How to find those unlockable wallpapers in Rayman Jungle Run

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Rayman Jungle Run was released for Android yesterday. It’s a very good game with a focus on collecting Lums for points. The more Lums you get, the more exclusive wallpapers you’ll unlock for your device. Even though there is a gallery option from the game’s title screen, I found that actually finding and applying the wallpaper to be more time consuming than it should have been.

Whenever I tapped on an image from the Rayman Jungle Run gallery on my Nexus 7, the web browser would open displaying the full image. Performing a long-press usually lets you save images to your device’s gallery, but that option is grayed out in this case. That’s because the Rayman Jungle Run’s wallpaper doesn’t create a folder in your gallery. Instead, it saves to a specific location that requires some digging.

To find the images, you have to use a file explorer program such as Solid Explorer. This app and others like it can be found for free in Google Play. Once you have one of those programs, navigate through the following folders:

  1. Android
  2. Data
  3. com.pastagames.ro1mobile
  4. Files
  5. Gallery

You should find all your unlocked wallpapers within the gallery. Applying them as the wallpaper on your Android device is as simple as selecting the image, pressing the menu button and choosing to apply it as wallpaper.

If for some reason you can’t find the images in that location, go back into the game and click on an image from the in-game gallery. The address in the web browser should let you know exactly where those files saved.


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