Five unreleased Microsoft Lumias show up online, MWC intros possible

We’ve known for a while now Microsoft was eyeing a low-key presence at next week’s Mobile World Congress. With no flagship Lumia device, no Windows 10-powered hardware, but a number of low to mid-end WP 8.1-running gadgets.

Microsoft quietly outs 1 GB RAM Lumia 635 variant ahead of MWC

Basically acknowledging it’s not that big of a deal, Microsoft has “unveiled” a tweaked Nokia Lumia 635 by simply adding 1 GB as a RAM option on the phone’s dedicated webpage. No fancy press event, no MWC presentation, not even a short blog post.

Best Buy bundles free Office 365 subscription with PCs, Macs, iPads and tablets

Who doesn’t like Microsoft’s Office 365 software plus services package? It combines the unrivaled productivity of Redmond’s celebrated Office apps with the convenience of cloud storage and Skype video chat.

Microsoft rolls out first Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

The moment all Windows Phone fans have been feverishly waiting for is here, but bad news first, it’s not easy or very comfortable to try out the platform’s latest iteration. Windows 10 for Phones isn’t just buggy and instable, it’s also available squarely for a handful of mid-range devices.

Microsoft sets up MWC ‘ride’ for March 2, low-end affair predicted

Microsoft is ready to take on Android’s front-line soldiers, it seems, although most likely not with a new flagship Lumia. Not yet, that is, given Windows 10 still needs fine-tuning and pre-release testing. In the meantime, budget mobile audiences are thirsty for novelties, and Redmond is gearing up to unveil one or two at the Mobile World Congress.


Deal alert: HP Stream 7 for $79 with free Windows Store gift card

It’s a known fact Microsoft has stopped charging device manufacturers for Windows licenses on phones and small tablets, but soon enough, we may find out Redmond is actually paying OEMs to help branch out their OS.

Microsoft: No Lumia will be left out of Windows 10 boat, but features ‘may vary’

Even though Microsoft has clearly outperformed Google recently in terms of software support, bringing Windows Phone 8.1 updates to the humblest members of the Lumia family, a certain degree of ecosystem fragmentation appears unavoidable.

Over 60 ‘premium’ Snapdragon 810 phones incoming, including Lumias

If you needed further confirmation Microsoft’s first non-Nokia Lumia flagship will be a pretty big deal, Qualcomm just delivered, gloating about its “growing customer design pipeline” for the controversial Snapdragon 810 processor.

Microsoft’s first high-end Lumia with Windows 10 due out as early as May

You can file this under wishful thinking, what-if scenarios or overly optimistic speculation, but rumors of an earlier-than-expected Windows 10 release for phones are making the rounds. And not just the operating system, an actual device running the hotly anticipated 8.1 sequel.

Raspberry Pi 2 launches, will be able to run Windows 10

The Rasberry Pi Foundation announced the Raspberry Pi 2 today. The all-new Raspberry Pi2 comes with new hardware, including a Broadcom 900MHZ quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and 1GB of RAM. It supports up to 4 USB connections and its primary storage is a MicroSD card, making it a much powerful machine compared to its predecessor and for $35 only. And for the first time, the machine is capable of running Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10.

Microsoft Office released for Android Tablets

There definitely is no lack of good applications for Android, but one thing that has been missing from their artillery was Microsoft Office until recently. Microsoft announced the general availability of their famous Microsoft Office for Android tablets, today, which means it’s available for all Android tablet users. The company announced that they are removing more »


Microsoft ‘no longer manufactures’ the Surface 2, effectively giving up on Windows RT

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The signs were there, making the prophecy easy peasy, and now all that’s left to do is count the days until the very last Windows RT-powered gadget will vanish into thin air. It might still take a while, since, well, you have to be pretty, um, eccentric to splash the cash on a Surface 2.