Darksiders II Wii U exclusives aren’t all that special

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When Darksiders II was talked about for the Wii U at various media events like E3 2012 and such, it always seemed like it could be the premier edition of the game. After all, Vigil Games and THQ were making a big deal over the extra, exclusive content Wii U owners would have access to and other Darksiders II players would never get. Well, the Wii U and game come out in a little over a month, so the developer and publisher finally decided to reveal what makes the latest version so special. Hint: It’s no big deal.

See, THQ and Vigil Games have always used the word “exclusive” when it comes to the Darksiders II Wii U content. The term that should have been used is, “already available DLC for free.” That’s all the Wii U exclusives are. They’re DLC that PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC owners have already had access to, but had to do something special or pay money to get them.

Let’s go through the content that’s included in the Wii U version and point out how other people might already own it.. The first named extra is Argul’s Tomb, which was a DLC pack with extra dungeons and equipment. It’s already available for the existing versions of Darksiders II for $7, or for free if people bought the limited edition of the game. The Death Rides quest pack is no big deal as well, as it was the GameStop pre-order incentive. The Angel of Death equipment pack was the Best Buy pre-order. The Shadow of Death equipment pack came in the collector’s edition. The Deadly Despair pack that makes the horse faster was the Amazon pre-order. The only extra content that “might” be exclusive are the briefly mentioned “unique legendary weapon and armor sets,”

So unless you’re super psyched about some minor motion controls or using the GamePad to sort through menus, you don’t have to wait to buy Darksiders II for your shiny new system. You can go ahead and get it for your PS3, Xbox 360 or PC secure in the knowledge that you’re not missing anything.

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