Gunslugs 2 Review: Always Be Shooting

Gunslugs 2 Price: $2.99 System(s): Ouya (Also on PC, iOS, and Android) Release Date: January 14, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Orangepixel (Orangepixel) ESRB Rating: N/A. I’d say it’s okay for ages 12 and up. Gunslugs 2 feels like a frantic mobile game. Which is fitting, because that’s essentially what it is. Sure, it’s playable on the more »

$40 Xbox Live Gold 12+1 month membershipsat Best Buy

All right, folks, we have a sale on our hands. Time to stock up on Xbox Live Gold memberships. Normally, they’re $59.99 for a year. However, Best Buy has a sale at the moment that chops $20 off the price. You can’t beat that. Especially since this isn’t only $39.99 for a standard Xbox Live more »

Apex 2015: Twitch Saves Smash Bros. Tourney

It all started with a fire alarm. Around 9:00 yesterday morning, the fire alarm at the Clarion Empire Hotel went off. The New Jersey hotel was hosting Apex 2015, an annual Super Smash Bros. tournament that’s organized by a crew of east coast gamers called “Team Apex.” No smoke was reported, and the first round of more »

Sega shifting gears, cutting back

A lot has changed since the 1990’s when Sega and Nintendo were the driving forces in the video game industry. And this year has been particularly scary for the two companies. Sony and Microsoft have taken over the console market, and most of the people who refer to themselves as “gamers” spend more time playing more »

The Critic’s Dilemna: Video Games and Self Loathing

Our society offers many stopgap measures for escaping the person you are and the world you inhabit.  One could argue that cave paintings were the first attempt at dragging the chaotic, unresponsive world out of reality and freezing it in two dimensions,  flattening the savage tumult of the hunt into a discrete equation of lines more »

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review: More Or Less Meets Expectations

Resident Evil HD Remaster Price: $19.99 System(s): PC (Also available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360) Release Date: January 19, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Capcom ESRB Rating: Mature for Violence, Blood, and Language When I was a young Princess, around the tender age of twelve, the original Resident Evil came out on the . I played the more »

Confession: I used an iPhone 5 to cheat in Guacamelee

Trophies aren’t typically my thing. Most of my formative years were spent obsessing about multiplayer titles like Counter-Strike and TFC. And since trophy systems usually revolve around the single-player campaign, I never developed a taste. Plus, making my friends angry was always more important. In my old age, though, I’m rediscovering single-player campaigns. Most people more »

Enhance your Evolve experience with Evolve: Hunters Quest

From AppleTell Evolve players have good reason to check this one out. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Don your cape in Supreme League of Patriots, now available

From AppleTell Classic point-and-click gameplay with a modern, satirical, and irreverent sense of humor. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Test the New 3DS XL at GameStop on February 7

While I was stopping by my local GameStop to see if they had the new Bowser Amiibo, which they did, I found something rather interesting. Turns out, the retailer is going to give people a chance to test the New 3DS XL ahead of its February 13, 2015 launch. A number of GameStops across the more »

Plasmid Shot Glasses For All Your Shot Taking Needs

If you’re anything like me, you like massive amounts of alcohol. You also enjoy having ridiculous glasses out of which you will drink your alcohol. I personally have about twenty princess-themed shot glasses. But if you’re not the kind who would want princess-themed shot glasses, Irrational Games may have the thing for you. Plasmid shot more »

OUYA gets Unreal Engine 4 and $10 million in funding

Do you remember the crowd-funded OUYA system? Neither do I. Good thing somebody over at Unreal did, otherwise one of the most prominent and sought after gaming engines of today wouldn’t have made its way to the little box. Indeed, Unreal Engine 4 now supports OUYA development, the OUYA team announced in a recent post to more »