Sprint gets back on Windows Phone horse with Microsoft Lumia 635

Microsoft might be light-years away from actually turning a profit on the struggling Windows Phone software platform and Lumia hardware lineup, but short-term strides are clearly being made. The WP 8.1 upgrading pace is outstanding, more and more device manufacturers want a piece of the tile-laden action, and Sprint just rebooted its MS partnership.

Microsoft rumored to put off high-end Windows Phone until H2 2015

Even though the 2015 Mobile World Congress is still more than a couple of months away, multiple names of Barcelona exhibitors are already set in stone. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has been eager to blare it will take part in the show, having lots to prove in the wake of Nokia’s handheld division acquisition.

Deal alert: Touchscreen Acer Aspire E5 laptop with Core i5 Haswell for $350

Even with Chromebooks on the offensive, and Microsoft more focused than ever to reverse the fortunes of struggling Windows PCs, finding a decent sub-$400 laptop remains no easy feat. Especially one capable of squeezing every drop of productivity out of Windows 8.1 with a touch-enabled display.

Deal alert: 2-in-1 Asus Transformer Book at $249 ($80 off) via Microsoft

We weren’t expecting much from Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals Christmas promotion so close after Redmond’s wicked Black Friday sales, but a third into this celebration, the entry-level Asus Transformer Book is sold at a pretty big discount.

Oh wow, even the HTC 8XT has Windows Phone 8.1 on the way

While some may have forgotten the HTC 8XT ever existed, Microsoft, HTC and Sprint reportedly plan to show their appreciation and devotement to the phone’s handful of owners by bringing it to 2014. Software-wise, that is, since there’s really no way to upgrade the 4 incher’s underwhelming hardware over-the-air.

AT&T Lumia 520 drops to new all-time low price of $29 at Amazon and Microsoft

Just when you thought there was no conceivable way for Nokia Lumia 520’s no-contract price tag to slip any further, Amazon and Microsoft joined hands and shaved an extra 30 bucks off the entry-level Windows Phone.

Lumia 1030 release not happening after all, but a high-end Microsoft is en route

As so often happens with financially struggling companies going through management shifts, the erstwhile Nokia-owned handheld business is undergoing a transition of sorts. The new proprietors, Microsoft, will spare no effort to make the Lumia name relevant once again.

Microsoft puts low-profile Yezz Billy 4.7 Windows Phone on sale at $199 unlocked

After BLU, another little known US-based gadget manufacturer seems to have boarded the Windows Phone 8.1 bandwagon with little to no fanfare. Yezz is perhaps an even lower-profile OEM than BLU, although the company’s been producing Android handhelds for years now.

Microsoft Lumia 1030 tipped for early 2015 launch with beastly 50 MP camera

Microsoft has long been rumored to have a revolutionary Lumia smartphone in the pipeline, endowed with some sort of Kinect-like “3D Touch” technology. But all recent signs seem to point to Redmond having abandoned the “McLaren” project.

Microsoft slashes $30 off HP Stream 13’s price, throws in free $25 gift card

Microsoft has only recently started taking Google-endorsed Chromebooks seriously, but the number of highly competitive low-cost Windows contenders is already remarkable. HP is leading the charge on Chrome OS laptops, and the company’s Stream line is expected to become even more attractive after Black Friday discounts.

Microsoft sells no-contract AT&T Lumia 635 for $39, $60 off list price

Microsoft is the latest big name in retail to get a jump on holiday promotions, with an exceptional early deal for Windows Phone aficionados. For a limited time, the cheapest 2014 member of the Nokia Lumia family is available even cheaper, at an incredibly low $39.


Microsoft Band goes back on sale, aaand it’s gone again

With only five million wearable devices in total shipped worldwide during the whole last fiscal quarter, it’s hard to imagine one activity tracker would be so in-demand that a giant like Microsoft couldn’t keep it available for sale a lousy few hours.