Android Amusements: Triple Town

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Good morning everyone! I hope you have your tablets and smartphones out and ready, because Android Amusements has another great app to recommend for all of you. This week’s suggestion is an oldie, but goodie. I’m talking about Triple Town from Spry Fox, which transforms a basic match-3 game into a strategy game.

The basic principle of all match-3 games is present in Triple Town. You have to match objects of three different kinds. The trick is that it doesn’t just reward you with points and eliminate the three objects. Instead, it rewards you with three points and transforms the three items into one new, larger item. For example, three patches of grass placed adjacent to one another tranform into one bush. Three bushes turn into one tree. Three trees turn into a hut, three hits into a cottage, and so forth. You can’t shuffle the items on the grid, so you have to be careful where you place things. You have to place things randomly as they show up.

Which brings us to the bears. Every once in a while, a bear will have to be placed. Bears are a pain, because standard bears walk along paths in the town and ninja bears jump around to any empty space. The only way to eliminate them is to trap a bear so it can’t move or jump to any other space. It was transform into a tombstone, offering a whole new hierarchy of transformable items that goes bear > tombstone > church > cathedral > treasure > huge treasure. You can click on a treasure at any time to open it.

There are some things that can help make things easier. There is one spot on the map where you can place an item for later use. There is also a wildcard crystal that can be used to match any two similar items together. Sometimes a robot will even show up that will let you remove any obstacle.

The thing is, while Triple Town is free, it’s also a tease. You actually have to pay $3.99 to unlock unlimited turns. If you don’t, you’re limited in how much Triple Town you can play at a time. Given how addictive the game is, a lot of people may consider springing for it and I wouldn’t blame them if they did. You can also purchase coins, which can also be earned in-game. These coins can be used during a game to purchase specific pieces, making it easier to earn a better score or meet a certain challenge during a round.

Triple Town is also available on Facebook and Google+ and honestly, I think it might actually be even a little bit better there. You get extra in-game coins for playing each day, your old cities from previous playthroughs are saved on a map and you can name and visit them. There are even goals you can try to reach. Since it’s free on both as well, it’s more like you could consider the browser-based version the full game and the Android (and iOS and Kindle) versions a handy supplement.

So overall, I highly recommend grabbing Triple Town and giving it a try. It’s a cute time-sink and just the kind of match-3 game that will appeal to people who would normally never play a match-3 game. I dub it an official Android Amusements winner.

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