Microsoft warns of critical vulnerablity but refuses to fix it

Microsoft is warning users about a critical security flaw that affects all versions of Windows. The flaw involves .ink files, which are the shortcuts that are displayed on the desktop. Hackers are creating malicious .ink files and distributing them via USB drives and other methods including peer to peer networks. To become infected all the more »

Microsoft compares Windows Vista with the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has quickly become associated with reception issues and on a larger scale – Apple’s vanity. Apple would remove any posting on its forums of mentioning Consumer Reports’ decision not to recommend the iPhone 4. Even after Gizmodo and Consumer Reports called for Apple to give away free cases that solve the issue, more »

Reminder: Windows XP to be discontinued for netbooks on October 22

For netbooks, it’s obvious that Windows Vista is not the optimal operating system. Many people choose to downgrade to Windows XP as it runs faster and better than Vista when on those tiny computers. It also doesn’t come with the reputation that Vista received in its early days as a highly incompatible OS. But now more »

Microsoft tells XP users to back away from the F1 key

Microsoft is warning XP users not to press the F1 key if a website prompts them to. The company urges them to ignore the warning saying it could be an exploit using a newly discovered vulnerability in VBScript. A security advisory provided more info: “The vulnerability exists in the way that VBScript interacts with Windows more »

Market watchers expect huge boost in PC sales as a result of Windows 7

According to the Wall Street Journal, PC sales are expected to see a huge boost in numbers as a result of the October 22 release of Windows 7. Initial figures are showing that the operating system is performing better than expected and should lead to an upturn in PC sales throughout the year. Windows 7 more »


Windows 7 is the “biggest pre-order of all time” at Amazon

Amazon states the the latest Windows offering has beaten absolutely any product they have ever had for pre-order in the UK. Better come up with a new trick Harry Potter, because even you have lost the king of pre-order title and crown. Amazon has sold more copies of Windows 7 in the first eight hours more »

Offers and savings for Windows 7

Windows 7 is scheduled to launch this week and different retailers are offering a load of specials on the operating system. If you are interested in updating since Windows 7 has plenty of changes like Jump Lists, 64 bit support and simple Windows Search feature, you can check out some of these special offers. Best more »


Official Windows 7 upgrade chart now available from Microsoft

Perhaps in an effort to make it easier for users to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP or Vista, Microsoft has released an official upgrade chart — and to put it simply, the chart seems a little overwhelming at first glance. Diving in, to try and make some sense so you can make sure you more »


Best Buy: Open mouth, insert foot – “Vista doesn’t work”

Looks like a Best Buy memo got leaked, and in it we can see both their real opinion of Microsoft Vista, as well as their pricing plans for upcoming Windows 7. Gotta love the second line, where it says that Windows 7 “isn’t just a Vista that works” (tell us how you really feel), but more »


Dell offers new Ubuntu equipped, options crippled, laptop

By now most of us know that Dell has promised to release computers running on Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux. So far it’s been following through with a select few of its machines. Most notably it includes the option to customize with Ubuntu on every netbook the company offers. Dell has now decided to offer Ubuntu on more »


Microsoft to reportedly keep XP alive for another year

Interestingly enough, XP was supposed to die by May 30 of this year, yet reports indicate that Microsoft is going to allow HP to continue using XP in their computers until April 30, 2010. With all the hype surrounding the news Windows 7, it seems odd that Microsoft would still let XP float around, but more »


Microsoft confirms that Windows 7 users will be able to downgrade to XP

Microsoft has confirmed that users of the new Windows 7 will be able to downgrade to either Vista or XP. Downgrade rights will be open through the company’s PC partners, including HP. This will allow users that are more comfortable with Vista or XP to downgrade their operating system at no cost. Large businesses may more »