Best Buy, Target and Walmart now carry Minecraft

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As a download online, indie game with pretty much no advertising or mainstream push, Minecraft has done ridiculously well for itself. Over 7.5 million have bought the PC version of the game and about 4 million grabbed the Xbox Live Arcade version as well. I think it’s safe to say the game has been a success for Mojang. One can only wonder how much better it will do now, considering Minecraft prepaid cards are now being sold in select retail stores in the United States.

Yes, you can now head to a store and buy Minecraft. I suppose it’s the option for people who don’t like to shop online and worry about identity theft, or for people who wanted to buy Minecraft as a gift for someone this year. The card is in the video game section of Best Buy, Target and Walmart stores, with the other game cards, and costs you $26.95.

Using it is pretty easy. There’s a code on the back that’s revealed after scratching off a bar of that silvery stuff. You just make a Minecraft account, enter in the code and you’ll be playing as soon as the game finishes downloading.

I’m guessing these cards will sell best sometime in November and December. Run in, grab a few for your friends and then after the winter 2012 holidays you can all play online together. Of course, that’s assuming you already have the game or pick up a card for yourself as well. You could also go head and buy a gift code online for someone as well, but this seems like it’d go over better, as you could shove it in a card and the recipient could actually have something to hold and showoff at a holiday party.

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