Rumor: XCOM shooter may go third person

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If the latest rumors hold true, we can expect some unexpected gameplay changes to the upcoming XCOM reboot.

Actually, make that one of two series reboot efforts.

In this case, it involves the shooter from 2K Marin that is based in the XCOM universe and not the separate, more traditional strategy effort from the guys at Firaxis. Specifically, a market survey that has been exposed by a tipster over at Kotaku suggests that the gameplay may be changing to more of a third-person viewpoint and not the originally-planned first person presentation.

Additionally, the game may now be integrating a squad tactics system that is comparable to SOCOM and its ilk, thereby instituting a strategic element that is more in line with franchise traditions.

Adding to the changes is a lack of mention of the PC version of the game. In fact, only the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are mentioned. Besides all of this hubbub, there’s a question where respondents are queried on whether or not they would prefer a retail release or a downloadable game with the prices of the two release methods pegged at $60 and $30, respectively.

2K Games is obviously not providing any comment on this matter (this does involve the “rumor and speculation” rationale, after all) so it remains to be seen if this latest bit of scuttlebutt is the real deal or not. In other words, this one will go down with a proverbial grain of salt until we know for certain that such a change really is on the way.

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