It’s happening. Microsoft’s latest bid for low-cost, mid-range smartphone power is officially underway.

Contradictory reports call for Surface Pro 4 launch in July or October

Surprised to see a non-Pro, third-generation Microsoft Surface debut on the heels of the Pro 3 instead of a much more logical Pro 4? Odds are a new high-end 2-in-1 laptop replacement is also coming by the end of the year, though the team behind the affordable Surface 3 responded to speculation with an ice-cold “no comment” on Reddit.