5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 games to buy: Day 9

Hope everyone’s holidays have been going well! Since you probably have the day off today, it’s a perfect time to kick back with games. Either ones you received as gifts, or ones you pick up during the Steam Holiday Sale. Here are the Steam Holiday Sale picks for December 26, 2014. Brothers: A Tale of more »

Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid sells out

I hope you got that Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid from the Pokemon Center . He’s gone. Sold out. Poof! People who snoozed will discover they lost. While nothing had been said online, it was pretty easy to see that the Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid was a limited item based on its history. In Japan, it was only more »

Here’s Your December 26, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Happy day after Christmas. I know it’s a big shopping day for people who didn’t get what they wanted this year. An indie game bundle could help you fill up that wishlist. This week there weren’t too many new bundles – only 19 – but that’s still quite a nice haul. I’m sure you’ll find more »

Fallout: New Vegas is the land of a thousand suns

It’s the end of the year, that time when we reflect on how the previous year has gone. My reflections of 2014 show that Fallout: New Vegas continues to be on my mind. Yes, it was released four years ago. Yes, a new generation of consoles have come out since then. And yes, the graphics quality more »

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning proves I make shallow decisions

Because it was on sale, I recently purchased Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It’s another open world RPG, and obviously I don’t play enough of those. It’s entertaining enough thus far, and I am enjoying it. However, it has brought something to my attention that I always suspected, but had not yet had proof. I base more »

It’s a World StreetPass Holiday until 2015

If you’ve got a 3DS, you know how important a StreetPass can be. Many games use the function to give a little bonus in a title, or perhaps even to give people a chance to experience some aspect of gameplay you couldn’t otherwise. Plus, it’s just plain cool to check your 3DS after you’ve had more »

Marvin’s Mittens Review: Be Four Years Old Again

Marvin’s Mittens Price: $5.99 System(s): Windows Release Date: December 17, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Breakfall (Breakfall) ESRB Rating: Not Rated At this point in my life, I’m old. I haven’t been a child for a very long time. This means a number of things, from being one step closer to the grave, to being able to more »

You can restore your Lucario Amiibo pre-order now

The call is going out across the internet. Toys R Us has a Lucario Amiibo listing up again. Even better, it’s possible to actually call dibs on one of these figures right now for all those people who had the agony of getting one, then losing it. There’s no blanked out button. No out of more »

Lizard Squad takes down PSN, Xbox Live

Merry Christmas! Hope you don’t mind that both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are kaput. Yes, PSN is down. Also, Xbox Live is down too. Unhappy holidays, courtest of Lizard Squad. See, the reason isn’t due to a sudden demand by all the people who ended up getting PS3s, PS4s, Xbox 360s, and Xbox more »

Interview: Jane Jensen reflects on Gabriel Knight, adventure games

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iPad accessory spotlight: Stratus XL Gaming Controller

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Join a raging conflict in Heroes of Gaia for iOS

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