Star Wars: Battlefront Coming Holiday 2015

The new Star Wars: Battlefront is a safe bet for publisher, Electronic Arts. It’s Star Wars, it’s Battlefield, and it’s the long overdue continuation of an already successful franchise. Unfortunately, gamers have to wait just a little bit longer to get their hands on the title, since EA has officially announced that we can expect more »

Your GOG weekend promo offers Halloween horrors

From AppleTell Phantasmagoria is the worst video game ever, and it's NOT available for Mac. Thanks, GOG! Read the full post on AppleTell »

Amazon App Store Halloween event gives away 38 apps

It’s Halloween, and you deserve a treat. I mean, you’ll probably encounter enough tricks already. Amazon agrees, so its Amazon App Store is giving away a bounty of free apps for everyone to enjoy. Everyone with an Android device, anyway. This year, there are 38 Amazon App Store games and applications that anyone with an more »

Tomorrow is GameStop’s Skylanders Day

Today is Halloween, that much you know, but do you know what November 1, 2014 is? No, it isn’t All Saints’ Day. It’s GameStop’s Skylanders Day! Skylanders Day is an event GameStop holds after any new installment is released. Usually, there’ll be a few Skylanders Days, depending on how many new products GameStop wants to more »

NBA 2K15′s MyCareer GMs will trade pushy Rookies

MyCareer is an mode in NBA 2K15 that sees you creating a player (your MyPlayer) and then playing as that one player from rookie to retirement, playing every game or only key games, and using any earned VC (Virtual Currency) to purchase skill upgrades, abilities, animations, and outfits. My NBA 2K15 MyPlayer is a rookie. more »

My favorite horror game: Eternal Darkness

Happy Halloween, readers! The staff is remembering some of our favorite scary games this week. The first one that came to my mind was the GameCube cult classic Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. In this game, the scares are more psychological than physical. It contains sanity effects designed to make the player question what the heck more »

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Halloween event is live

Gearbox isn’t wasting any time getting started on special holiday events since launching Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel just . The “Bloody Harvest Celebration” event for that game is now live. The main event takes place in Regolith Range, one of the earliest zones in the game. Gearbox has reskinned Deadlift, the first boss, as “Undeadlift,” and more »

PS4 update 2.00 a Halloween trick, causing trouble, delaying Evolve Big Alpha

This, my friends, is why I never download a console or handheld firmware update until at least three days after it has been released. People who can’t wait and download right away always end up being the guinea pigs. I mean, the PS4 update 2.00 sounded too awesome to be true. We’d be getting Share more »

Here’s Your October 31, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

You have a busy night ahead of you. It’s Halloween, after all, and I’m sure you have plans. Which is why you should speed through this indie game bundle update, perhaps pick up one or two treats, and then share the love. Buy one of the 33 available indie game bundles for friends as “treats” more »

Halloween is nothing without a Bongcheon-Dong Ghost video game

So it’s that time again, Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain; a time when we all celebrate the darker side of life. After all, soon it’ll be winter, and it truly will be dark for the better part of our days. I’ve heard that depression is more common during the winter months, and I’d be apt more »

The Best Free Apps for October 31, 2014

From AppleTell New games from the Star Wars, Warhammer and LittleBigPlanet universes. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Make The Typing of the Dead: Overkill your Halloween zombie game

‘Tis the season for zombies. Need some? Steam’s Halloween 2014 sale has you covered. Valve’s landmark zombie shooters Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 are $5 each. The Walking Dead games are marked down, too. But the sale also includes one of my favorite guilty zombie pleasures: a Windows game from Modern more »