Android Amusements: Quiet, Please!

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Get out your smartphones and tablets everyone, because it’s time for another entry of Android Amusements! Sorry about the delay between entries. We got a little busy over here. Not to worry though, as we have an all new recommendation! It’s for Quiet, Please!. That’s the name of Nostatic Software’s short, but sweet adventure game that recently jumped from the Xbox 360 Live Arcade indie section to Google Play and Amazon.

Though really, Xbox Live Arcade isn’t where Quiet, Please! truly got it’s start. This adventure game really began as a Ludum Dare entry, which means that Nostatic Software’s Ladron had to make the entire game within 48 hours. It stars a little girl who’s had a really tough day at school. All she wants to do is relax at home, with some peace and quiet. Except everyone is ridiculously busy. Which means she has to make the environment quiet. Unfortunately, everyone is doing something. Her dad has the TV blaring, her mom is on the phone, her three kittens all want to play, her little brother has some cars he won’t stop playing with, the neighbor has decided the lawn has to be mowed right now.

So the entire goal is Quiet, Please! is to get everyone to being so obnoxious so the girl can take a nap. This involves some simple adventure game problem solving, such as interacting with the right objects and putting the right items in the perfect places. Get it right and the girl can finally take her nap.

Quiet, Please! is a really cute game. Even though it was made in such a short period of time, it has a very striking, retro art style and quite a bit of personality. Also, this is the slighly revamped version of Quiet, Please! that has some additional challenges to solve to make the house silent. So there’s that. It’s simple to play as well, making it something someone can easily understand and complete.

Which brings us to the main downside to Quiet, Please!. It is ridiculously short. You can not only get through the game in a single sitting, you can probably get through it in under 10 minutes. For people who grabbed the game when Amazon had the full version for free, that’s no big deal, but I get the feeling people who paid $0.99 won’t be too pleased about beating the whole game so quickly.

Not to mention there’s no replay value. There’s only one ending. You can’t find more. The solutions to the puzzles never change. There’s never any extra content added. What you have when the game begins is what you get.

I want to recommend Quiet, Please! because it’s such a sweet little thing, but I find I just can’t. It’s good, but I’d say stick with the free version.

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