Here are all the April Fools’ Nintendo Direct’s most important points

It has begun! The April Fools’ 2015 Nintendo Direct is here and the announcements are no joke. We’ve learned things about 3DS and Wii U games we knew we were going to get, as well as newly announced titles to get excited about in the weeks and months to come. Though, given the timing of more »

Club Nintendo Elite rewards revealed, redemption temporarily unavailable

What’s in the pipes for North American Club Nintendo members? It’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for some time now, but 3DS owners in particular are liable to start shaking in anticipation. Fortunately, along with the reams of announcements included in today’s Nintendo Direct, we finally have an answer: some pretty great games as more »

Minecraft gets the Love and Hugs treatment this April Fool’s

Minecraft really is a terribly violent game. In it, you destroy the environment, butcher and imprison the local fauna, open portals to Hell, and squander precious natural resources on profane statues. In a world where so much as uttering the word “different,” and not immediately following it written apologies submitted in triplicate, is enough to drive more »

Hearthstone’s April Fools’ balance changes are long overdue

Competitive multiplayer games will always have their nay-sayers. No matter how many balance patches are released, someone will always be on the whipping end of “whipping boy,” and they’ll always have forums to whine on. Hearthstone has never been able to break free from this vicious cycle, but with its most recent patch, it may have become more »

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles now has 3 tales to tell

Originally announced as a free game for those who paid for the underwhelming Assassin’s Creed: Unity season pass, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles was billed as the game that would finally allow us to take control of Shao Jun, the last member of China’s Brotherhood and the final student of Ezio Auditore. She had been featured alongside the more »

Pokemon April Fools’ makes light of a Slowpoke situation

There’s “apparently” a Pokemonstrous situation in Japan right now. If all indications are correct, 800 Slowpokes have escaped a Kagawa Prefectural research center, after undergoing a breeding experiment for nearly 52 years, and they’re roaming around the area. Slowly, of course, because Slowpokes are one of the slowest Pokemon. Or maybe not so slowly, since more »

Western Digital’s My Passport X designed with gamers in mind

If there’s one thing any PS4 or Xbox One owner will admit, it’s that a 500GB hard drive doesn’t go as far as it used to. Games this generation can be huge, and that’s before factoring in some patches that clock in at a few GBs on their own. Investing in a larger internal or more »

Dying Light is getting creative with gravity this April Fools’

April Fool’s is such a fun day in this industry, a veritable Christmas of hijinks. Dying Light developer Techland has some pranks of their own in store this year. They’ll be turning Dying Light‘s physics to “wonky,” and then turning the dial further until it snaps off. That’s right, for the entirety of April Fools’ Day (by Pacific time), survivors more »

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: New Paladin cards examined

After Blizzard’s 14-card bombshell, we’ve now seen all of Blackrock Mountain. The Hearthstone expansion is due out April 2, and we now know the 31 cards it’s bringing with it. And with the full set out in the open, we can finally evaluate individual cards more fairly. Here, we look at the Paladin class, whose two unique cards have more »

Pillars of Eternity makes party members feel like real people

Okay, saying Pillars of Eternity people feel like “real people” is a stretch. After all, we’re still talking about fictional characters that are made out of pixels and program code. However, as I’ve played through Pillars of Eternity and gotten more party members, I began to notice something interesting. In most games, party members don’t more »

Bloodborne is the best place for new Souls players to start

One of the more subtle consequences of lengthening a series is lowered accessibility. Final Fantasy, for instance, can be tough to get into with its 20-odd titles all fighting for attention. This effect is only amplified for series like From Software’s Souls games, which are already notoriously difficult to pick up. One game that prides itself on death? Sure. But four more »

Housemarque has the best April Fools’ joke

April Fools’ Day has the potential to be hilarious. Unfortunately, it’s usually not because most people are lazy and stupid and equate “lying” with “funny”. This is because human beings are awful and should try to be more like us Elves. But, barring that, it’s nice when companies and people actually put a little bit more »