Plague Inc. will be available for Android on October 4

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It’s almost time for Android gamers to get their chance at destroying the world one epidemic at a time. Plague Inc., the very popular iOS game, will be available for Android on October 4 for $0.99.

Plague Inc. is a devious little game where you have to destroy the world using an assortment of viruses, bacteria and a host of other invisible things that can kill a bunch of people. The goal is to spread your illness across the world as efficiently as possible without getting discovered. Should your virus become discovered, it’s important make it seem as harmless as you can. The less threatening it is, the less resources the world will put into curing it. The key is to wait until the time is right before evolving it into a killer.

This game isn’t as simple as it may sound. It really takes some strategy to infect and kill off the entire world.

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