Rayman Jungle Run arrives for Android

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After a brief delay, Ubisoft released Rayman Jungle Run for Android today. It’s being sold for the somewhat odd price of $3.12, but 13 extra cents is by no means a deal breaker for this game. 

Rayman Jungle Run isn’t quite an endless runner like Temple Run. It has levels that last around 30 seconds or so. The goal of each stage is to collect Lums that can be used to unlock wallpapers for your device. Collecting all the Lums on a stage will help you unlock special Land of the Livid Dead levels that pose a greater challenge than regular levels.

So far, I’m very impressed with this game. Instead of merely running, Rayman can also glide, run up walls and punch obstacles. This game is much more engaging than a typical runner.

Download Link [Google Play]

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