Sprint had a Palm Pre 2, it just never got released — or really ever talked about much

It looks like webOS fans are being given a slight history lesson in terms of the Sprint branded Palm Pre 2. Or in this case, a history lesson on a device that never saw a release. Yup, it looks like Palm and Sprint had a Pre 2 and the folks at webOSnation have managed to more »

WebOS doomed from the beginning?

We all know the story of WebOS, from the Palm Pre to the sale to HP and the eventual open-sourcing of the OS it hasn’t been a perfect journey. According to some, however, WebOS was doomed before Palm put out the first Pre on Sprint back in the Summer of 2009. According to a source more »


HP quietly changes the processor in the Pre 3, now featuring a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon

When HP originally announced the Pre 3 way back when they made mention that it would be sporting a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor when it launched. And well, given its been quite a while and we are still waiting to see this handset come available, I guess we should not be all that surprised more »


Verizon lowers the price of the Palm Pre 2, now down to $49.99 on a two-year agreement

It looks like Verizon has dropped the price of the Palm Pre 2. And while this would be an incremental step up for Pre Plus users, we have to remind you that the Pre 3 could be coming in the not to distant future and that would be a bigger step up. That aside, the more »

HP tipped to release the Pre 3 & TouchPad in June, with the TouchPad coming first

When HP announced the Pre 3 and the TouchPad during their Think Beyond event this past February they noted that both devices would be released during the summer. And well, we have seen more than a few rumors related to release up until this point, however as of now it looks like we have another more »

Palm Pre 3 spotted in the wild and running on Verizon Wireless

There are still quite a bit of details missing in terms of the Pre 3 such as when it will come available and in which areas with which carriers. That said, we were told by HP that it was a world phone sporting support for 3G HSPA and 3G CDMA networks. Well, as it turns more »

HP Pre 2 drops to $49.99 along with a two year agreement

If you ask us at Gadgetell, the Pre 2 is sort of deal on arrival. You know, the Pre Plus was already there and the Pre 2 does not offer all that much above and beyond and well perhaps more important — HP already announced the Pre 3. That said, and for those not willing more »

Confirmed: webOS 2.0 is not coming to the Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus

Despite the promise that webOS 2.0 was going to roll-out to all existing hardware, it looks like Palm HP has changed their minds. The disappointing news arrived almost as a side note to yesterdays webOS event, but seems to have come from Jon Rubinstein. Anyway, according to the details given, the Pixi and Pixi Plus more »

Evernote for webOS updated, new features added

Evernote has recently announced that a new update for their webOS app is ready and available in the App Catalog. This update was also given the honor of being the “first Evernote app to get an update in 2011.″ And for those who may laugh that off, while really nothing overall, it does seem a more »

Palm Pre 2 available on Rogers Canada now

Our Canadian friends who are longing for a Palm smartphone gets their early Christmas treat from Rogers as the new Palm Pre 2 has been outed and is now available for sale. Yes our dear friends in Canada who have been waiting for this smartphone to arrive, the time has come. You can now own more »

Palm Pre 2 shows its face in Rogers Wireless stores, complete with $299.99 price tag

We have already known that the Palm Pre 2 was coming to Rogers so this latest appearance is not surprising in that the handset was spotted, but surprising because of the price tag that was sitting next to it. Yup, those hoping to pick up a Pre 2 with Rogers are going to need to more »

Angry Birds Seasons now available for webOS

As we mentioned earlier in the month, Angry Birds Seasons was coming to webOS and well, the good news is that the app is now available for download. Those sporting a webOS handset can fire up the App Catalog and prepare to download, though the app does come with a small price tag — $1.99. more »