The end is near for Microsoft Surface tablets with Windows RT… probably

Looking back, Microsoft might have great trouble justifying Surface 2’s release. The second-gen Windows RT tablet followed in the footsteps of a poorly received OG, and while it certainly fixed a number of Surface flaws, it flopped almost as hard as its predecessor at the box-office.


Surface Pro line up will get Windows 10, Windows RT powered Surface tablets to get an update as well

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled their upcoming operating system, Windows 10, which aims to unify the new OS among all its devices. The new operating system offers a handful of features and improvements over the current Windows 8.1. The Technical Preview of Windows 10 is already available, and it’s expected to hit smartphones sometime in February.


Microsoft: No flagship Windows Phone planned until Win 10 rolls out

You didn’t really need psychic skills to anticipate yesterday’s Windows 10-centric Microsoft event would be all about the platform’s evolution on the PC. After all, computer users can already take a Technical Preview of 8.1’s sequel for a spin, whereas mobile consumers… can’t.

Microsoft’s New Year PC Sale stars $79 Toshiba Encore Mini, $149 Asus VivoTab 8

It’s not often we see retailers, gadget manufacturers or other tech industry players stay in the generous zone once the holiday season is a wrap, but over at the online Microsoft Store, it really is Christmas every single day.

Xbox One price slashed to $349

The holiday season 2014 turned out to be extremely good for Microsoft as the console managed to become the best-selling console in the U.S. in November and December, as per a report from NPD. The company even released a number of popular titles for the console, and came with an extremely affordable price tag of $349 for the holiday season, which was reverted back to $399 in early January. However, it seems the company has announced a new promotion where it will sell the Xbox One for $349 once again.

Microsoft lowers Windows Phone pricing bar further for Lumia 435 and 532

The smartphone world affordability champion just outdid himself… again, making the incredibly inexpensive Nokia Lumia 530 feel overpriced. That’s right, Microsoft took the wraps off the oft-rumored Lumia 435, as well as the so far undocumented 532, ensuring Motorola and Samsung can’t touch Redmond in the low-cost mobile scene.

Microsoft reportedly cancels Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 to better focus on 10

Software fragmentation and update lag are hardly the biggest predicaments of the Windows Phone ecosystem, but to make sure they’ll avoid Google’s fate, Microsoft is currently taking every precaution possible.

Samsung wants to dive back into Windows Phone swamp, reduce Android reliance

It’s no secret Android’s global mobile OS share wouldn’t be much without Samsung-made hardware, but you can probably say the same thing about Sammy’s numbers if it weren’t for Google’s software. The Tizen experiment is DOA, that’s getting clearer by the day, so Big G and Big S badly need one another.

Deal alert: Untouched Nokia Lumia 928 for $275 outright via Amazon

It’s been a really long time since last we brought you word of a Nokia Lumia 928 discount, and it goes without saying the classically handsome 4.5-inch smartphone hasn’t got any younger. In fact, some might call it obsolete, and the sole US carrier backing it seems to agree.

Evidence piles up supporting Microsoft Lumia 435 name, imminence

We must admit we were a little surprised to see Microsoft’s mobile division take a back seat during last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, an expo that ended up being all about the Windows-powered laptops, PCs and convertibles.

Microsoft tries to revive feature phones with $29 Internet-ready Nokia 215

While the “real” Nokia (or whatever’s left of it) looks set to pursue its Android dream at last, Microsoft reckons the name of the once mighty Finnish mobile player is still worth milking. Not in the smart niche, though, where Lumias are now fully Redmond-powered, but in the entry-level feature phone market segment that refuses to die.

In ominous twist, Microsoft pulls Lumia 735 from US website

Uh-oh, this can’t be good. In fact, it’s likely really, really bad. The Microsoft Lumia 735, which we were pretty certain was headed to Sprint and Verizon stateside at the very least, has just disappeared from Redmond’s US website.