Leaked: Press shot of presumed Nvidia Shield Android tablet

Nvidia entered the Android device manufacturing scene quite abruptly last year, taking us all by surprise with a pioneering Shield handheld game console design and pretty bold Tegra Note tablet.

Deal alert: $200 Nvidia Shield now bundled with free $25 Google Play credit

With a much beefier follow-up right around the corner, you’ll probably understand Nvidia’s desperation to get rid of remaining first-generation Shield inventory. Then again, the chip makers have been throwing discounts, updates and various deal sweeteners at potential Shield buyers for months now, so the latest promotion is just another day at the office for them.

Another mystery Nvidia device visits FCC, is it a Tegra Note sequel?

Nvidia’s stubbornness to go after the Android tablet veterans and continue its road-opening gaming-focused efforts have been thoroughly documented of late, with benchmark test results and FCC certifications. But if you needed extra proof the chip maker means business, here it is.

Nvidia inadvertently confirms gaming-oriented ‘Shield Tablet’

It’s no big secret that Nvidia doesn’t know the meaning of the word failure and is thus set on following up the fizzling Shield handheld game console with an upgraded second-gen gizmo. But apparently, there might be more on the horizon for the chip maker as far as gaming devices are concerned.

Presumed second-gen Nvidia Shield earns FCC approval for imminent launch

For better or worse, Nvidia’s Shield experiment is praise-worthy, regardless of sluggish sales and overall middling critical reception. Granted, the handheld console is years away from revolutionizing the mobile game market, as Nvidia probably envisioned, but a sequel is in the works and leaked info makes it look pretty amazing. As long as it’s legit.

Google Nexus 8 rumors resurface, along with 64-bit Tegra CPU gossip

Google’s crowd-pleasing Nexus project may well end soon, but speculation is piling up in support of a majestic swan song. Does “Flounder” ring a bell? A sketchy report pegged it as the internal codename of a forthcoming Nexus 8 not long ago, and now the hearsay is gaining credence.

Benchmark uncovers Nvidia Shield sequel with Tegra K1 chip, 4 GB RAM

Nvidia did its damnedest to turn the Shield handheld game console from a tech oddity into a box-office hit and trend-setter, but at the end of the day, all the discounts and software updates were simply not enough.

Nvidia Shield gets discount, new features, Android 4.4 KitKat update

Basically acknowledging there were a couple of things wrong with the Shield handheld game console and its age made it an impractical buy at $250, Nvidia rolled out a series of extra features to the gizmo, also shaving a cool $50 off its list price.

Twitter Leak Master Confirms Microsoft Surface Mini, Tegra K1-Powered Surface 3

They may have fallen off the radar the past few months, what with Microsoft snubbing CES and everything, but fret not, the next-gen Surface tablets are still coming. Confirmed by company officials in “multiple aspect ratios and sizes”, these shall once and for all make or break the Windows-powered slate line.

CES 2014: NVIDIA Announces 92-core GPU-based Tegra K1 Mobile Processor

We knew NVIDIA would be announcing new mobile processors at the CES and true enough the company opens with unveiling a few models. First to be introduced is the 192-core GPU-based Tegra K1 processor that offers Unreal Engine 4 and OpenGL 4.4 support.


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EVGA Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Tablet Now Up for Pre-Orders, Shipping Starts November 19

Nvidia downright shocked the tech world when unveiling its snazzy, powerful, elegant and dirt-cheap Tegra Note 7 tab and then announcing it wouldn’t be handling distribution directly. But it may have all been for the best. After all, this way we get to see several iterations of the slate out and about and, sooner or more »